Taking A Walk On The Poolside Victoria June

Taking A Walk On The Poolside
JMac and Victoria June

Taking A Walk On The Poolside

The party’s never really over when your name is Victoria June and you’re one of the most sought after girls out there. The morning sun shines bright on Victoria’s silky body and fills her with lust by the poolside.


In Taking A Walk On The Poolside, Jmac is not a lifeguard, but when he sees Victoria by the pool he’s more than ready to give her some mouth to mouth action. They carelessly throw their clothes in the pool and throw themselves at each other.

After kissing Victoria, Jmac devours her (w)hole. Victoria’s mouth and pussy long for a taste of Jmac’s dick. He thrusts the lady with all his might until he’s about to explode. In the end, Victoria takes Jmac’s load all over her face before getting back to relaxing in the pool.

About Victoria June

Busty Victoria June is a humanitarian to her very core, spending her days helping people cum together one cock at a time! Generous and charitable, the sexy babe’s big, fake tits are a beacon of benevolence within the adult industry, because when you see them you know all your pervy prayers have been answered.

Her big tits are brighter than her future, and hotter than the mid-summer sun. If the whole world stopped for one day to admire the model shake her big, round ass, it would be the twerk that changed the world. During Taking A Walk On The Poolside, it’s impossible to stay angry around Victoria June, though that might be because she can reduce even the studliest perv to a drooling admirer.

She might not be an official diplomat, but she’s one of America’s greatest exports, bringing people together worldwide as they share their admiration for “your new favorite fuck doll,” Victoria June.

About JMac

Coming at you from the heart of Miami beach is J Mac, dick slinger extraordinaire. One of the most prolific performers in the industry, this big dicked stud has pounded more pussies than he can count, with hundreds of scenes to his name.

His well-toned and manicured physique has been driving the ladies wild ever since his pornographic debut back in 2006 when he was just 21 years old, and now, there’s nothing stopping him from taking the porn world by storm! Make sure to check out J Mac, because this dude knows how to treat a pussy right!

Summer in June Brazzers Video

Summer in June
Peter Green, Victoria June

I’m so happy to be bringing you another Victoria June porn video.  I was blown away by her in her last Brazzers video called The Marriage Destroyer.  In fact that video has become one of my more visited pages of last month.  I’m sure that people have been very impressed with that hot 5′ 3″ body with vital stats of 32E-26-34.  In Summer in June, we get to see that smoking New Yorker body once again, but this time we get to see her showing off her body in a sexy pink swimsuit.

Summer in June

That’s right folks, in Summer in June, we find out lovely Victoria June next to an outdoor swimming pool wearing a very tight and revealing pink swimsuit with pink fishnet stockings underneath.  It’s a strange combination, but it really works well on Victoria.  Her huge boobs are barely able to remain hidden behind the small straps holding her swimsuit up.  I think the slightest breeze with expose her big fake tits.  Miss Jone does a great job in teasing he camera with a lot of side boob action and pouting.


But it’s not just her big breasts that Victoria June show off in this Summer in June Brazzers porno.  She has also got an extremely juicy big bubble butt that she rubs and shakes all over the screen.  You can just imagine yourself burying your face between those ass cheeks of hers and loosing yourself forever.  With those dark brown eyes and long brunette hair, Victoria June is the full package.  Big tits, big booty and sexy come to bed eyes.

There are also some fantastic camera shots of Victoria in the pool.  She does a great job in getting those mammoth boobs wet and making them glisten in the sunlight.  The strange combination of pink swimsuit and pink swimsuit really shows how sexy this pornstar truly is.

In Summer in June, it’s Peter Green who is the lucky male pornstar to get his big cock wet inside Victoria June’s shaven pussy.  All the sex takes place outdoors next to the outdoor swimming pool. It does not take long for those big boobs to come out and her swimsuit removed.  I feel that both of these Brazzers pornstars must of been a little uncomfortable fucking on a towel on a concrete floor, but they plough through it like a real couple of professionals.

The hardcore sex on offer in Summer in June is fast and frantic.  Miss June is not the type of woman who wants it slow and sensual when she has a huge cock to play with.  She wants to make the most of having such a big dick to use for an afternoon next to the pool.  The only think missing from this Victoria June Brazzers video is some anal sex.  Seeing that big ass getting fucked next to the pool would have been an awesome sight.

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The Marriage Destroyer Victoria June

The Marriage Destroyer
Victoria June, Duncan Saint

Oh hello Victoria June.  She’s appeared on my radar all of a sudden.  Those dark brown eyes and long shiny brunette hair has grabbed my attention.  We haven’t seen this absolute beauty since March 2020.  But she’s back at Brazzers with a bang in The Marriage Destroyer.  In this, her 10th Brazzers feature video, she is looking so fucking sexy as she gets fucked hard and fast by Duncan Saint.  Standing in a pink dress with no bra on, we get a good glimpse of her erect nipples.

The Marriage Destroyer

She is playing the role of a female magician showing off her trick at a family party.  She blows everyone’s mind when she is able to remove Duncan’s wedding ring.  To get it back, he has to chase the stunning brunette babe up the stairs and into the bedroom.  her braless tits looks so fucking sexy as they bounce up the stairs.


In The Marriage Destroyer, as soon as Duncan Saint enters the bedroom, Victoria June is already getting out of her dress.  We get a fucking awesome view of her boobs and that simply fantastic looking body!  not only is she not wearing a bra, but it become evident that she is not wearing any panties either.  She is totally naked as soon as she slips her amazing body out of the figure hugging pink dress.

Victoria June Butt Naked Sex

Duncan enters the bedroom to find Miss June on the bed with he legs wide open and inviting him to come and get if her really wants it.  Duncan is so shocked to find this hot brunette stunner with her pussy and tits exposed waiting for him to diver straight in.  but he is a married man.  Can her resist those perfect tits and wet pussy? Of course not.  That perfectly shaven pussy was just too much to say no to.  He knows it will land him in a heap of trouble, but when will he ever get the chance to fuck something that looks so fucking tasty!

Victoria June Pink DressDuring The Marriage Destroyer, Duncan wastes no time at all in diving straight into Victoria June’s luscious looking pussy lips.  Victoria loves having her bald pussy licked and Duncan seems like he is a connoisseur of fine tasting pussy.  His tongue works its way into every nook and cranny of Miss June’s vagina.  There was not stopping him once he got going. Any trace of thought about being caught be his wife vanished from his mind as soon as his tongue made contact with her pussy juices.

Once her pussy had enough licking, it was time for Duncan to get naked and get his cock wet inside Victoria June’s cock hungry pussy.  She takes his full length deep inside her.  She lets out a groan and Duncan works his cock into her all the way to the balls.  He wanted to make sure he got every bit of his cock inside that world class pussy.  Once Duncan got into his rhythm, there was no stopping him.  He could not keep his eyes off Victoria’s beautiful face as he slammed her pussy with his man meat.

Victoria June Anal Sex Brazzers

I think the highlight of this The Marriage Destroyer porn video is when Victoria June is bend over waiting for doggy style and she just turns to Duncan Saint and says “I don’t want it in my pussy…I want it in my ass”.  OMG that does it for me.  I’ve old my wife many times to say that to my in bed.  I love hearing her telling me to fuck her in the ass, it’s such a turn on!  To be fair, if Victoria June said that to me just as I was about to stick my cock in her, I would probably just shoot my fat there and then.

Duncan Saint shocked faceBut Duncan Saint is a pro.  He takes Miss June up on her anal invitation and takes pleasure in penetrating that tight asshole.  It’s easy to see that she very much enjoys cock in her arse.  In The Marriage Destroyer, her facial expressions that she pulls as Duncan eases his big cock into her chocolate starfish are fantastic.  It looks like she prefers anal sex to vaginal sex to be fair.  when she has had enough anal sex from behind, she tells her man to roll over onto his back so she take control and grind her sexy ass all over his cock.

She takes her time and tease Duncan’s bell-end around her ass.  But she can’t resist forever.  She slowly lowers her butthole onto Duncan’s eagerly awaiting helmet and devours that cock all the way down is shaft.  Not a single millimetre of cock is on show when Victoria June grinds her perfect booty with Duncan’s cock deep inside her.  It truly is a fantastic sight.

Victoria June Tits OutAnother anal sex position that you get to see in The Marriage Destroyer is missionary, with Duncan squeezing her tits as he fucks that tight little ass.  Duncan certainly has his hands full as he tries to fuck her arse, squeeze her tits and make her cum all at the same time.  But what a position to be in though.

I was so happy to see that this Victoria June Brazzers video turned into a great anal sex video.  when I saw the screenshot of her in a sexy pink dress, I was not expecting her arse to get fucked.  I was so engaged in looking at her amazing body, that I just wanted to see her getting fucked hard.  I really hope that we get to see many more Victoria June Brazzers videos in the very near future.  I don’t want to be waiting over a year to see her again.

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