Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy

Trading Up From Porn To Brandi's Pussy

Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy
Brandi Shagwell and Brad Humpin

Oh hello, it’s Brandi Shagwell’s Brazzers debut in a video called Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy.  I’m pretty sure it’s her first appearance on the Brazzers Network.  I’m hopefully not wrong, that would be embarrassing!  I’ve had a look on her Brazzers model profile and cannot see another video with her name on it.  Let’s just roll with it for now.  If I’m wrong, I can just come back and edit this blog post about it being Miss Shagwell’s Brazzers debut.

Anyway, what’s this new video all about then?  Well, Brandi walks into the bedroom to find her boyfriend, Brad Humpin masturbating over an online porn video.  She was not expecting to see that first thing ion the morning, but she is not ashamed of him at all.  Brandi confesses that she often fingers herself watching hardcore porn on the internet.


Brad explains that he was feeling really horny that morning and was feeling a little sexually frustrated.  Brand Shagwell was happy to listen to her boyfriends sexual needs.  She made him describe how often he need to fuck her pussy.  When she realised that she had not been satisfying her boyfriend, she put plans into action.

In Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy, Brandi striped down to her colourful thong and started to expertly twerk her firm ass in front of Brad’s face.  He had never seen her do that before.  By now Brad knew he was in for a sex session of his life.  Brandi whipped of her bra to reveal those perky natural breasts that Brad loves to suck on.

Bradi Shagwell then whispered into Brad’s ear that she wanted him to fuck her brains out in any position he wanted to, but he had to record the whole thing on his camera.  Bradi said that whenever he was feeling horny, she wanted him to watch their sex tape and masturbate to that.

This Brazzers Trading Up From Porn To Brandi’s Pussy is a great example of a real life couple creating a genuine POV sex tape and getting as many people to watch it as possible.   There is some great footage of Brandi getting fucked from behind in the stand up doggy position.  Your really get to her her ass slapping against his thighs!

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Spying On SolaZola from the Brazzers Network

Spying on SolaZola

Spying On SolaZola
SolaZola, Alex Gause

The long haired brunette sex bomb SolaZola is desperate to take a shower.  she is trying to get ready for a night out on the town.  She has not been out with her friends for while since lock-down.  So it was very important to get that sexy little body looking all fresh and clean.

Unfortunately for SolaZola, her boyfriend Alex Gause is a bit of a dirty pervert.  He never stops trying ti fuck her at every opportunity.  She’s not complaining to much because he does have a big cock, but she really wants to get ready to go out.

So when she spots Alex spying on her in the bathroom she starts to get a little frustrated.  Alex wants to make a sex tape and he feels that a shower sex video would look great on his planned OnlyFan page.

SolaZola is not so sure, she just wants to take a shower and get dressed.  But just taking one look at her boyfriends cock hanging out, her mind started to wonder towards sucking and fucking in the shower.

In Spying on SolaZola, Alex Gause brushes he cock up again her arse and she cannot resist reaching around and stroking that big cock.  With the shower still running, she gets on her knees and wraps her lips around that big bell-end.  She gives a superb example of a POV blowjob.  She gags as her back of her throat gets whacked by his stiff, ridged cock.

In Brazzers Spying On SolaZola, what follows is a POV self-made porn video where SolaZola gets her tight, shaven pussy fucked all around their apartment.  Her tiny little body is thrown about as her boyfriend with a big fat cock gets to fuck her in whatever position and where ever he wants.  That’s one of the many perks of having a really big cock – your hot girlfriend will fuck you whenever you demand.

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