Frat Attack Part 2 Katie Kush amd Kayley Gunner

Frat Attack Part 2
Katie Kush, Kayley Gunner, Van Wylde


Joining Van Wylde and Katie Kush in Frat Attack Part 2 is the stunning Kayley Gunner.  Making her 5th appearance in a Brazzers porn video, Miss Gunner shows off her fantastic body when she peels off her clothes for this entertaining threesome.


After Katie Kush succeeds in stealing a mascot mask from the rival frat house, she runs home with her pledge to celebrate their victory with their sorority house leader, Kayley Gunner. Just when they think they’ve gotten away with it, Van Wylde shows up.

In Frat Attack Part 2, the ladies are ready to defend their throne and mascot, but Van has a pinata surprise full of sex toys for them, and it’s turned both Katie and Kayley’s attention on each other. Van almost gets away with the mascot snag when both ladies stop him and decide to use his big hard cock for their pussy pleasure.

Frat Attack Part 1 Katie Kush

Frat Attack Part 1
Katie Kush and Van Wylde


It’s college babe porn time in this Brazzers hardcore porn video called Frat Attack Part 1.  A fun filled romp that sees Katie Kush sucking a big cock before spreading her legs wide open for Van Wylde to fuck her brains out.


Katie Kush and her sorority sisters are bitter rivals with their campus fraternity house of horny college men, including Van Wylde. Katie has a master plan to steal their beloved dickhead mascot. Her and her fellow pledge are on a mission to keep Van distracted with naughty games while their plan unfolds.

In Frat Attack Part 1, Katie is a master of distractions and slips her pledge in while mesmerising Van with a strip tease game that gets him right in the eye. The games don’t stop there as Katie convinces Van to fool around with her some more as she plays a squirty game of pussy pong.

The Road Trip Raunchy RV-ing Aria Kai

The Road Trip Raunchy RV-ing
Van Wylde, Aria Kai

The Road Trip Raunchy RV-ing

Free-spirited hitchhiker Aria Kai is looking for a lift to L.A., and she’s willing to pull out all the stops to get a ride. During The Road Trip Raunchy RV-ing, when she notices Ebony Mystique and her stepfamily parked nearby, she marks boyfriend Van Wylde as the ideal one to approach, especially since Van isn’t having any luck sneaking sex with his girlfriend in the RV.


In The Road Trip Raunchy RV-ing, when Aria gives Van an unmistakable sense of what picking her up means,Van sneaks her onto the RV, where he worships her big natural tits and fucks her… right in front of his sleeping girlfriend! With Van blowing a big load as Mystique pulls the RV to a rest stop, Aria’s smooth escape leads to yet another memorable encounter.