Adjoined To Her Pussy Part 1 and Part 2

Adjoined To Her Pussy Part 1 and Part 2 from Brazzers.  Where the fuck did this series come from.  It was never posted on the Brazzers upcoming video section.  Did Brazzers deliberately hide it from affiliates who depend on scene information to generate traffic?  Or was it a simple case of a great couple of scenes that the content managers decided was too good to delay?

Adjoined To Her Pussy Part 1
Blondie Fesser, Sofia Lee


When Blondie Fesser and Sofia Lee check into a hotel, they find it funny to discover that there’s an adjoining door to another room. After leaving a little gift of panties for the neighbours, Blondie and Sofia get down and dirty with some hot pussy-eating and scissoring, as well as some double-ended dildo and strap-on action.

Blondie, though, is ready for round two right after making Sofia blast squirt following a big orgasm. Sofia? Not so much. When Sofia opts for a nap, a frustrated Blondie presses her ear to the adjoining wall. She hears something that makes her perk up… but what?

Adjoined To Her Pussy Part 2
Jordi El Nino Polla, Blondie Fesser, Sofia Lee

Adjoined To Her Pussy Part 2

When Jordi ENP and his girlfriend check into the adjoining room next to Blondie Fesser and Sofia Lee, they never could have imagined that two cases of sexual frustration would bring three of them together. When Sofia opts to nap instead of fucking Blondie again, a frustrated Blondie is drawn to Jordi’s moans on the other side of the wall.

Jordi, however, is getting a bad handjob that takes too long. When Blondie tries to open the adjoining door and the knob falls off, a surprise glory hole leads to new possibilities, including sneaky sex. When Sofia figures out what’s going on, Blondie makes peace by arguing that Jordi has a cock that can satisfy everyone.

Sofia Lee She Will Never Know

She Will Never Know Fake Hostel
Starring Sofia Lee
Release Date : 16th May 2021

She Will Never Know

Sofia Lee and her bestie come upstairs to find the Landlord resting in their bunkbeds. Donning a mask, the blonde friend lies down on the couch, but when Sofia takes off her shirt to change, the Landlord notices her huge tits!


In She Will Never Know, sticking his hard cock through a gloryhole in the bunkbeds, he is delighted when Sofia begins to suck him. The blowjob turns her on, so keeping quiet, she invites him to eat her ass and pussy. The Landlord makes Sofia cum multiple times before hopping back onto the top bunk so she can milk out his jizz.

Female Fake Taxi Squeeze My Tits as I Drive

Female Fake Taxi Squeeze My Tits as I Drive
Starring Sofia Lee

Female Fake Taxi Squeeze My Tits as I drive

Squeeze My Tits as I Drive is the first Female Fake Taxi video that I have edited featuring the wonderful Sofia Lee. What a wonderful female specimen she really is! I am a fan of the fuller figure and Sofa Lee certain ticks all my boxes!  Her wonderful big natural tits and big bouncy ass made this video a real pleasure for me to edit.  I am new relishing the thought of editing her second Female Fake Taxi video very soon!

Read what Sofia Lee said about this Female Fake Taxi ride

I saw this really attractive man standing on the side of the road, so I pulled over and asked him if he wanted a taxi. Barry was not a local, but was in town for a meeting. I asked him if he liked Czech girls, and he told me he had been with Czech girls before. I told him I found him attractive, and if he showed me his body, I’d give him a discount.


Barry even reached forward me and squeezed my tits, then fingered my pussy as I drove. I pulled over and got in the backseat, then he took out his cock so I could give him a blowjob. He ate my pussy, then I sat on his hard cock until he came deep inside me!

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My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble Sofia Lee

My Girl's Double Is Anal Trouble

My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble
Charlie Dean and Sofia Lee

Brazzers must of been very impressed with FAKEhub when they released Stuck in a Washing Machine starring Josephine Jackson, because they has released their own version, this time starring Sofia Lee.  It looks like a total rip off of the FAKEhub version.  Even the splash scree looks very similar indeed.


I think the major difference in this Brazzers washing machine sex video is that it involves anal sex.  The other major difference is that this Brazzers My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble version has so many cheese over acted facial expressions.  It works when it’s the female lead performing the faces but when the guy tries to do it, it looks so cheesy, even for porn. I can only assume that the producer was asked to provide plenty of ‘OMG’, or ‘Shocked’ faces in the hope that it can be used in a porn advert at some stage after it’s released.

When Sofia Lee somehow gets her head stuck in a washing machine, her big ass is exposed to the world.  she is wearing sheer nylon tights and Charle Dean is eager to rip them open and fuck her in the ass.  Sofia has never let her boyfriend penetrate her ass with his big cock.  So this time Charlie applies plenty of lube over her big butt and eases his cock deep into her anal passage.

Whether or not Brazzers My Girl’s Double Is Anal Trouble will be more popular than FAKEhub Stuck in a Washing Machine remains to be seen.

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Massaging Sofia Lee Big Natural Boobs

Massaging Sofia Lee

Massaging Sofia Lee
Charlie Dean and Sofia Lee

Boobs are a wonder creation, and Sofia Lee has a wonder pair of them.  Charlie Dean is the lucky male pornstar who has the job of giving her a big natural boobs massage.  This new Brazzers massage porn video, is a big naturals worshippers dream.  Full of oily big tits and big bouncy breasts.


Massaging Sofia Lee kicks off with Miss Lee rubbing her boobs over a see-through grey t-shirt. You can tell that she has no bra on underneath.  She performs some great tit teasing action by bouncing those huge boobs up and down in front of the camera.

She knows that her fans love her tits, so she is determined not to let them down at all.  not only does she has a fine pair for boobs, she also has a fine piece of ass too, that she shows off in an all in one grey body suit.

The action soon turns to hardcore oily sex, with Charlie Dean pounding away on her wet pussy.  Sofia Lee is on her back taking Charlie’s cock deep inside her pussy.  Sofia’s body is covered in sensual massage oil from head to toe and her curvy body is shinning for all to look at.

In Massaging Sofia Lee you’ll find that she is full of tricks.  She is able to get Charlie Dean’s big cock all the way down her throat.  So not only does her possess a worldly pair of tits, but she is also a deep throat expert too.

Sofia Lee and her big natural tits get a massage from Charlie Dean and his skilled hands. Sofia’s in heaven, moaning more and more with every touch. When every inch of her naked body is covered in oil, Charlie soon finds himself in heaven too, worshiping Sofia’s body, teasing and rubbing her pussy before he facefucks her and gives his horny client a hard, oiled-up dicking!

Fucking Her When Shes Hidden Under the Duvet

Fucking Her When Shes Hidden Under the Duvet

Here’s that video where you see a guy fucking her when shes hidden under the duvet.  This new video shows a hot looking brunette in a yellow top watching her husband playing with a sex toy.

Find the Full Video >

The woman in the yellow top is the big boobed Sofia Lee.  She a very hot pornstar with great big boobs.  Sofia is very interested to know what the sex toy feels like so she takes a closer look.

But she nearly gets caught looking at it and has to dive under the covers so she does not get caught.  She doesn’t realise that her pussy is showing and it actually looks like the sex toy is still there.  Her husband gets his cock out and starts to fuck Sofia’s pussy.

He soon realises that it feels too realistic and figures out that he must be fucking her when shes hidden under the duvet. Sofia is not complaining.  She is more than happy to let her step bro continue to pound away at her wet pussy.

Watch Sofia Lee get her wet pussy fucked in this Brazzers video called My Husband’s Fake Ass Pussy which was released on October 14th 2020 and got excellent reviews.

Rough And Raunchy Workout Sofia Lee

Rough and Raunchy Workout

Rough And Raunchy Workout
Angelo Godshack, Sofia Lee

I’ve had the pleasure of editing video featuring Sofia Lee for FakeHub.  her big beautiful natural boobs are a sight to behold.  I fucking love her big melons.  I have also edited Angelo Godshack porn videos too.  I remember seeing him getting pegged by the beautiful Nathaly Cherrie for SexyHub back in 2013/14.

Now here they both are performing for Brazzers.  This video called Rough And Raunchy Workout features Sofia Lee doing her morning workout in front of the camera.  She is teasing her followers on her OnlyFans page and giving them all a real treat watching her big boobs bouncing in her gym gear.


Sofia Lee is showing off a lot of under boob in front of Mr Godshack.  He can’t keep his eyes off the big baps as she performs all kings to push and pull techniques.  But it’s when she starts doing her squats that really makes Angelo’s cock hard.  Watching her big booty in those tight yoga pants is almost too much to handle.

It’s gym etiquette not to stare at sexy women in the gym.  If you’re going to steal a peek at a sexy ass a the gym, you need to do it discreetly, but Angelo has lost the will to be discreet.  Sofia Lee notices Angelo looking at the tits and ass.  She confronts him, but as she gets angry, her tits become visible and Angelo can’t help but to look at Sofia’s marvellous boobs.

What follows is a great example of how to use gym equipment to have great sex.  Sofia Lee and Angelo Godshack have a Rough and Raunchy Workout together.  Sofia gets fucked in all kinds of different positions and has multiple orgasms, riding Angelo’s massive cock.

But it’s Sofia’s huge boobs that really get this Brazzers workout video to golden touch.  Those big European tits bounce and jiggle about all over the place.  It’s a perfect video for all you big natural boob fans.

The Amazing Big Boobs of Sofia Lee from Czech

If you are fan of big boobs, then you might of stumbled across the natural big boobed model from Czech called Sofia Lee.  If you haven’t, then let me introduce you to this busty brunette babe!

Sofia Lee and Josephine Jackson MassageRooms

When you put Sofia Lee and Josephine Jackson together, you get one of the best lesbian MassageRoom porn videos that I have seen.  Two hot big breasted women smothering themselves in warm massage oil is the key ingredient to making this scene so fucking hot!

With large breasts, deep dark brown eyes and long smooth brown hair, Sofia Lee is a perfect match for the sensual porn videos of SexyHub.  With porn sites such as Massage Rooms, Dane Jones and Lesbea, Sofia Lee can really show off her impressive chest.

Miss Lee has already appeared in nine awesome MassageRooms porn video.  You’ll get to see her get those big sweet tits oiled up, rubbed up and tit fucked.  Whether it’s n a girl on girl sensual massage scene or getting fucked on the massage table by a big cock, her tits will always be the star attraction.

I am a big fan of Sofia Lee. I was lucky enough to edit her Public Agent video that went live on FAKEhub back in May of 2019.  She can be seen sucking and big cock next to a train station.  She doesn’t stop sucking even when the train comes passed, full of passengers.

So if you are looking to find a new pair of big bouncy European boobs to wank over, then I whole heartedly recommend Sofia Lee.   You can see her getting those big beauties out in some outstanding porn videos for SEXYhub.

I’m hoping to be able to edit more of her videos in the very near future.  Maybe she can pay another visit to the world famous Fake Taxi for a free ride very soon!