A Test of Loyalty – Pure Taboo

A Test of Loyalty – Pure Taboo
Paige Owens, Victoria Voxxx and Whitney Wright


Paige Owens chats with her fiancee, Victoria Voxxx, who is browsing on her phone like always. Because Victoria Voxxx is so sociable, it’s often cause for arguments, and today is no exception. Paige Owens is suspicious that Victoria Voxxx is cheating but Victoria Voxxx assures her for the millionth time that she can trust her. They’re going to be MARRIED soon and Victoria Voxxx claims she’d NEVER hurt Paige Owens like that. Even so, Paige Owens’s insecurities nag at her as her imagination runs wild…


In A Test of Loyalty, a few days later, as Victoria Voxxx swings by a cafe to grab a coffee, she’s stunned as she runs into an old ex, Whitney Wright. Victoria Voxxx’s immediately remorseful, apologizing for how their relationship ended on such bad terms, and Whitney Wright is touched. Although Whitney Wright’s been hurt, she’s thankful for the apology and offers the chance for them to enjoy a coffee and catch up.

During A Test of Loyalty, as they chat, an old flame seems to be rekindled between them, even as Victoria Voxxx reveals her upcoming marriage to Paige Owens. Even so, when Whitney Wright starts to turn on the charm, inviting Paige Owens back to her loft, Victoria Voxxx is unable to say no. How can she when Whitney Wright brings up that them meeting again like this HAS to be fate? Surely Paige Owens will never find out, right?

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Girlsway Study Dummies

Girlsway Study Dummies

Girlsway Study Dummies
Eliza Ibarra and Whitney Wright

Two straight friends and roommates, Eliza Ibarra and Whitney Wright are excited to take part in a study. Although Whitney’s a little nervous about it, especially since she’s not entirely sure what the study is about, Eliza is all for it. Eliza’s SURE that they’re just going to be asked some questions and then they’ll be done!


In Girlsway Study Dummies, When Casey Calvert arrives and announces that she’ll be the one conducting the study, Eliza and Whitney are ready to go! But then they get the shock of a lifetime when Casey asks if they’re lesbians, revealing that they need to be a lesbian couple in order to participate. They are even MORE shocked when Casey also announces that they’ll even need to have sex as part of the study!

Desperate not to get kicked out of the study, Eliza and Whitney play up being an adoring couple, although Casey is suspicious. Since they need to seal the deal, they begin kissing each other, cutely fumbling over themselves in their nervousness.

In Girlsway Study Dummies, however, to their surprise, Eliza and Whitney find that they actually ENJOY kissing and things gradually become more steamy… As Casey keenly observes them and scribbles down notes, Eliza and Whitney are about to give her all the data she needs!

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Girlsway Dont Mind Me

Girlsway dont mind me

Girlsway Dont Mind Me
Whitney Wright and Eliza Ibarra

Whitney Wright is getting ready to leave for the weekend. She’s on her way to a gaming tournament! Eliza Ibarra, her roommate, is excited because that means she has the one-room apartment all to herself. Finally, Eliza will have some alone time… special sexy alone time, of course!


In Girlsway Dont Mind Me, life is full of surprises, so later that same day Whitney returns home, her flight having been canceled. She is shocked to find Eliza masturbating, LOUDLY! They each have set times to have the apartment to themselves and this weekend was Eliza’s turn.  A deal’s a deal, so Whitney agrees to not bother Eliza, distracting herself with video games.

Whitney tries to play video games to distract herself while Eliza stubbornly masturbates in the background.  Whitney struggles to keep the other gamers from overhearing Eliza, but those sexy noises become increasingly difficult to ignore! Eliza notices and begins to be bolder, sitting right next to Whitney while continuing to masturbate.

During Girlsway Dont Mind Me, Eliza eventually throws a leg over Whitney’s lap while still masturbating. Whitney finally stops playing the game as lust consumes her, so Eliza invites her to have sex. They begin kissing and sucking on each other’s breasts. It’s time for this gamer to score!

That Which She Hates Most – Pure Taboo

That Which She Hates Most

That Which She Hates Most – PureTaboo
Whitney Wright, Ana Foxxx and Reagan Foxx

Leah (Whitney Wright), is looking anxious but excited, as she opens the front door of her home. Evelyn (Reagan Foxx), a social worker, politely but warmly greets her, introducing herself. Evelyn is holding a clipboard with papers and a pen. She is there to do an adoption home study and her report is crucial in the adoption process. Leah mentions that her partner, Toni, should be home any minute.

Later, it seems like the assessment is going well. There are lots of smiles and the body language between the ladies seems relaxed and warm as they talk. Leah is excited and nervous throughout while Evelyn is polite and attentive, though seems impressed. Evelyn can be seen jotting things down on her clipboard throughout.


In That Which She Hates Most, Finally, Toni (Ana Foxxx) arrives home, calling out as she walks in through the front door. Leah excitedly excuses herself from Evelyn and greets Toni with a kiss on the lips. There is warmth and love between them. Evelyn looks shocked for a moment at this PDA. She doesn’t say anything but her expression subtly hardens, her jaw clenching as she scribbles pointedly on her clipboard. Leah cheerfully brings Toni to meet Evelyn.

Evelyn is still polite as she insists that she has everything she needs to make a decision and takes her leave, even if it’s a bit abrupt. Leah and Toni are not aware that anything is amiss, instead thinking that Evelyn’s words and departure mean that she’s had a positive visit. Leah and Toni are excited as Leah gushes to Toni about how well the whole thing went and how she’s sure they’re finally going to have the family they’ve always wanted.

In That Which She Hates Most, Weeks later, Toni is relaxing when Leah excitedly rushes to her with an envelope in her hand, announcing that the assessment has finally arrived. They are both excited as they huddle together to open and read the letter together. At first, they are excited and hopeful, but soon their expressions turn into shock, confusion, and heartbreak. They’ve failed the assessment, Evelyn’s report stating that she observed ‘inappropriate behavior’ at the home.

Reeling, they reflect on the interactions between Leah and Evelyn, concluding that Evelyn failed them because they are lesbians. They secretly plot to get revenge against Evelyn.  A couple of weeks later, Evelyn is working away at her laptop in her office. The lights are slightly dim as if the office is closing, and the desks are all empty except hers. Evelyn’s coworker then leaves and she is the only one left in the office.

During, That Which She Hates Most, Evelyn continues working quietly for a few moments as there is looming movement by the door. Evelyn hears the shuffling movement but doesn’t look away from her computer, thinking it’s her coworker. Evelyn is startled as Leah and Toni step into the office.  They angrily confront her about the failed assessment and Evelyn easily admits that she did so because they’re lesbians.

Leah and Toni reveal that they’ve been watching Evelyn the past couple of weeks. They learned that Evelyn’s been cheating on her husband. Evelyn looks panicked and at a loss for words. Leah and Toni threaten to expose Evelyn’s adultery unless she does whatever they say. Evelyn is hesitant, though insists she’ll change the failed assessment into a pass but Leah and Toni aren’t satisfied. Leah and Toni insist it’s not enough and that Evelyn lets them fuck her. Leah and Toni make Evelyn beg to have sex, wanting to humiliate her.

Leah and Toni are about to teach Evelyn a lesson that she’ll remember for the rest of her life…

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Girlsway Sneaky Salon Sex Whitney Wright

Girlsway Sneaky Salon Sex

Girlsway Sneaky Salon Sex
Jenna Foxx and Whitney Wright

Whitney Wright arrives at a hair salon to get her hair done. Her girlfriend, Jenna Foxx, accompanies her. The hairdresser, Casey Calvert, greets them.Jenna sits down and Casey sits Whitney in a hairdressing chair and places a salon cape on her. They make small talk as Jenna watches politely from the sidelines, reading a magazine. But every now and then, Jenna glances at Whitney, winking flirtatiously. Casey doesn’t notice this and Whitney playfully ignores Jenna’s gestures.


In Girlsway Sneaky Salon Sex, Whitney and Casey briefly talk about what Whitney wants done to her hair that day. Whitney isn’t sure, so Casey tells her to think about it while she runs to the back to wash her hands before they get started.

As soon as Casey exits the room, leaving the girlfriends alone, Jenna grins mischievously and walks over to Whitney. Before Whitney knows what is happening, Jenna pulls up the salon cape and sinks to her knees, gently pulling Whitney’s legs apart. During Girlsway Sneaky Salon Sex, Whitney stammers with good-natured disbelief, casting worried glances toward the backroom as Jenna pulls down Whitney’s pants.  Whitney can’t resist as Jenna begins to eat her pussy.

But after Jenna eats Whitney’s pussy for a few moments, they suddenly hear the sound of Casey approaching. Flustered, Whitney doesn’t have time to do anything but quickly throw the salon cape over Jenna, hiding her.

See these girlfriends are going to have to get VERY creative if they want to continue their sneaky salon sex!

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Girlsway Runaway Bride Whitney Wright Casey Calvert

Girlsway Runaway Bride

Girlsway Runaway Bride
Whitney Wright and Casey Calvert

Whitney Wright, a masseuse, is a bit surprised when she goes to massage her next client, Casey Calvert and finds her wearing a full wedding dress! Casey looks a bit panicked, so Whitney has the feeling she’s dealing with a runaway bride. Even so, Casey’s her client and she’ll do whatever she can to help her relax!

Casey soon removes her wedding dress after being prompted but is a bit shy about being naked. As Whitney massages Casey, she uses her charm to get Casey to open up to her. Apparently Casey has cold feet because she’s worried about getting married without having the chance to explore her sexuality. She’s never had the chance to get with a woman — what if that’s what she really likes?

Whitney smiles, letting her hands wander sensually over Casey’s body. If Casey REALLY wants to learn more about herself before tying the knot, here’s the perfect chance!

Whitney makes sure this is an encounter to remember as she does everything in her power to put Casey’s mind at ease. Casey writhes with delight as she has her pussy eaten out and is tribbed to completion. With this new experience under her belt, will Casey walk down the aisle or embrace a new path?