Rotating Her Tyres starring Aidra Fox

rotating her tyres

Rotating Her Tyres
Alex Legend, Aidra Fox

How lucky are we to have Aidra Fox recording this video called Rotating Her Tyres.  Miss Fox decided to create this “How to Change you Tires” tutorial video after being lost in the middle of nowhere with a flatty.

She didn’t want anybody to go through the same nightmare situation as she did.  She hires a porn video editor to help her create the sexy tutorial.  She knows that the best way to grab viewers attention is to make it a sexy as possible.

Wearing a tight white t-shirt and blue denim hot pants she goes though the procedure of how to change a flat tyre on a car.  In Rotating Her Tyres, she makes it look so simple.  Keeping her eye on the camera, she also notices the bulge in the camera man’s pants.  How can he be so turned on just listening to her talk about changing a tyre.

but then she realises that she is exposing a little bit of her inside thigh that goes right up to her crutch.  Seeing the size of the camera mans bulging penis, she continues to be a sexy as she can before rubbing her crutch and forgetting all about the tyres.


Reality Kings Super Host starring Abella Danger

reality kings super host

Reality Kings Super Host
Peter Green, Abella Danger

A rare Abella Danger porn video where she doesn’t get fucked in the arse.  Reality Kings Super Host shows Miss Danger in the shower and getting ready for some hot, streamy fun with Peter Green.

The stunning beauty Abella Danger is renting out her apartment to make some quick cash. While showing the place around to her guest Peter Green, she ends up in the bathroom, candidly revealing her bubbly butt while explaining to Peter how the shower works. Peter. aroused, wants more.


He offers her a tip if she takes a shower and lets him watch. Abella, who excels at making deals, agrees to do it if she can keep her clothes. Her two delicious tits appear through her wet white t-shirt. Caught up herself in the perverted game, Abella undresses and aims the shower head at her pussy.

Peter can’t help but pull out his dick and jerk off at such a steamy sight. Even though Abella orgasms, she’s still hungry for more. Back in the bedroom, the vicious duo gets nasty in Abella’s conjugal bed.

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