Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!

Wow, We're Kinda Sluts, Huh

Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!
Jane Wilde and Chanel Grey

Eighteen-year-old roommates Jane Wilde and Chanel Grey are preparing for a night out when they realize that some of their laundry has gotten mixed together. They decide to look through the laundry to try to sort it out since they have no clothes to go out in and haven’t done laundry in quite some time.

The girls get to work and begin to sort through the giant pile. As they pull out different items from the pile, like shirts, underwear, and leggings, they inspect each item and recall an anecdote of how it got dirty, every anecdote reflecting their sexually wild lifestyle.

In Girlsway Wow We’re Kinda Sluts Huh!, finally, they stop looking through the pile, realising that finding something suitable to wear is hopeless, joking that sex seems to be the only thing they are good at. Not having clothes to go out in, Chanel cheekily suggests that they stay home and stick to what they’re good at. Jane grins back at her, biting her lip, obviously interested. They push the pile of laundry off the bed excitedly.


Chip-In To Her Pussy Katie Kush

Chip In To Her Pussy

Chip-In To Her Pussy
Katie Kush and Steve Holmes

Well, if you’re a golfing fan, then you are going to wet yourself over this new Katie Kush porn video.  If you have ever fantasised about inserting you putter into your wife or girlfriends pussy, then watch Chip-In To Her Pussy and see what it would look like.

Katie Kush thinks she has the whole house to herself for the morning.  She masturbates everyday in her bedroom, so today she wants to experiment with something new.  She looks around the house looking for something to fuck herself with.  She doesn’t want to use the usual suspects like a cucumber or a banana, she wants to find something that would be a little bit different.

Inm Chip-In To Her Pussy, Miss Kush stumbles upon her step dads brand new set of gold clubs.  Reaching into the bag, she pulls out a shiny new putter.  Katie wonders how much of the handle she has stuff into her tight little pussy.  Before she inserts it into herself, Katie Kush rubs it all over her wet fanny.  Katie loves the feel of the handle and the cold steel gliding over her clit.

Fucking herself with a Golf Club

This sexual teen babe lays herself onto the floor and pulls her pink panties to one side and slowly but surely pushed the putter handle into her teen tight pussy.  She is so happy to find that it reaches the parts most other objects have failed to do.  As her pussy starts to throb, Katie realises that she can reach orgasm easily with a golf club in her pussy.

During Chip-In To Her Pussy, as she gets close to climax, she hears the front door opening she doesn’t have time to hide or conceal what she is doing.  Luckily for her, it’s her perverted step dad who has come home to collect is golf clubs.  Steve Holmes can believe what he is seeing.  He has caught his teen stepdaughter fucking herself with his brand new golf clubs.  He is so turned on that he gets an erection in seconds.

Steve Holmes ad Katie Kush continue to push the golf club into her pussy.  Katie fucking loves it.  She gives her step dad a blowjob while he fucks her with the putter that he pend hundreds of pounds on.  When Mr Holmes is ready to fuck, he bends Katie Kush over and fucks her hard and fast from behind, giving her the most intense orgasm she has ever had.


Mia Rose a Czech 18 Year Old has First Massage

czech 18 year old mia rose

Czech 18 year old has first massage
Mia Rose

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous Mia Rose.  I have already had the pleasure of editing her Public Agent video, but now you get to see her in her very first MassageRooms erotic porn video.


Video editor Studly Smalls  wrote this about blog article about the hot Czech 18 year old over at Fake Taxi Forum…

A really gorgeous new model in a very sensual massage scene, what a delight it was to edit one of Mia Rose’s first shoots. She’s young, but she sure knows how to have fun because the passion on display in this session is very real. Massage Rooms was a perfect fit for this pretty teen as the shimmering oil highlights her natural tits and great ass. Pairing her up with a very experienced expert lover like Steve made this one guaranteed for success!

Czech doll Mia Rose has just turned 18, and decided to celebrate by getting her first massage. Noticing how handsome her masseur is, Mia removes her towel, letting him feast his eyes on her big tits.

Lying face down on the bed, Mia giggles when Steve covers her booty with a towel, then starts to rub her back. Steve oils up Mia’s thighs and booty, then moves to the head of the bed to rub her shoulders.

The 18 year old notices that Steve is getting hard, so she takes it upon herself to undo his drawstring and take out his cock! The 18 year old gives the masseur a blowjob, then lets her fuck her freshly-legal pussy.


Shes Sweeter When Wet Bella Elise Rose

Shes Sweeter When Wet

Shes Sweeter When Wet
Keiran Lee, Bella Elise Rose

Hey, we haven’t seen Mr Keiran Lee for a while so it’s a pleasure to see him back in action with the fantastic Bella Elise Rose in a video called Shes Sweeter When Wet.  I believe this is the fourth time that this blonde bombshell has get her tits and arse out fo a fucking in a Brazzers video.

So, what is this latest Bella Elise Rose video all about?  Well, Bella is trying to find out if the myth is true about eating oranges in the shoer.  Apparently, oranges are supposed to taste much sweeter if you eat them totally naked with water running over your body.  I’ve never heard of this, and it does sound like a load of old bollocks, but let’s roll with it.  Why anything would taste different in the shower is beyond me.

However, Miss Bella Elise Rose is intend on finding out if it is just an old wives tale (probably).  She strips off to give to a stunning view of her outstanding body.  She is butt naked from head to toe.  He sweet little ass and perky natural boobies are all out on display for your viewing pleasure.

In Brazzers Shes Sweeter When Wet, she steps into the shower and lets the warm water cascade of her hot body.  She starts to un-peel her orange and tastes the sweet fruit whiles getting her self soaking wet.  Unbeknown to Bella, her perverted step dad, Keiran Lee has been watching her eating the orange in the shower.  He is spying on her as he strokes his big hard cock.

With Keiran’s cock just about to explode, his sexy blonde naked step daughter spots him masturbating whilst staring at her.  She can’t believe what she is seeing.  Keiran does his best to convince her that he was not jerking off over her nakedness.  He tried to explain that he often wanks at that time of day and never realised she was showering.

During Shes Sweeter When Wet, Bella Elise Rose is fascinated by the size of her step fathers cock.  She wondered what it would feel like buried deep inside her pussy.  She put her hand around Keiran Lee’s cock and slide his foreskin back and fourth.  As soon as she dropped to her knees and put her big lips and mouth over his bellend, Keiran knew he was about to fuck his step daughter for the very first time…but probably not the last!

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Bore Your Daughter At Work Day

Bore Your Daughter At Work Day

Bore Your Daughter At Work Day
Hazel Grace and Gianna Dior

Hazel Grace and Gianna Dior, two teens, are bored out of their minds as they meet for the first time in an empty conference room. It’s Bring Your Daughter To Work Day and they’re both finally getting a break while their parents are stuck in yet another meeting.


Although they’re both feeling a bit grumpy from being dragged around all day, they’re quick to bond over their shared boredom. In fact, as they begin casting each other flirty looks across the table, they can think of some fun ways to spice the day up. Sure, it’s nearly time to clock out, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go out with a bang.

During Bore Your Daughter At Work Day, they start by pulling their chairs close and sharing some steamy kisses, feeling bold and frisky. As the heat builds, Hazel’s mischievous nature takes over as she slides beneath the table and begins eating Gianna’s pussy out. Now all bets are off as they please each other to no end. Maybe it wasn’t such a boring day after all!

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Teen Honey Trap Piper Perri, Danny D, Elsa Jean, Alaina Dawson

teen honey trap

Teen Honey Trap: Remastered
Piper Perri, Danny D, Elsa Jean, Alaina Dawson

Danny D is in his element right here, he’s up to his balls in beautiful wet pussy in the remastered version of Teen Honey Trap.  Piper Perri, Elsa Jean and Alaina Dawson make this a great teen foursome porn video.

Imagine being shut in a sauna with these hot blonde teens.  They had been sent into the sauna by Danny’s wife to see if he will be able to resist the temptation of fucking them.  At first Danny does very well to not pay any attention to the outrageous flirting.

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But when the clothes started to peel away, Dany’s cock started to poke through his towel.  Piper Perri, Elsa Jean and Alaina Dawson could not believe their luck when they saw the huge length of Danny’s cock.  They were in for a fucking of their lifetimes.

In Teen Honey Trap, watch Danny D use his massive penis to maximum effect.  These hot teens have never had their pussies stretched so much.  Elsa Jean though that she could not squeeze Danny’s cock in her tight teen pussy, but with a little help from her teenage babe friends, she was soon riding his cock like a pro.


Remember When We Used To – Girlsway

remember when we used to

Remember When We Used To
Alex Coal and Serena Blair

Alex Coal and Serena Blair, two step-sisters, are busy cleaning up a house and getting it ready to go on the market. It’s their childhood home but since they’ve moved on, and their dad has passed on, it’s just too big for their mother to manage alone.

As they clean up the bathroom, Alex and Serena fondly recall memories of them sharing the bath when they were younger. It was a way for them to bond as new step-sisters, even if they liked to give each other a hard time. Who HASN’T dunked their sibling’s head in the water once or twice??

They soon realise that they’ve lost track of time and that they’re going to be late for their dinner reservation. Worried that they might miss their dinner, they decide to share the bath so that they can get freshened up and on their way! It’s a bit awkward to think about but the bath is already filled, so…

Once they strip down and climb into the bath together, the room gets even steamier as they start washing each other down. The soft caresses as they lather each other’s bodies with soap soon trigger something deeper between them. Suddenly, they can’t resist each other as they come together for more exploration, soon tasting each other’s lips and pussies for the first time. But now that they’ve opened that door, will it be the last?


Slumber Party Sneakaway

Slumber Party Sneakaway

Slumber Party Sneakaway
Christie Stevens, Laney Grey and Chanel Grey

Laney Grey and her best friend, Chanel Grey, are enjoying each other’s company, although it’s bittersweet. They’re both going to be away from home soon, so they’re having a slumber party to get as much time together as possible! Even if they promise to see each other again, who knows what life has planned for them?

In Girlsway Slumber Party Sneakaway, their tender moment is interrupted by Laney’s step-mom, Christie Stevens, coming in and checking on them before bed. But instead of being annoyed, Chanel can’t keep her eyes off Christie. Although she’s never told Laney, Chanel has a major crush on Christie. Even though tonight is supposed to be about THEM, Chanel doesn’t want to miss out on this last chance to finally make her move either!

Later on that night, when Laney is dreaming sweet dreams, Chanel sneaks out of bed and into Christie’s room. Although Christie is surprised at first, Chanel is persistent… and hot! After some lustful back and forth, they both agree that what Laney doesn’t know won’t hurt her…

In Girlsway Slumber Party Sneakaway, meanwhile, Laney stirs to find the bed empty. Concerned for her friend, she goes searching, only to hear faint, passionate sounds coming from her step-mom’s bedroom. Once she arrives, she’s shocked but horny as she catches Christie and Chanel doing it! But that shock is short-lived once she gets a steamy invitation to join…

The slumber party quickly turns into a night to remember for all three of them! No pussy is untouched as they writhe together in bed. Maybe doing more of THIS in the future is the extra incentive Laney and Chanel needs to ensure they’re NEVER apart for long!

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