What Equipment Do I Use for Porn Video Editing?

When I first started editing porn videos, I was using a laptop attached to an external monitor for playback.  Looking back, I can’t believe how I managed to edit videos for Sarah Peachez using that equipment.

I actually still remember rocking up to meet the guys from FAKEhub and just pulled out my laptop.  I think they were slightly surprised that I was able to produce the goods on that old machine.

Porn Editing Hardware

Today, thankfully, I am working on a 24 inch iMac.  I have a G Raid external hard drive that I edit from.  The G Raid hard drive is an awesome piece of kit!  I also have to double back up all my videos that I edit on to passport drives.

The iMac is a real hardcore piece of kit.  It never lets me down.  I had never used an iMac before becoming a full-time porn editor and I can’t see myself ever going back to a Windows operating system.

Porn Editing Software

The Software that I use on a day to day basis is the awesome editing tool called Premiere Pro.  I was using Final Cut for about 7 years, but then made the switch to Creative Cloud Premiere Pro about 3 years ago.

I find using Premiere Pro much easier when dealing the MP4 files.  I also like the built in Adobe Media Encoder, rather than using a third party encoder after editing.

I also make a lot of use out of Adobe Photoshop.  It is a great piece of software to create great looking thumbnails and end slates on.

So if you have the resources, I would definitely recommend purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud package that includes both Premiere Pro and Photoshop.  Also After Effects once you know what you are doing.