Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man

Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man
Steve Holmes, Gizelle Blanco and Destiny Cruz

Don't Tell Mom We're Fucking Her Man

If you a fan of seeing shocked faces in porn, then Brazzers Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man will make you very happy.  I think I counted three pornstar shocked faces in the trailer alone!  Gizelle Blanco is making her very first appearance in a Brazzers video and she is very impressive indeed.  It’s great seeing all these new pornstars making their debuts lately.

To be honest, I thought Destiny Cruz had already appeared in a few Brazzers videos, butI was wrong.  Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man is also the Brazzers debut for Miss Cruz.  I had got mixed u with her Reality Kings videos that I have posted on The Pornstar List over the last few months.


Destiny Cruz and Gizelle Blanco are two petite California college girls who love to play with each other’s natural breasts, scissor, eat each other’s tight pussies… you know, all that hot lesbian action! But Gizelle’s mom is totally unaware that they are hooking up.

In Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man, good thing for them her new stepdad, Steve Holmes, is totally supportive of their beautiful union and willing to help them get out of a jam. Gizelle’s mom has brought home some weird artist type in a pirate shirt, claiming he will be the perfect match for her daughter.

Steve creates a distraction and sneaks Destiny Cruz out behind his tall frame. Once Destiny is safe, she can’t help but notice Steve is packing a huge cock and wants to show her gratitude with some dick worshiping. When Gizelle notices they have been gone too long, she decides to join the party, and it becomes a crazy hot threesome.

As a Brazzers debut, Gizelle Blanco and Detiny Cruz make a wonderful impression on me.  They makes it look like they’ve been Brazzers pornstars for years.  In Don’t Tell Mom We’re Fucking Her Man, Gizelle Blanco handles Steve Holmes’ big old man’s cock with ease.  She does a great job in sharing it with Destiny Cruz.

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Tokyolynn’s Hot Workout with Steve Holmes

Tokyolynn’s Hot Workout
Steve Holmes and Tokyolynn

Tokyo Lynn's Hot Workout

Steve Holmes is that old looking man that gets to fuck loads of hot looking pornstars.  Today, he’s given the task of fucking the shit out of Tokyolynn in her first appearance in a Brazzers porn video.  Tokyolynn is having a sweaty workout with Steve Holmes.  He is doing his absolute best to look like he is not struggling to keep up!


Watch alongside Steve Holmes as Tokyolynn works out her curvaceous body, getting hot and sweaty, her tits and ass glistening. Steve tries to keep up, but Tokyolynn’s routine might be a little too intense for him. When it comes to sex, however, Steve has no issues with intensity, giving her the big dick that the ladies just love having inside of them!

In Tokyolynn’s Hot Workout, to be fair to Mr Holmes, trying to keep up with Tokyolynn is no mean feat.  Watching her tits bouncing and the sweat running down her cleavage is very distracting and most guys would fail to not respond to her incredible body.  This is the first time we have got to see this Asian American strut her stuff in the Brazzers studios.

I’m really looking forward to see how Tokyolynn’s Brazzers career pans out.  It’s always a welcome sight seeing a new pornstar making her debut.  Steve Holmes is a true male porn legend.  His mannerisms and pure hardcore stamina is an example for all guys of a certain age wondering how to keep sexually active!

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Spunking Up Her Shower Time Luna Star

Spunking Up Her Shower Time
Steve Holmes and Luna Star

Spunking Up Her Shower Time

Well, here’s a partnership that sent my pulse rate soaring this morning.  Luna Star and Steve Holmes star in Spunking Up Her Shower Time.  Luna Star is looking as hot as ever as she takes a shower and shows off that incredible Latina body.  She truly is one of the hottest tanned, brunette babes in the fucking world!  Miss Star is caught naked by old man Steve Holmes in this squirting porn video.


Luna Star is just trying to give her banging bod the attention it needs when Steve Holmes shows up. Spying on her through a gloryhole in the shower, he can’t help but jerk off watching her perfectly round booty shake. And when that asshole starts to wink, Steve blows his load all over her towel.

Jokes on Luna when he hands her his cummed on towel and she’s covered in his spunk. Turn out, she’s not mad, she’s impressed. She gets back into the shower and touches herself, squirting waterfalls. Steve’s ready to go again and puts the gloryhole into action. Luna begs for anal and Steve joins her in the shower.

If you are a fan of squirting videos, then you are in for a treat.  Luna Star, one of the leading pornstars in the world, give you a prime example of her squirting skills in her 75th Brazzers porn video.  But I think that the true attraction of this video is watching Luna Star taking a big old man’s cock in her amazing Latina ass.

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Which Ex Is Best Part 1 and Part 2

Which Ex Is Best Part 1 and Part 2
Lauren Phillips, Cecilia Lion and Steve Holmes

Which Ex Is Best

It’s a two part porno called Which Ex Is Best.  The redheaded MILF Lauren Phillips is looking her usual busty self and Cecilia Lion is looking very much like a hot college babe.

Which Ex Is Best Part 1

Sexy ebony and fun time college student Cecilia Lion recently started fucking an older woman, curvy redhead MILF with big boobs, Lauren Phillips. After a passionate make out session in the bedroom, Cecilia goes to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water and runs into Steve Holmes, Lauren’s “loser ex-husband” who’s crashing on her couch after a rough breakup with another woman.


After flirting with Cecilia, Steve decides to try his luck at seducing her and succeeds, if only for one quick blowjob. Lauren enters and catches them, then runs out of the room, really angry. Cecilia goes to make it up to Lauren Phillips and proves that she really does like girls better than men… at least she thinks she does!

Which Ex Is Best Part 2

After waking up with her girlfriend, Cecilia goes to shower only to be interrupted by Steve, who joins her like it’s no big deal. Lucky for Steve, Cecilia is craving another taste of his big, hard cock and the two sneakily fuck in the bathroom before Cecilia crawls back into bed with her girlfriend, Steve’s ex-wife.


I’m hoping that they turn one of these Which Ex Is Best episodes into a porn advert.  I think any video with Steve Holmes makes a great porn ad.  Lauren Phillips amazing tits always impress me when they bounce all over the screen too!

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Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me

Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me
Steve Holmes and Alexis Tae

Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me

If you work at a sex toy factory you are not only the butt of all jokes but you’re probably turned on for most of the day.  In Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me Alexis Tae is a up and coming sexy business woman.  Her expertise in dildo’s has seen her rocket through the company, faster than any man has ever done.


She now finds herself alone in her office with a few of her new sex toy products.   Thinking she is in the building alone, Alexis Tae decides she would use this alone time to do some quality control on her dildos.  But in true porno style, she is not alone.  Steve Holmes catches her with a pussy full of dildo and cannot help but to stop and stare.

Super babe Alexis Tae and Steve Holmes work together at a sex toy company. Alexis takes advantage of her environment, playing with her pussy and using dildos, when Steve’s not looking. Steve does eventually catch her though, which leads to a horny Alexis letting Steve finger and fuck her. Nothing brings the workplace together like an intimate team building event!

I’m not sure where the husband is.  I think he is at home waiting for his wife to come home.  Alexis Tae forgets that she has left the zoom call on and her husband has to watch her getting fucked by creepy old Steve Holmes on his laptop.

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The Feather Fluffing Pillow Humper Gets Fucked

The Feather Fluffing Pillow Humper Gets Fucked
Steve Holmes, Syren De Mer and Cecilia Lion

The Feather Fluffing Pillow Humper Gets Fucked

Fucking hell, I think that must be the longest porn video title I have ever added to this porn blog.  The Feather Fluffing Pillow Humper Gets Fucked, starring Steve Holmes, Syren De Mer and Cecilia Lion is a threesome porn video from Reality Kings.


Cecilia Lion has a big problem with pillows. She can’t help but bump and grind them so hard, they burst apart. Her new stepmom has had enough. But her step GILF, Syren De Mer, thinks she needs to loosen up!

In The Feather Fluffing Pillow Humper Gets Fucked, she remembers being a horndog at that age, it’s totally normal. Syren’s boyfriend, Steve Holmes, is still a horndog. When he sees that Cecilia can barely keep from grinding a hole in the carpet, he creates a distraction by whipping out Syren’s tit and shoos Cecilia off. Cecilia runs off and humps until her room turns into a feather wonderland.

During The Feather Fluffing Pillow Humper Gets Fucked, her stepmom walks in, catching her mid-action, decides its no more pillows for her! Cecilia goes to pout to Syren and Steve when she catches them doing their own pillow humping.

Syren takes Cecilia under her wing and teaches her the right way to hump. Eventually, they toss the pillows aside and starts the scissoring and double blow jobs action. Steve fucks both Cecilia and Syren until they beg for his cum and play the cumswap game. That’s right ladies, good to the last drop.

Semen Demon Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique

Semen Demon
Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique

Semem Demon

Dirty old man Steve Holmes is back in another awesome Brazzers porn video.  Brazzers must love his creepy old man look.  Or maybe it’s the Brazzers fans who love seeing Mr Holmes and ask for him to return again and again. This video called Semen Demon has the potential to become one of those popular porn video adverts.


Today this strange looking male pornstar gets to have his wicked way with the black porn queen Ebony Mystique.  She is appearing in her 5th Brazzers video.  Semen Demon starts with a sequence of Miss Mystique creeping around a house wearing a balaclava and tight leather trousers.  She enters the house through a window.

Ebony Mystique is a Semen Demon

She has to squeeze herself through the small gap in the window because her big black boobs are so big that they get in the way.  When she eventually makes her way in, she falls to the floor after misjudging the distance.  Once on her feet, she goes through Steve’s bedroom waste bin, in search for cum filled used condoms.  That is why this Brazzers video is called Semen Demon.  She is hunting for cum to drink.

It’s not the sexiest of sights.  Watching Ebony go through a bin and finding used condoms to drink from.  Ebony is so thirsty for cum that she drinks it too fast and spills most of what she finds down her massive boobs.  When she hears Steve Holmes approaching the bedroom, she quickly hides herself in the en-suit bathroom.  She watches in delight as Steve uses his favourite wank sock to masturbate with.

In Brazzers Semen Demon, Ebony Mystique Steve Homes cum into his sock and leave it laying on the bed.  As soon as Steve leaves the room, she jumps out of the bathroom and sucks the cum out of the sock.  She them follows Steve into the main house and starts sucking on a surprised old man’s big cock.

Steve Holmes and Ebony Mystique then proceed to have hardcore sex on a blue leather sofa.  Miss Mystique is fucked harder than she has ever been fucked before.  She especially enjoyed being fucked from behind with Steves boney finger in her arsehole.

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Big Titty Tutor Steve Holmes and Barbie Crystal

Big Titty Tutor starring Steve Holmes and Barbie Crystal.

Big Titty Tutor

Brazzers bring back that creepy looking old male pornstar Steve Holmes.  THey’ve teamed him up with Barbie Crystal and her huge natural black boobs.  Steve plays a father whose son is struggle to concentrate on his home schooled lessons with his tutor.  Being a young man, he is totally distracted by Barbie’s massive boobs.  Who can blame him…they are fucking huge and her cleavage is just hanging out and inviting wondering eyes.  Surely she should dress more appropriately!


In Big Titty Tutor, Steve Holmes can see that things are not going to well at the study table.  He asks to speak to Barbie Crystal privately.  Crystal explains that she cannot teach his son if he does not concentrate 100% on his studies.  Steve then plucks up the courage to point out that Crystals tits are half hanging out and she should be more aware of her breasts.

Crystal Barbie explains that she should be able to wear whatever she likes and doesn’t have to cover up to please anybody.  Steve likes the way that she thinks.  Steve has a good long look at her tits again.  But this time Miss Crystal decides to just get her tits out so Steve can get a good close up look at them.

Barbie Crystal Gets Her Huge Naturals Out

Mr Holmes is amazed at the size of her tits.  He can’t resists getting his hands on those massive black fun bags.  In Big Titty Tutor, Barbie is impressed with how well he handles them. She is used to guys just going crazy with them.  She realises that Steve is very experienced with big tits.  She decides that maybe she should make the most of having a sexual experienced man at her disposal.

Steve understands what is going through Barbie’s mind.  He gives his son some cash and tells him to take a trip out to the mall for an hour or so.  As soon as his son leaves the house, Barbie gets on her knees and starts sucking on this older man’s big cock. During Big Titty Tutor, they spend a lot of time giving each other oral sex before fucking each other hard and fast before Steve unleashes his cum all over Barbies massive knockers.

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