Pink Dress MILF Threesome Porn Video Cumshot Face

Pink Dress MILF Threesome

Have you seen the pink dress MILF threesome porn video with  a cumshot on the face.  The full video is called To The Stepmom Goes The Threesome and it was produced by Brazzers and stars Kyle Mason, Vanna Bardot, Becky Bandini.  Released on May 22nd 2020 it got rave reviews for the sex and funny scenario.


When Vanna Bardot sneaks her boyfriend, Kyle Mason, past her stepmom, Becky Bandini, Kyle can’t help but notice that Becky is masturbating. What strikes him as even stranger, though, is that Vanna doesn’t seem phased and is eager to fuck him as soon as they’re alone.

However, when Becky knocks on the bedroom door, forcing Kyle to hide in the closet, a totally unexpected revelation occurs: Vanna and Becky have been fucking all along. In this pink dress MILF threesome porn video, as an excited Kyle watches in awe from the closet, his eagerness as he jerks off leads to him making his presence known in a uniquely sticky and warm way. From there, Becky decides to teach Vanna a lesson not to hide anything from her – especially someone with as much sexual energy as Kyle.