Porn Video Editing Software

To my knowledge there is no specialist porn video editing software.  Porn video is just normal video just with added tits and ass.  So when people ask me how do I edit porn, I just say I edit like a normal video editor would do.

Porn video editing software

The video editing software I currently use to edit porn is Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.  I always make sure that I am using the most up to date version.  This is so I’m not using any version that may have a bug or minor glitches.

Premiere Pro is industry standard editing software, which means it is used by video editors all over the world in top production companies.  Some of the world best film makers use Premiere Pro to edit the movie from start to finish.  Deadpool and Superman Returns are just two notable recent blockbuster films to be edited using Premiere Pro.

So just because I edit pornography, doesn’t mean that I make shortcuts or use free editing software.  Porn video editing is a full-time profession, so I use professional software and equipment.  I also Use Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis to create end slates and thumbnails too.

I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro everyday for 10-12 hours, for the last 4 years so I’m confident to say that I am an experience user now.  But I will confess to say that I do learn new things from time to time.  Mostly I find out new keyboard short cuts which help my daily tasks a little faster.  If I ever do find myself needing a little bit of advice, there are always plenty of tutorial videos online to research.

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