Jeremy Corbyn Meets Porn Star Misha Mayfair

Jeremy Corbyn Meets Porn StarJeremy Corbyn Meets Porn Star Misha Mayfair or was it Misha Mayfair meet Jeremy Corbyn?

Hot British porn star Misha has a selfie with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and posts it on Twitter.

Under the Tweet I JUST MET JERMEY CORBYN, Misha Mayfair posted this photo with the Labour politician on her Twitter account.

Obviously this led to some great follow up tweets from Misha’s 20K+ followers once they saw that she has tweeted her selfie with Jeremy Corbyn.

Misha describes him as being “Very sweet and down to earth”.

Jeremy Corbyn was recently involved in the UK election where his party lost to the Theresa May led Conversative party.

I would imagine that Mr Corbyn had no idea that Misha Mayfair was a porn star who has appeared in a FakeTaxi video called Fake News Story From FakeTaxi Driver

Corbyn would of had his photo taken with hundreds of Labourites over the past 2-3 month during his election campaign.