Backseat Taxi Blowjobs in the UK

Backseat taxi blowjobs from hot babes in the UK.  I’ve often wondered what goes through a taxi drivers mind when he knows there is oral sex happening in the back of his taxi.  If he is driving and he can hear a cock going in and out of a women’s mouth, does he get an erection, and does he move his mirror.

backseat taxi blowjobs

Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of being pleasured in the back of a taxi.  I’m not even sure if I would have the balls to let the wife suck my cock whilst in a taxi.  Would I want a taxi driver to watch my wife sucking me off as he drives?  not really….not thanks.

But if we flip it on its head.  What about a taxi driver that lets his customers suck his cock instead of paying for the fare?  I bet there are plenty of taxi drivers out there who fantasise about getting their cocks sucked on the backseat of their own taxi.

I’m sure that plenty of taxi drivers have picked up a hot women and played out a sexual fantasy with them in their mind.  Maybe there are women out there who also fantasise about fucking a taxi driver on a late night drive home.

Unless you have been living under a stone for the last 8 years, then you would have heard of FAKE TAXI.  If backseat taxi blowjobs is a fantasy of yours, then this taxi driver will play them out for you.  He has fucked hundreds of women in the back of his London cab.  I’m pretty sure that in ever video he gets his cock sucked.  I don’t think I have ever edited a Fake Taxi video that does not feature his cock getting sucked at some stage.

I asked a female friend of mine if she had ever had any experience with sucking a cock in a taxi.  She said that she would advise anyone to make sure they keep their seatbelt on and avoid deep throating unless the taxi is stationary…very wise…very wise.

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