1 Girl 5 Lenses starring Tru Kait

1 Girl 5 Lenses
Angelo Godshack and Tru Kait


It’s always a pleasure to see Tru Kait appearing in another Brazzers feature video. Her stunning figure has seen her rocket up the pornstar charts over the last 12 months.  Her amazing body has generated an army of Tru Kait fans all over the world.  In this 1 Girl 5 Lenses video, we get to see Miss Kait parading her body wearing a yellow bikini that barely covers her tits and ass.


I had to have a really long hard look at Miss Kait’s tiny yellow bikini to figure out what was written on it.  When I was able to pause the video at the right moment, I could see that the yellow string bikini had Brazzers printed all over it.  So this new video could also be a great advert for Brazzers string bikini’s if they are planning on releasing it at official Brazzers merchandise.

Once Tru Kait had finish showing of her perfect body, it was time to get down to the hardcore business of sex.  Her porn partner in 1 Girl 5 Lenses is the muscular figure of Angelo Godshack.  He is the lucky male pornstar who would be penetrating Tru’s wet pussy in this latest Brazzers video.

The first sequence of sex show Miss Kait sucking Angelo’s cock in POV.  Her head is moving backwards and forwards very fast indeed.  She is trying to get as much of his cock down the back of her throat as she possibly can.   Still wearing that yellow Brazzers string bikini, Tru Kait sticks Angelo’s big cock in between her tits and gives him a world class titwank.

Her body is then covered in oil to get the sex in 1 Girl 5 Lenses a slick and shiny look to it.  I’m not totally sure where the title 1 Girl 5 Lenses fits into this video but I think it probably has something to do with the trippy lense effects that the editor has applies to the footage.  It just gives it a fisheye look.

Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower Tru Kait

Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower starring Michael Vegas and Tru Kait

Tru Kait's Steamy Lingerie Shower

Laying in a soapy bath with petals, Tru Kait looks heavenly.  For some reason she is in the bath still wearing the sexy black lacy lingerie.  We have seen a lot of Miss Kait in Brazzers videos lately and that’s because her videos are very popular right now.  Brazzers have unearthed a true gem of a pornstar.


Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower is a pure sex scene.  Not messing about. Not funny little storyline, just pure raunchy shower sex with Michael Vegas.  There is no need to put Tru in a comedy porn video.  Brazzers can just let her amazingly sexy body do all the talking.

The opening sequence of this new Tru Kait video is so well filmed.  Slow sensual movement are captured.  Tru Kait’s sexy ass in a black g-string is fucking awesome.  We really do get to see her hot body in all it’s glory.  Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower is just porn video that is a shrine to her body.  Even in the shower sex scenes she keeps that sexy lingerie on which really does make a great vision of beauty.

Tru Kait has been racking up her number of scenes on the Brazzers Network.  Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower is her 7th appearance since May 2020.

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Post Party Cumdown Tru Kait and Zac Wild

Post Party Cumdown
Zac Wild and Tru Kait

Post Party Cumdown

Zac Wild must be fucking knackered.  He’s popping up all over the place starring in so many great porn video recently.  I last saw him…yesterday, fucking the shit out of Luna Star.  Today, he’s balls deep into Tru Kait in Post Party Cumdown for Brazzers.


Post Party Cumdown is the 6th Brazzers video that Tru Kait has been seen in.  She is already making a name for herself as a stunningly beautiful pornstar who gives amazing blowjobs.  She has stunning looking tis and ass, and she is topped off with strikingly long shiny brunette hair.

Tru Kait’s meditating roommate Zac Wild is critical of her partying lifestyle, but she’s not buying his self-righteous wellness freak facade. Still horny after blowing a dude on the way home (and with his cum still on her face to prove it!), Tru quickly proves that Zac, the alleged self-helper, is just as horny as she is when she sticks her ass and tits in his face, helping them both get off with some wildly intense sex!

I’m hoping that we will bet to see Tru Kait in an anal sex video in the near future.  that would be a real treat!

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Banging In A Bodystocking Tru Kait

Banging In A Bodystocking

Banging In A Bodystocking
Kristof Cale, Tru Kait

This title gives the main topic of this new Tru Kait Brazzers video away really doesn’t it.  We find this angelic pornstar dressed from head to toe in an all in one white lacy body stocking.  Oh, and it’s also crutchless.


Tru Kait wonders around the house looking for her man Kristof Cale.  She is desperate to show him her new body stocking.  She knows that he is going to love it.  When she can’t find Kristof at home, she starts sexting her other lover, teasing him with sexy photos of her hot body in that white body stocking.

In Banging In A Bodystocking, when Tru Kait is bend over with her fingers in her pussy, Kristof returns home and surprises her by ripping open her lacy stocking from behind and exposing her amazing ass.  Relieved that she finally has a big cock to fuck her, Miss Kait lays back to let her man take her body.

Whilst she is getting fucked, she has to keep checking her phone to make sure hat Kristof doesn’t see the sexy messages coming back from her other lover.  Finally, when Kristof Cale cums on her face, she send more photos to her lover of her pretty face covered in spunk.

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Masseurs Eye View Tru Kait Fucking

Masseurs Eye View

Masseurs Eye View
Erik Everhard and Tru Kait

It’s a pleasure to welcome back Tru Kait to my porn blog.  Her Brazzers videos are very popular and bring decent amount of organic web traffic. I’m hoping that her appearance in Masseurs Eye View will also boost my website traffic as there has ben a slight decrease in visitors lately.

Today, Tru Kait has visited her favourite massage Parlour. There is nothing she enjoys more than having her body massaged to reduce her stress levels.  She is pissed off as her husband was supposed to join her for a romantic spa day together, but her preferred to go and play golf with his business partners.

Brazzers Special Offer

In Masseurs Eye View, Erik Everhard was delighted to see this fed up housewife climb onto his massage table.  He was even more delighted to see that she was alone.  He was expecting to be doing a his and her’s massage.  Tru Kait started to explain that she was by herself and she had no problem being alone with a male masseur.

Erik performed his usual high standard massage, but Miss Kait wanted more.  She instructed Erik to massage her naked ass.  Erik was not going to pass up on the opportunity to get his hands on such a wonderful looking ass.  He would loose his job if anybody walked in to find his hands massaging and naked female ass.

During Masseurs Eye View, turned on by Erik’s magic hands, Tru Kait removed all her clothes and told him to give her a full body massage…do what ever he wanted.  Me Everhard was in dreamland.  He had the perfect female body laid out in front of him on his massage table.   Wasting no time, he poured sensual oils all over her big tits.  Using both hands he rubbed the oil all over her natural breasts and noticed that her nipples became erect.  It was no only her nipples that were erect.

In Brazzers Masseurs Eye View, Tru Kait rubbed her hand over Erik’s cock and was very impressed by what she could feel in his pants.  This horny neglected housewife was going to have sex with her masseur right there and then.  There was no way she was leaving the massage table with getting her pussy slammed by Erik Everhards’s massive cock.

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Blindfolded Cheater Tru Kait

blindfolded cheater

Blindfolded Cheater
Angelo Godshack, Tru Kait

Haha, a great storyline set up here for Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater.  The sexy Tru Kait is a sexually frustrated housewife, looking to spice up her sex life.  She decides that the best way forward for her is to use a dating app for sex only.  Tru Kait is not interested in leaving her husband, as she loves him dearly, but she does need more cock in her pussy.

When she started searching through the dating app, she is alarmed to see that her husband is also on the app. Why is her husband, Angelo Godshack, also looking for other people to fuck?  Maybe she has also neglected the role between the sheets.


In Blindfolded Cheater, Miss Kait comes up with a great plan.  She decides to arrange a meeting with her husband in a hotel but not telling him that it is her that will be meeting him. She tells him that she wants him to be wearing a blindfold when she arrives as she does not want to give away her identity.

Angelo GodShack agrees to these demands as he has seen Tru’s amazing body on the app, with her face blurred and is happy to be given the chance to fuck that amazing body.  So if he has to be blindfolded, it thought it’s a small price to pay to get his cock in her sweet looking pussy.

When she arrives, she find her unsuspecting husband laying on the bed in the hotel room. He has kept to his word and is wearing a blindfold.  Tru Kait enters the room and doesn’t say a word.  She just slowly undresses herself and begins to rub Angelo’s growing cock.

The sex in this Brazzers Blindfolded Cheater is very in tense.  These two pornstars go hard and fast with each other to produce a stunning face paced sex scene.   Tru Kait certainly has the perfect body for this porn video and Angelo definitely has the sexual stamina to fuck Miss Kait all night long.

The final scene of this top porno, sees Tru Kait handcuffing her cheating husband to the bed and walking out of the hotel room.  I would love to find out how Angelo Godshack explained his way out of this sticky situation.

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Maids With Dildos Emily Willis and Tru Kait

Maids With Dildos

MOFOS Maids With Dildos
Emily Willis and Tru Kait

The sight of a sexy babe in a French maids outfit never gets old.  It’s one of the sexiest outfits that a girlfriend can use to seduce their man.  Here we have Emily Willis and Tru Kait teasing each other before having amazing lesbian sex together.


Emily Willis and Tru Kait are both wearing different styles of French maid outfits.  One is wearing a traditional black and white version, whilst the other has a more modern pink style outfit.

I’m not sure which one I prefer to be honest.  While I like the traditional black and white French maid outfit, it’s also nice to see a new spin on it.  Would I be bothered whether the wife dressed up in one or the other…no…of course not.

MOFOS Maids With Dildos we get to see Emily Willis and Tru Kait kissing each other full on the lips, including tongues.  Whilst they French kiss passionately, they finger each others pussies and get extremely moist in the crutch area.

This new MOFOS girls Gone Pink porn video is a fantastic example of lesbian porn with sexy French maid outfits.  If this is your fantasy, then you will have no trouble in getting turned on watching these two hot babes getting it on!