How Could You – Cali Carter and Scott Nails

How could you cali carter

How Could You?!
Cali Carter, Scott Nails

Just looking at the screenshot above, you will know that this new Brazzers video called How Could You is going to be a belter.  Cali Carter in a sexy bra is always something that I’m going to click on in a heartbeat.

Just look at those lovely titties resting nicely in her tit holder.  It’s such a good looking view for Scott Nails, there’s no wonder that he can’t resist fucking his best friends wife.  that’s right, Cali is cheating on her husband with his best mate.

They have been having an affair for months and finally her dip-shit husband has suspected something.  In Brazzers How Could You starring Cali Cater and Scott Nails, Cali’s husband asks Scott to try and find out who she is having an affair with.


Little does he know that Scott has been fucking the shit out of Miss Carter for a few months.  He pops round the house as soon as the husband goes to work and slips his big cock into Cali’s warm wet pussy.  Cali cannot wait to feel that large dick deep inside her.  Scott Nails’ cock always reaches the places that her husbands cock cannot even get anywhere near.

This new Cali Carter porn video will be live on 22nd September 2020.  It’s another awesome video where you will get to see this sexy pornstar in action.  Also coming soon is a Brazzers Luna Star compilation video.  Watch all the best bits of Luna star getting her big booty out and having her pussy pounded by the big cock in the adult business.

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Bump In The Night Emily Blake and Danny D

Bump in the night

Bump In The Night
Danny D, Emily Blake

Wow, take a look at the beautiful Emily Blake in that sexy blue lingerie set.  Her body is fucking hot hot hot.  You can see just how well Emily has been looking after body during the COVID-19 lockdown.

With her gorgeous long blonde hair and eyelash extensions, I would say that Emily Blake has the perfect body and face for porn.  Her ass has the perfect shape for reverse cowgirl and spanking videos.

Emily Blake is feeling sexy one night and surprises her husband with her new expensive blue lace lingerie, but once again he’s too sleepy to fuck! When it sounds like someone has entered the family house, Emily demands that her husband checks it out.

Emily Blakes husband doesn’t see that Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Danny D, is hiding in a cupboard downstairs, and tells her that nobody was there. Emily investigates herself and finds Danny, who confesses to her about how much he regrets their break up.

In Brazzers Bump in the Night, Emily tells him to leave, but when she finds her husband already in bed, she heads back downstairs, where Danny is still waiting for her. Horny and craving Danny’s huge cock, Emily decides to give him one last wild ride, with a sneaky hardcore fuck behind her husband’s back that’ll send her back to bed with a smile… and a facial!

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His Best Friend’s Bedding Jasmine Jae and Danny D

His Best Friend's Bedding

His Best Friend’s Bedding
Jasmine Jae, Danny D

Jasmine Jae’s husband has been doing the dirty deed with her bestie… and he’s busted. She’s decided there is only one way to rectify the situation; by fucking his best friend, Danny D. It’s a real eye for an eye – or – cock for a cock, type situation.

And Jasmine is not shy when it comes to getting Danny’s cock deep down her throat. She sucks his big dick hard and furiously before he dives down and discovers her beautiful pierced pussy. Pearls! Jasmine takes all of Danny inside her and he rams her hard from behind. Jasmine rides Danny like a pro.

In His Best Friend’s Bedding, it seems they both forgot about the hubby watching sports in the other room. So much so, that Jasmine begs for Danny’s giant cock in her ass. Danny makes hot use of all of Jasmine’s holes until he cums all over her mouth and face and tits. And Danny’s bestie could not be prouder. Back to the game!

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My Two Wives Remastered Kendra Lust Peta Jensen

my two wives

My Two Wives Remastered
Kendra Lust and Peta Jensen

Johnny Sins must of thought it was the best day of his porn life when filming My Two Wives with Kendra Lust and Peta Jensen.  Imagine spending the whole day on set and fucking these two stunning pornstars.

Kendra Lust and Peta Jensen play two wives that need to satisfy Johnny’s appetite for pussy and tits.  They both agree to fuck Johnny on alternate nights and this agreement seemed to be working just fine.


But when Pete Jensen felt super horny one night she could not help wondering into Johnny’s bedroom for an extra night of cock. But this was Kendra’s night with Johnny.  But Kendra was feeling generous and agreed to let Peta join them in their first ever threesome together.

Brazzers My Two Wives has been remastered to bring this awesome threesome video back to life.  It is a great example of how good threesome can be when performed by absolute professional pornstars.   I would imagine that this porn video would have been filed in one take.

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No Husbands Allowed Remastered Eva Lovia

no husbands allowed

No Husbands Allowed Remastered
Eva Lovia

I’m not sure what made Brazzers released this No Husbands Allowed remastered version of this classic porn video.  It could be Eva Lovia’s perfect tits, ass or body, take your pick.

Originally released in January 2015, this Real Wife Stories classic has been given the magic touch from the editing guys at Brazzers.  They have given it a clean up and a little TLC to bring it back to life for 2020.


Eva Lovia performed in 11 Brazzers videos, but we haven’t seen her since 2017.  Such a shame because that body was absolutely smoking hot!  Whether she was playing a hot wife or frisky lesbian, Eva always looked as sexy as fuck!

In this remaster version of No Husbands Allowed, Keiran Lee is the lucky male pornstar who get to have this sexy brunette babe riding his big cock. She is totally naked when she climbs on top fo his bell end and rides herself all the way to multiple orgasms.

So feast your eyes on this beautiful all natural pornstar.  You’ll love seeing her small ass and firm tits riding a big cock throughout this top rated cheating wife porno.

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The Naked Wife Portia Paris

the naked wife portia paris

The Naked Wife
Scott Nails, Portia Paris

Busty blonde babe Portia Paris returns for her third Brazzers porn video in a hot video called The Naked Wife.  Her big lips and big boobs are put to the test by Scott Nails in a Brazzers Exxtra special video.  Portia has beautiful long blonde hair and loves being fucked from behind.


What Portia Paris also likes is to do the housework totally naked.  She love to scrub her house from top to bottom without any clothes on whatsoever.  Her husband loves it too.  Can you imagine having a hot wife cleaning the house naked everyday.  It must be so tempting just to stop her cleaning and fuck her all the time.

On this day, Miss Paris’s brother-in-law has come to stay.  By Portia has forgotten that he is in the house. Blissfully unaware, she continues her daily routine of getting naked and cleaning the floor on all fours.  So when Scott Nails sees her with her arse in the air, he cannot control the urge to kneel down and stick his cock in her pussy.

In Brazzers The Naked Wife, Portia Paris just thinks it’s her husband coming home early as a surprise, but when she feels that the cock in her pussy feels much bigger than her husbands, she remembers it must be Scott’s cock inside her.

Enjoying a big cock in her pussy for a change, Portia continues to let Scoot pound away from behind.  When her floor is clean, she gets up and rides her brother-in-laws big dick on the kitchen floor in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.

Brazzers The Naked Wife hardcore porn video will be live on 22nd July, 2020.

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Husband and Wife Anal Sex Tape with Cassie Del Isla

husband and wife anal sex tape

SexyHub have released a glorious new video with is a husband and wife anal sex tape with Cassie Del Isla.  This is a real home made erotic bum sex porn video with real married couple…probably.

Cassie Del Isla is finishing off getting dried after her kong hot shower.  She didn’t notice her husband laying naked on the bed slowly stroking his cock and watching her at the same time.  He had been watching his sexy wife showering and getting her hot body covered in soap.

He is blessed to have such a good looking wife.  Not only does she have a killer body, but she also loves taking her husbands cock deep in her arse.  Every time they have sex together, she insists on taking it in her butt.  She’s definitely a keeper!

This morning Cassie Del Isla convinces her husband to make a sex tape together.  She has never seen herself being fucked in the arse by his fat cock.  With the camera’s rolling, Miss Del Isla performs a slow and sloppy POV blowjob.

With her husbands cock now as hard as a rock, she gets herself into the spoons position and gleefully takes his shaft into her firm ass.  Spoons is her favourite position, but when she wants it deeper, she knows she needs to get into missionary and get her legs behind her back.

Luckily for her (and us) her husband is able to fuck his wife in the ass and carry on recording their homemade anal sex tap in the missionary position.

So if you are looking for a genuine husband and wife anal sex tape, then this SexyHub anal porn video will be precisely what you are looking for.


Wheres That Cheating Little Slut? Melody Foxx

Wheres That Cheating Little Slut

Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?
Tyler Steel, Melody Foxx

Melody Foxx is doing her best to hide for her fat bastard of a husband.  She’s really not interested in being fucked by the fat cunt today.  In MOFOS Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?, Melody runs into her neighbours house and begs him to hide her in the kitchen.  She hides behind the kitchen cupboard when her gross husband comes knocking.


In MOFOS Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?, Tyler Steel is able to convince the fat guy that Miss Foxx is not hiding in his house.  Melody Foxx is very grateful to Tyler.  She says she will do anything to repay the favour.  Tyler feels embarrassed and asks Melody to suck his cock.

To his amazement, Melody gets down on her knees and pulls out his cock from his pants.  She wraps her sexy lips around his bell-end and sucks it until he is hard enough to fuck.

She takes off her jeans and reveals that she is wearing a sex purple thong.  Tyler sits on his giant sofa and gets ready for the ride of his life.  Melody Foxx rides a huge cock and her natural boobs bounce all the time until she cums all over his man meat stick.

In Wheres That Cheating Little Slut?, you’ll love watching her big boobs bounce uncontrollably in this MOFOS Stranded Teens POV video.

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