FakeTaxi Masked Maya Fantasy Fuck Video

Masked Maya FakeTaxi Video

While John the FakeTaxi driver is bus setting up his security camera's in his taxi, he is startled by the sudden appearance of a women jumping into his London black cab.

He wasn't ready for customers just yet, he hadn't even started work yet.  What made John concerned was that this women was wearing a black cat mask.  John initially thought that she was there to rob hi,  He explained that he hadn't stared work yet and there was no money in the cab.

The masked brunette, was the notorious Masked Maya.  John recognised her from the internet.  He has seen some of her video clips on her twitter feed.  Maya explained that she was not there for a taxi ride.  She had been searching for John for months.  She wanted to experience his big cock in her pussy.  She told him that she has seen his FakeTaxi videos online and wanted to make one for herself.

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The British taxi driver wasted no time at all in driving to one of his secret fuck locations.  She was already stripped down to her sexy black lingerie before he parked the taxi.  as soon as the engine was turned off, John was out of his chair and on the back seat.

Masked Maya's pussy was already wet.  She was playing with her cunt all the time they were driving.  She was just looking forward to having John's big with cock in her fanny.  John wanted to taste her pussy before she got a piece of is dick.  He licked her pussy until she came over his face.


Maya begged John to get his cock out so she could show off her cock sucking skills on camera.  She was very keen to be recorded.  She knows that his videos get millions of views on PornHub, RedTube and YouPorn.  It would really turn her on to see her masked face on porn tube across the internet.

After John had finished licking her pussy, John finally let her loose on his erect pole.  She just love devouring his cock all the way down her throat.  She never took her mask off all the time she was deepthroating his penis.  John wonders what she really looks like under that mask.

Check the ending of this video.  John is fucking her doggy-style and sticking his thumb deep in her arse.  He shoots his load in her pussy.  It is a great vaginal creampie.  As he pulls out his cock from her pussy, his cum dribbles out all over the floor.