Taking Care Of The Au-Pair Ryder Skye Gia Derza

Taking Care Of The Au-Pair

Taking Care Of The Au-Pair
Ryder Skye and Gia Derza

Ryder Skye couldn’t LIVE without her au-pair, Gia Derza. Ryder’s family (as well as her sanity) would be in shambles without Gia’s helping hand. Gia’s always such a hard worker and truly a blessing in disguise.

When Ryder comes home from another long day, she finds Gia exhausted on the couch, catching some z’s. Ryder gazes fondly at her and is about to rouse her when she pauses. She can’t help but to admire the sexy young woman, her eyes grazing over Gia’s cute butt. She soooo wants to get her hands on that ass — and more — but Gia stirs and the opportunity is lost.

In Girlsway Taking Care Of The Au-Pair, Ryder sweetly smiles as she offers the young nanny a massage to help with the exhaustion. Gia does so much for her, so Ryder wants to do a little something extra for her in return! Although Gia’s a bit bashful, she eventually gives in and plays right into Ryder’s hands.

During Taking Care Of The Au-Pair, Ryder begins the massage, although it’s not long before it turns into something more sensual as she begins cupping Gia’s breasts. Gia’s surprised at first but soon melts under the touch, deciding to let Ryder spoil her all she wants!

Soon enough, they are both naked and sprawled out on the couch, running their hands and tongues over each other’s bodies. Ryder can’t hold back any longer as she finally gets a taste of Gia’s sweet pussy. She just may have to show her appreciation for Gia’s hard work more often!


Nikki Gets Wet By The Pool Nikki Delano

Brazzers Nikki Gets Wet By The Pool

Nikki Gets Wet By The Pool
Nikki Delano, Romeo Mancini

Ahh that poolside fuck fantasy is still doing Brazzers proud.  I think the thumbnails of hot blonde women next to an outdoor swimming pools are instant click-though winners.

So when you see the hot blonde pornstar Nikki Delano posing in a see though white t-shirt, pouring water over herself, it’s too much to ignore.  Nikki has agreed to let the Brazzers camera crew follow her around the house as she gives a guided tour.  But Miss Delano wants to show you much more than her house.  She wants to let you know that she is still in tip top porn condition.


In Brazzers Nikki Gets Wet By The Pool, she gets changed into a very hot see though white t-shirt, with no bra on and a pair of very short pink shorts too.  With the sun beating down on her sun kissed skin, she needs to cool off.  She gathers some water from her pool and slowly lets it pour all over herself.  It’s a real pleasure to watch the clear cool water cascade over her hot body.

Her nipples poke through the t-shirt and you can see that she is now really turned on.  At just the right time, her boyfriend Romeo Mancini arrives.  She is so glad to see him.  Her pussy is purring to be fucked.  She barely gives Romeo enough time to get through the door before she is undoing his pants to get to his big cock.

Brazzers Nikki Gets Wet By The Pool is released on the Brazzers porn network on 9th September, 2020.  This scene is definitely one to look out for to remind you of those hot Summers by the pool.

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Tempted By The Babysitter Girlsway

tempted by the babysitter

Tempted By The Babysitter
Aaliyah Love, Silvia Saige and Emma Hix

Wives Aaliyah Love and Silvia Saige are talking about their new babysitter while waiting for her to show up. Aaliyah is a bit nervous but Silvia can’t wait for the freedom having a babysitter will allow.

At that moment, the doorbell rings and the wives invite the babysitter, 18-year-old Emma Hix, inside. They chat with Emma, who innocently flirts with them. Aaliyah and Silvia then leave for work, closing the door behind them. Emma watches the door for a few moments before grinning to herself, nipping her bottom lip as if having mischievous, lustful thoughts.


In Girlsway Tempted By The Babysitter, a few days later, Aaliyah and Silvia are getting home from work. They greet Emma and make idle chat, asking how the day went. Emma assures them that Victoria was wonderful! Is it okay if she finishes up the tidying she was doing before she goes? Aaliyah and Silvia are impressed, allowing Emma to finish her cleaning.

Emma picks up a duster and tidies the nearest furniture as the wives settle in. Aaliyah insists that she’s just going to go say hi to Victoria. After Aaliyah leaves, Emma sneaks a look at Silvia and ‘innocently’ bends over to dust something, showing off her ass. Silvia’s eyes go wide as she does her best to tear her eyes away from Emma’s hot ass.  The next day, the wives again get home from work and chat with Emma briefly. Silvia’s cell phone rings. She checks it and says it’s her mom, so quickly excuses herself from the room.

In Tempted By The Babysitter, Emma sees her opportunity and mischievously saunters toward Aaliyah, sitting next to her on the couch. Emma becomes more blatantly seductive, touching Aaliyah’s arm. Aaliyah almost melts into the touch, but then shakes her head. She excuses herself, rushing out of the living room.

After Aaliyah leaves, Silvia returns, putting her phone away. She looks around for Aaliyah and seems a bit nervous that Aaliyah isn’t around. She asks Emma where Aaliyah went.

When Emma responds with a flirtatious comment, Silvia becomes weak in the knees with arousal, though straightens back up and looks guilty. She quickly thanks Emma for her help that day and takes Emma by the shoulders, steering her towards the door. Emma smirks and takes her leave.  Silvia lets out a sigh of relief, though still looks conflicted.

The next day, both Aaliyah and Silvia are wracked with guilt over how they’ve been looking at Emma. They sit down to talk, confessing that they’ve been lusting for the babysitter and agree to fire her to protect their marriage. They invite Emma over.  An hour later, Emma arrives at the house. She cheerfully greets the wives, though her smile fades a bit when she sees Aaliyah and Silvia looking serious.

During Tempted By The Babysitter, they invite her in to sit down. The wives try to fire her, stating that they need to protect their marriage. Emma insists that they can have a threesome, since THAT wouldn’t be considered cheating. Aaliyah and Silvia are shocked, then enlightened. They turn to each other, marveling over how they never even considered that! It’d really make their lives a whole lot easier if they could just work out all that tension and have a bit of fun. They really DO need some private time together.

After a brief back and forth of checking in with each other to make sure a threesome is really okay, they eagerly agree.  Emma sure is one TEMPTING babysitter!!

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Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout Codi Vore

Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout
Codi Vore

codi's tit bouncing workout

The big tit gods are smiling down upon us once again and bringing us Codi Vore in Brazzers Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout.  This is just a solo girl porn video but if you are a fan of big bouncy boobs, then you are in for a real treat.

Codi Vore is really into her fitness routine.  She has a morning workout before she even has breakfast.  So today, she thought she would she her morning workout with all the guys and girls who enjoy watching a big pair of breasts bouncy around the screen.


In Codi’s Tit Bouncing Workout, she makes sure that we all get a good eyeful of cleavage to get us warmed up.  Her massive natural boobs are hiding underneath her workout t-shirt, but you can just how much they are being jiggled around as Codi get’s on with her workout routine.

Once Codi is all sweaty, she strips out of her gym gear and get totally naked.  Her boobs are so big and heavy and she knows just how to touch and run them to make you want to shoot your jizz over them.

Feeling horny, Codi reaches for her dildo and inserts it into her wet and sweaty pussy and gets as close the camera as she can so you get to she her wetness wrap around a big sex toy.

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My GFs Niece

My GFs Niece

My GFs Niece Wants A Big Piece: Remastered
Johnny Sins, Aidra Fox

Well at least it makes a change from step daughter.  This time Brazzers have opted to go for a niece getting fucked by her uncle in this remastered version of My GFs Niece Wants A Big Piece.

Johnny Sins is the male pornstar who is seduced by teenage cutie Aidra Fox.  She is gagging for a big cock to be stuffed into her wet bald pussy.  She teases Johnny all day with her cute little ass and the hot body.  She loves to brush her arse up against Mr Sins when nobody is looking.


Uncle Sins does very well not to touch his niece’s hot little ass, but when she finally lays a wondering hand over his semi-erection, there was no holding back.  He takes her upstairs and pulls out his cock and wonders if she will be able to handle such a big cock.

In Brazzers My GFs Niece Wants A Big Piece: Remastered, he didn’t need to worry.  She was an expert in cock sucking and sloppy blowjobs.  Her lips and tongue made his cock stand to attention in no time whatsoever.  As soon as his cock was fully erect, Aidra Fox climbed on top and rode his cock like he was a stallion.

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Strip Dance Practise Isabelle Deltore Martina Smeraldi

Strip Dance Practise

Strip Dance Practise
Isabelle Deltore, Michael Fly, Martina Smeraldi

Wow, what a pair of absolute beauties.  Australian Isabelle Deltore and Italian Martina Smeraldi both have their tight wet pussy holes fucked by Michael Fly and his massive cock.

When Isabelle and Martina get together in a hostel to practise their striptease moves, they always find time for a bit of touchy feely action to really get themselves in the mood.  They like to get themselves in the moment when practising how to prick tease their paying customers.

They did not realise that Michael Fly was watch them go through their slutty dance routine.  As he watch them twerk and grind on each other, he developed and erection that he need to relieve.  He got his big cock out and started to stroke it as he fantasised about fucking these two hot strippers.

But when Isabelle turned around and caught Michael masturbating in the door way, she took one look at his cock and dragged him in the bedroom where she stripped him off naked.

Isabelle and Martina took it in turns to tease Michaels aching cock with their sex arses.  They both rubbed their big booty’s over his cock and very nearly make him cum too soon.  But these babes are experts in cock control and they gradually calmed him down with a slow and sensual double blowjob.

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Tru Kait Is A True Tease Brazzers

Tru Kait Is A True Tease

Tru Kait Is A True Tease is a Brazzers solo girl porn video showing just how sexy this stunning brunette is during the COVID-19 lockdown period.  Miss Kait was in in need of some cock but her boyfriend is unable to join her.


She had been waiting for her big cocked boyfriend to come over to fuck her brains out for over an hour.  Her pussy had been dripping wet just thinking about his 10 inch love muscle sliding in between her thighs and reaching her g-spot.

But when the boyfriend let her down at the last minute, Tru Kait decided to get in touch with an old college flame who she knows would appreciate her wetness.  But again, he is not able to drop everything for hot sex with his fantasy fuck.  Instead Miss Kait agrees to put on a sex show for him over a web cam.

Her body look gorgeous as she strip out of a see-through body suit with no panties.  Her fingers do the talking as she slowly rubs her clit whilst staring straight down the web cam at her perverted old college flame.

When she has had enough of fingering herself, she turns to her big fat dildos to really make her cum over and over again.  She point her pussy flaps directly at the web cam so her viewer gets a great view of the action.

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