My Best Man Fucked My Wifes Ass

My Best Man Fucked My Wifes Ass is one of the best tagged porn ads I have seen for a while.  Brazzers really know how to create ads.

My Best Man Fucked My Wifes Ass starring Simony Diamond

The full video is from  It stars hot MILF Simony Diamond and Danny D.  I have included the video of this porn scene below.


This Simony Diamond porn video is a wedding day themed sex video.  Simony is all dressed up as a bride on her wedding day.  Her best man is Danny D.  Simony and Danny have a little bit of sexual history from the past.  Simony’s husband cannot get her pussy wet as Danny used to do with ease.

Danny D and Simony Diamond are both locked in a hotel room with just an hour to go before she is due to be wed.  She looks stunning in a full length wedding dress, complete with virgin white panties.

My Best Man Fucked My Wifes AssAs the minutes tick by, they cannot resist thinking about their passed sexual encounters.  Simony confesses to Danny and tells him that he is the best fuck she has ever had.  Danny responds by saying that he only regrets not fucking her in the arse.

This was the green light for some serious anal sexual tension.  Simony knew that Danny would not say no if she was to start coming on to him.  So with just 30 minutes to go before she makes her wedding vows, she is sucking on her best mans cock.

Fucked in the arse at last.

Feeling the swollen 12 inches of cock in her mouth, Simony had no regrets.  If this was the last time that she would ever be unfaithful, then she was going to do it in style.  As she stands up, she whispers in Danny’s ear “Fuck me in the ass”.

Danny took 3 seconds to get his trousers off and Simony bent over the marital bed.  Danny eased his 12 inch cock into Simony’s ass, inch by inch.  They were having anal sex on the very bed that she would consummate her marriage in a few hours time.

Check out the full length My Best Man Fucked My Wifes Ass at – the video is actually called Big Butt Wedding Day.  It was released on July 7th 2016.

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