Editing Beautiful Women in Porn Videos

Marlilyn Crystal
Editing Beautiful Women in Porn Videos

I am very fortunate to find myself editing beautiful women in porn videos.  10 years ago I was working in a council office in a dead end job that was driving me crazy.  I look back at those times and wonder what I would be doing now if I didn’t get my break in porn.

I was at a pub this weekend, with some new friends that were very interested in my job as a porn video editor.  To be honest, I do tend to get the same types of questions thrown at me when people find out what I do for a living, but this time was different.

It was nice to be asked a different type of question.  One of my new friends asked me what it is like editing beautiful women in porn video everyday.  This is different from the usual question like, do you wank all da? Do you get a boner when you work, blah blah blah.

So what is it like?  Well it is a real pleasure.  When I have a stunning beautiful woman on my screen, it really makes the job a joy.  I really feel very privileged to be one of those guys who have a job that they can’t wait to get started on.  I remember having jobs which filled me with dread everyday.

The pressure of getting the edit right and making sure the video is the best it can be, is still there, but the feeling of joy outweighs it 100%.

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