Two Wives One Cock Kristina Rose and Tru Kait

Two Wives One Cock
Kristina Rose, Tru Kait

Two Wives One Cock

OMG we have two absolute stunning pornstars sharing Small Hands’s big cock in this Brazzers threesome called Two Wives One Cock.  Tru Kait and Kristina Rose shoe off their incredible bodies as they get totally naked for a 3way fuck session with their husband.  Small Hands has his hands full with these two porn goddesses.  How he manages not to cum early is a truly wonderful achievement.


How could someone possibly choose between the stunning Kristina Rose and the voluptuous Tru Kait when both are equally deserving sex goddesses. Sadly, this is Small Hands’ predicament. The man is married to those two insanely sexy women. Of course, this leads to frequent competition – and headaches! Who will the serial husband chose to fuck today? This sure is a hard choice, but not as hard as Small Hands’ devilishly teased dick.

This threesome from Brazzers called Two Wives One Cock is a work of fucking art.  With two beautiful pornstars in one video, there is so much for your eyes to take in.  Tru Kait and Kristina Rose are true professional and are taking Brazzers by storm.  Small Hands does a fantastic job in keep up with these two women.  They both demand his cock and he has to satisfy them both.

There’s no way that Small Hands is able to keep to a weekly schedule.  He can’t refuse one of his wives if she is flaunting her body in front of him.  I think threesomes are the only way to resolve the problem of having two hot wives and only one big cock.  It’s a great problem to have, but a problem all the same.  I struggle to keep up with one wife with big tits!  Well played Small Hands, great job!

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Do You Like my Pussy? Tru Kait

Do You Like my Pussy?
Xander Corvus, Tru Kait

Do You Like My Pussy

Brown haired beauty Tru Kait simply wants to know what her boyfriend Xander Corvus thinks about her body. Xander, though, is not a man of many words. Instead of complimenting the flawless Tru, he decides to kiss every part of her that he likes.


Some parts of Tru’s perfect body reacts more to Xander’s kisses than other. Before he knows it, the devoted boyfriend is tongue deep in Tru’s pussy, proving her that actions do speak louder than words.

Tru Kait poses with her back to the camera, laying on a large bed. She props up her upper body with her arms and hands and her legs are tucked in. Her head turns round over her front shoulder to the camera.

The bed has a silk silver covering with two big pillows at the end of the bed against the white leather headboard. On the right of the room there is a grey chest of drawers with silver handles and vases of colourful flowers on top. There is a lamp with a gold bubble stand and white lampshade in the corner.

Above the chest of the drawer there is a large mirror. Tru Kait has chocolate brown hair in a middle parting. It has a curled look, curling away from her face like curtains. It comes over her shoulders and down the front of her body. She has a fair and slightly pale skin complexion.

On her nails there is a white nail polish. She has natural makeup, with natural dark and fluffed eyebrows and a little bit of pink blush on her cheeks for colour. Her eyes are brown and on her eyelashes there is a coating of black mascara making her lashes darker, with length and volume.

Her lips are pouted and there is a clear gloss on them. For her outfit, Tru Kait has a black bra on with the straps falling half way down her upper arm. On her bottom half she has a light pink thong that exposes much of her sexy firm ass.

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Fuck My Wife While I Watch Tru Kait

Fuck My Wife While I Watch
Zac Wild and Tru Kait

Fuck My Wife While I Watch

I’ve ran out of superlatives trying to describe just how sexy Tru Kait is.  She is one of the big hits from Brazzers since she made her debut in May 2020.  Fuck My Wife While I Watch is her 9th Brazzers video.  That’s quite a large amount is such a short amount of time.  Brazzers must know that they have a world class hottie on their hands and they are making the most out of her.


Tru Kait is a feast for the eyes in this scene, changing wardrobe a few times to show off her big tits to her husband who is watching through the camera. See, he learned about her cheating and now he is obsessed with the idea of watching her fuck a hot, younger man so she invited Zac Wild to fulfill his fantasy. They settle on a little black dress for the date. Watch as Zac pounds Tru Kait’s tight, wet pussy until she begs him to cum on her perfect tits. Let the voyeur party begin!

What else can I say about this one in a million brunette.  She is the comoplete package.  Wit ha stunning body, great tits and a beautiful ass, Tru Kait will be one of the most successful pornstars for the next ten years at least.  Unless someone sweeps her off her feet and can drag her away from the porn scene, I predict she will be remembered as much as pornstars such as Lisa Ann, Tera Patrick and Shyla Stylez.

She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen Tru Kait

She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen
Xander Corvus and Tru Kait

She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen

I think somebody at Brazzers must really like this She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen video.  They have written nearly 200 words about it.  I love descriptions like this when I am in a rush to get my blog post online.  My porn video editing work has restricted my blogging time so any assistance is gratefully received.


Tru Kait is a sexy brunette with a banging body and a hot girlfriend to match. Her girl has just one problem; their roommate, Xander Corvus. He’s acting like a creep and getting in between their steamy make out sessions. Kait isn’t going to let some pervert fuck with her lady.

In Brazzers She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen, She confronts Xander, startling him while drinking which means a wet shirt for her. That makes her mad enough to pants Xander, discovering his big juicy cock. Miss Kait makes Xander a deal, she’ll fuck him if he takes his weird level down from an eleven to a four. Xander is in. They fuck in front of the fridge when Kait’s girlfriend returns wanting to make a sandwich.

Xander and Kait have sneaky sex while she makes lunch. Good thing her girlfriend’s glasses are only for show! Kait takes all of Xander’s cock down her throat. She intends to fuck the weird out of Xander and does her best until he cums all over her face. Turns out they aren’t good at being low key and get caught naked in the fridge. So much for fucking to please her girlfriend!

Whether or not using the full Brazzers description will hinder my Google ranking remains a gamble for me.  I have had great success just copying and pasting in the past.  Fingers crossed that using nearly 200 words from Brazzers doesn’t hurt me too much.

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1 Girl 5 Lenses starring Tru Kait

1 Girl 5 Lenses
Angelo Godshack and Tru Kait


It’s always a pleasure to see Tru Kait appearing in another Brazzers feature video. Her stunning figure has seen her rocket up the pornstar charts over the last 12 months.  Her amazing body has generated an army of Tru Kait fans all over the world.  In this 1 Girl 5 Lenses video, we get to see Miss Kait parading her body wearing a yellow bikini that barely covers her tits and ass.


I had to have a really long hard look at Miss Kait’s tiny yellow bikini to figure out what was written on it.  When I was able to pause the video at the right moment, I could see that the yellow string bikini had Brazzers printed all over it.  So this new video could also be a great advert for Brazzers string bikini’s if they are planning on releasing it at official Brazzers merchandise.

Once Tru Kait had finish showing of her perfect body, it was time to get down to the hardcore business of sex.  Her porn partner in 1 Girl 5 Lenses is the muscular figure of Angelo Godshack.  He is the lucky male pornstar who would be penetrating Tru’s wet pussy in this latest Brazzers video.

The first sequence of sex show Miss Kait sucking Angelo’s cock in POV.  Her head is moving backwards and forwards very fast indeed.  She is trying to get as much of his cock down the back of her throat as she possibly can.   Still wearing that yellow Brazzers string bikini, Tru Kait sticks Angelo’s big cock in between her tits and gives him a world class titwank.

Her body is then covered in oil to get the sex in 1 Girl 5 Lenses a slick and shiny look to it.  I’m not totally sure where the title 1 Girl 5 Lenses fits into this video but I think it probably has something to do with the trippy lense effects that the editor has applies to the footage.  It just gives it a fisheye look.

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Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower Tru Kait

Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower starring Michael Vegas and Tru Kait

Tru Kait's Steamy Lingerie Shower

Laying in a soapy bath with petals, Tru Kait looks heavenly.  For some reason she is in the bath still wearing the sexy black lacy lingerie.  We have seen a lot of Miss Kait in Brazzers videos lately and that’s because her videos are very popular right now.  Brazzers have unearthed a true gem of a pornstar.


Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower is a pure sex scene.  Not messing about. Not funny little storyline, just pure raunchy shower sex with Michael Vegas.  There is no need to put Tru in a comedy porn video.  Brazzers can just let her amazingly sexy body do all the talking.

The opening sequence of this new Tru Kait video is so well filmed.  Slow sensual movement are captured.  Tru Kait’s sexy ass in a black g-string is fucking awesome.  We really do get to see her hot body in all it’s glory.  Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower is just porn video that is a shrine to her body.  Even in the shower sex scenes she keeps that sexy lingerie on which really does make a great vision of beauty.

Tru Kait has been racking up her number of scenes on the Brazzers Network.  Tru Kait’s Steamy Lingerie Shower is her 7th appearance since May 2020.

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Post Party Cumdown Tru Kait and Zac Wild

Post Party Cumdown
Zac Wild and Tru Kait

Post Party Cumdown

Zac Wild must be fucking knackered.  He’s popping up all over the place starring in so many great porn video recently.  I last saw him…yesterday, fucking the shit out of Luna Star.  Today, he’s balls deep into Tru Kait in Post Party Cumdown for Brazzers.


Post Party Cumdown is the 6th Brazzers video that Tru Kait has been seen in.  She is already making a name for herself as a stunningly beautiful pornstar who gives amazing blowjobs.  She has stunning looking tis and ass, and she is topped off with strikingly long shiny brunette hair.

Tru Kait’s meditating roommate Zac Wild is critical of her partying lifestyle, but she’s not buying his self-righteous wellness freak facade. Still horny after blowing a dude on the way home (and with his cum still on her face to prove it!), Tru quickly proves that Zac, the alleged self-helper, is just as horny as she is when she sticks her ass and tits in his face, helping them both get off with some wildly intense sex!

I’m hoping that we will bet to see Tru Kait in an anal sex video in the near future.  that would be a real treat!

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Banging In A Bodystocking Tru Kait

Banging In A Bodystocking

Banging In A Bodystocking
Kristof Cale, Tru Kait

This title gives the main topic of this new Tru Kait Brazzers video away really doesn’t it.  We find this angelic pornstar dressed from head to toe in an all in one white lacy body stocking.  Oh, and it’s also crutchless.


Tru Kait wonders around the house looking for her man Kristof Cale.  She is desperate to show him her new body stocking.  She knows that he is going to love it.  When she can’t find Kristof at home, she starts sexting her other lover, teasing him with sexy photos of her hot body in that white body stocking.

In Banging In A Bodystocking, when Tru Kait is bend over with her fingers in her pussy, Kristof returns home and surprises her by ripping open her lacy stocking from behind and exposing her amazing ass.  Relieved that she finally has a big cock to fuck her, Miss Kait lays back to let her man take her body.

Whilst she is getting fucked, she has to keep checking her phone to make sure hat Kristof doesn’t see the sexy messages coming back from her other lover.  Finally, when Kristof Cale cums on her face, she send more photos to her lover of her pretty face covered in spunk.