Stuck In The Booty With You Ebony Mystique

Stuck In The Booty With You

Stuck In The Booty With You
Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique

The most frustrating this about being an affiliate porn blog writer is when there is not a lot of information available about the videos I’m trying to promote.  On a Sunday morning I rely on the Brazzers team to provide some kind of scene description for me to comment on.  But this Stuck In The Booty With You video starring Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique have no description whatsoever.


So the only option I have today is to just write about what I can see on the Stuck In The Booty With You splash screen.  We see a naked Steve Holmes with his fingers deep inside Ebony Mystique’s big black booty. It looks like he is trying to stretch her asshole out to prepare for some anal fucking.

Miss Mystique is bent over with her arse in the arse gleefully enjoying being fingered in her big black asshole.  She has a bottle of lube in her hands so she obviously needed a bit of help getting her arse ready for anal.  While Mr Holmes has his fingers in Mystique’s ass, her husband walks in and is disgusted at what he sees’.  Nobody would want to see their wife with another mans fingers up her arse…unless it’s the doctor, but even then….

Brazzers Bubble Bath Self-Care with Cock Sommer Isabella


Brazzers Bubble Bath Self-Care With Cock
Steve Holmes and Sommer Isabella

Brazzers have snuck a new release out without my knowing about it.  Brazzers Bubble Bath Self-Care starring Steve Holmes and Sommer Isabella did not appearing the upcoming video section until the very last minute, so I am now frantically trying to post together some kind of coherent porn blog porn about it.

All I can say is that I think this could be a future Brazzers porn advert.  Just looking at Steve Holmes in a bubble bath wearing a bright yellow snorkel looks like prime porn ad material.  Seeing the older man in a bubble bath with the sexy Sommer Isabelle will surely bring Brazzers plenty of click-though traffic.

Brazzers Bubble Bath Self-Care with Cock – SUMMARY

When Sommer Isabella’s husband won’t let her go out clubbing, she decides to take a bubble bath to deal with the frustration. Sommer, though, is supremely horny, so she can’t help but start masturbating in the bath and text Steve Holmes, her international man of mystery side piece.

In Brazzers Bubble Bath Self-Care with Cock, Steve obliges and sends Sommer a dick pic to masturbate to, but what Sommer wasn’t expecting was that he’d actually show up with a snorkel, no less. It’s lucky that Steve came prepared, because in nearly getting caught by Sommer’s husband, he’s forced to hide under the bubbles. But after they’ve fucked and gotten away with it, Sommer forgets to wash the cum off her face, and Steve ever the eccentric makes himself shockingly at home.

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Swap In For A Facial Indica Flower

Swapping for a facial

Swap In For A Facial
Steve Holmes, Xander Corvus and Indica Flower

We’ve not seen the wonderful natural boobs of Indica Flower on Brazzers since her debut on February 3rd, 2020.  I wonder why it has taken so long for her to return.  It’s probably some thing to do with the Corona virus lockdown rules.  But it is very nice to see her again.  This time in a threesome.

The first sequence of Swap In For A Facial sees Indica and Xander Corvus running around the bedroom desperate for a fuck.  They don’t want to waste anytime.  As soon as Miss Flower gets home from college Xander just wants to fuck her.  Dressed in a purple vest and light blue denim booty shorts, Indica dives into bed and prepares for a hard fucking.


A hard fucking is what she certainly gets from Xander.  He wants to fuck her hard before his weird step dad gets home.  Whilst she is riding Xander’s cock, she receives a photo on her phone from Xander’s step dad.  He has sent her a dick pic.  Steve Holmes has sent her a photo of his erect cock and wants her to come and fuck him.

Indica makes and excuser to leave Xander for a while so she can go and get a piece of is step dad.  She walks into Mr Holme’s bedroom totally naked.  Steve jumps out on her and makes her squeal.  Indica tells Steve that she want his big cock inside her.  That is music to Steve ear’s and he needs no second invitation.

Swap In For A Facial is an action packed porn video showing Indica running between different bedrooms and getting fucked by both Steve Holmes and Xander Corvus.  She thinks that she is playing them both, but in fact she is the one being played.  Steve and Xander are both in on the plan.  It is what they do.  They like to get college babes in the house and take it in turns fucking them.

They ave the perfect set up.  Two guys with big dicks in a big house.  They have fucked plenty of hot sexy college co-eds this way.  So I’m wondering if Brazzers are going to pair up these two male pornstars and turn this idea into a common scenario.

In Swap In For A Facial, Indica Flower shows that she can easily manage to fuck two guys at the same time.  She show great energy running between two bedrooms and satisfying two big horny cocks at the same time.  She certainly is able to give great tit wanks.  She performs plenty of that on both Xander’ and Steve’s cock.  it’s the perfect way to get their massive dicks hard.

The final scene of this video is Indica being able to have both of these guys in the same room for a facial.  It’s then that she realises that she was not so cleaver after all and she had been beaten at her own game.  She gets her face covered in cum when she gleefully wanks both of their cocks over her face.  It’s in the POV parts that you see just how sexy her blue eyes are.

I’m hoping we wont have to wait another 10 months to see this hot pornstar from Louisiana performing in a Brazzers video again.  I love her natural body and those natural boobs are great assets for tit wanking.

At the end of Swap In For A Facial, after Steve Holmes and Xander Corvus empty their balls over Indica’s face, they give each other a fist bump and send her on her way.  I’m wondering who will be next to get fucked by this perverted step dad and step son couple?

Could Swap for a Facial become a Brazzers viral porn advert?  I think there is plenty of potential for that to happen.  There is enough fast paced action to create a porn ad with.


Cleaning And Cumming starring Kianna Dior in a solo girl masturbation porn video.  Kianna Dior making herself cum with a big fat brown dildo.  He fucks herself hard and makes her pussy cream.  If you want to see this hot pornstar with big tits open her legs wide open and frantically insert a sex toy deep into her wet vagina then watch Cleaning And Cumming and you’ll be very satified.

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Intrud-Her Aubree Valentine [FULL HD .MP4]


Steve Holmes, Aubree Valentine

Thank you Brazzers for writing such a great description about Intrud-Her starring Aubree Valentine and Steve Holmes.  I’m in a bit of a rush this morning and there was no way I was going to write 400 words on this poolside sex porn video.

Take a look at the sexy Aubree Valentine getting her amazing body fucked in a bikini.  She is having her wonderful figure shagged by an older guy smoking a cigar and wearing a red silk robe next to an indoor swimming pool.

Aubree Valentine, with her perky all-natural tits and perfectly round booty, is a sneaky one. And on this particularly hot day, she just wants to get wet. So, she sneaks into an amazing indoor pool.


Little does she know, the pool house she’s snuck into belongs to a Mr. Steve Holmes. After taking a dip and getting refreshed, she can’t help but indulge her next urge, to play with her pussy. It’s around this time that Mr. Holmes decides to see what all the splashing is about. When he catches Aubree fingers deep in herself, he can’t help but watch.

In Intrud-Her, Aubree finds Steve’s hard member poking out amongst the foliage and can’t believe it! Steve quickly remind Aubree that this is his pool, and his rules. Steve purposes a deal to trade all the pool time Aubree wants for a little spanking.

Aubree thinks a spanking is quite harmless but soon finds herself balls deep sucking Steve’s dick. Steve uses his giant cock to fill Aubree’s tight pussy and she takes it deep. Turns out, Aubree’s day turns out perfect after a little casual intruding.

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Cum And Fuck on Our Door Phoenix Marie

Cum And Fuck on Our Door

Cum And Fuck on Our Door
Phoenix Marie and Steve Holmes

Phoenix Marie gets her ass fucked in her denim jeans.  She is wearing a pair of those blue denim jeans with the zipper at the back.  Steve Holmes unzips her from behind and slips his cock in her ass whilst she is talking to he roommate.  Miss Marie’s big tits are half hanging out as she argues with her sexy roomie about Mr Holmes moving in.


In Brazzers Cum And Fuck on Our Door, Phoenix Marie and her lover and roommate have it made with only woman in their house. But Phoenix has decided to add an old friend, Steve Holmes, to the mix. Phoenix assures her roomie that it’ll be a blast to have a hard cock in the house, but her roomie worries about the change in dynamic a dick may bring.

Which is only confirmed when Steve shows up wearing nothing but a jaunty hat. Phoenix gives him a squeeze and he immediately gets hard. Her roomie is not down and wants to discuss with Phoenix. Steve sneaks into the room while they argue and plays with Phoenix’s irresistible ass while he hides in the closet.

During Cum And Fuck on Our Door, the annoying roomie keeps interrupting but that doesn’t stop these two pervs from doing some sneaky anal right in front of her. Eventually Steve has both Phoenix’s pussy and ass to himself and they get down to business. Turns out Steve’s a freak and Phoenix loves it. Too bad roomie, can’t beat ’em, you should join ’em.

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Spy Gets Sneaky Ride Jenna Foxx

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride
Steve Holmes, Jenna Foxx

Creepy old guy Steve Holmes (sorry Steve) is back again and this time he’s getting his old man hands on Jenna Foxx’s hot young ebony body.  Jenna was happily enjoying her alone time with her vibrator when Steve Holmes falls out of the closet holding a video camera.

In Spy Gets Sneaky Ride he quickly runs of to the bathroom to try and finish his wank, but he is caught by Jenna who would rather he finishes off in her black girls pussy.   How could Mr Holmes resist such an offer from such a much younger girl.

At the beginning of Spy Gets Sneaky Ride we find Jenna Foxx with her legs wife open and a purple vibrator getting to work on her clit.  She is letting out some moans and groans as he is getting closer to orgasm.  The camera gets a great close up of her pulsating pussy as Miss Foxx tries to force out and early orgasm.

She is getting closer and closer to orgasm when she suddenly realises that she is being watch from inside her closet.  She calls Steve Holmes a fucking sick pervert for spying on her.  She can believe that she has been filmed masturbating on her bed.

But as I’ve already explained, Jenna Foxx isn’t completely mad about the whole situation.  In fact she is quietly happy to find Steve with his cock hanging out.  She dashes to the bathroom before Steve has time to cum with his hands.

Spy Gets Sneaky Ride, hot ebony babe, Jenna Foxx wants Steve to fuck her pussy and make her cum.  It’s always more sexually satisfying to have a genuine big cock making her cum rather than her purple dildo.

She manages to find Steve in the bathroom with his trousers around his ankles, so she gets on her knees and sticks his cock deep down her throat.  She sucks his cock really had and fast.  Steve Holmes can’t believe his luck.  Looking down to find a gorgeous young black babe going to town on his bell end.

To make sure that Jenna makes the most of having a big cock to fuck, she takes Steve back into her bedroom to fuck him on her bed.  He rides him cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then makes him fuck her in the missionary position with the vibrator rubbing her pussy.

I loved the view of Jenna Foxx’s natural tits hanging down in front of the camera in this Spy Gets Sneaky Ride video.  Her natural boobs are a breath of fresh air.  Jenna is a really good all natural ebony porn performer.

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Chip-In To Her Pussy Katie Kush

Chip In To Her Pussy

Chip-In To Her Pussy
Katie Kush and Steve Holmes

Well, if you’re a golfing fan, then you are going to wet yourself over this new Katie Kush porn video.  If you have ever fantasised about inserting you putter into your wife or girlfriends pussy, then watch Chip-In To Her Pussy and see what it would look like.

Katie Kush thinks she has the whole house to herself for the morning.  She masturbates everyday in her bedroom, so today she wants to experiment with something new.  She looks around the house looking for something to fuck herself with.  She doesn’t want to use the usual suspects like a cucumber or a banana, she wants to find something that would be a little bit different.

Inm Chip-In To Her Pussy, Miss Kush stumbles upon her step dads brand new set of gold clubs.  Reaching into the bag, she pulls out a shiny new putter.  Katie wonders how much of the handle she has stuff into her tight little pussy.  Before she inserts it into herself, Katie Kush rubs it all over her wet fanny.  Katie loves the feel of the handle and the cold steel gliding over her clit.

Fucking herself with a Golf Club

This sexual teen babe lays herself onto the floor and pulls her pink panties to one side and slowly but surely pushed the putter handle into her teen tight pussy.  She is so happy to find that it reaches the parts most other objects have failed to do.  As her pussy starts to throb, Katie realises that she can reach orgasm easily with a golf club in her pussy.

During Chip-In To Her Pussy, as she gets close to climax, she hears the front door opening she doesn’t have time to hide or conceal what she is doing.  Luckily for her, it’s her perverted step dad who has come home to collect is golf clubs.  Steve Holmes can believe what he is seeing.  He has caught his teen stepdaughter fucking herself with his brand new golf clubs.  He is so turned on that he gets an erection in seconds.

Steve Holmes ad Katie Kush continue to push the golf club into her pussy.  Katie fucking loves it.  She gives her step dad a blowjob while he fucks her with the putter that he pend hundreds of pounds on.  When Mr Holmes is ready to fuck, he bends Katie Kush over and fucks her hard and fast from behind, giving her the most intense orgasm she has ever had.

Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal

Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal

Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal
Keira Croft and Steve Holmes

More hardcore anal action with creepy old man Steve Holmes….sorry Steve, but you do give me the creeps.  A terrific male performer, but creepy all the same.  Today he’s fuck his stepdaughter Keira Croft deep in her butt in a Brazzers anal porn video.

Keira Croft and her stepdad, Steve Holmes, are trying to find ways to beat the heat thanks to a broken AC unit. When Keira joins Steve on the couch in only a skimpy top and panties, she proves to be too tempting – especially when she starts to rub ice cubes over her tits and pussy.

From there, Keira and Steve forget about the heatwave and decide that distraction, in the form of anal sex, is the best way to cope with high temperatures. That said, a bit more ice cube play and some ass teasing with the fan, not to mention Keira’s squirting, provide some cooling effects for the scorching hot anal action.

Of course, nothing proves more satisfying than Steve’s massive cock, which Keira takes in her mouth and up her ass before draining it of every last drop of cum. Sometimes, the best way to beat the heat is to simply fill your day, or ass, with pleasurable distractions.

If you enjoy these stepdaughter and stepdad sex videos, then you will really enjoy Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal.  It’s a proper hardcore cock in ass porno.