She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen Tru Kait

She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen
Xander Corvus and Tru Kait

She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen

I think somebody at Brazzers must really like this She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen video.  They have written nearly 200 words about it.  I love descriptions like this when I am in a rush to get my blog post online.  My porn video editing work has restricted my blogging time so any assistance is gratefully received.


Tru Kait is a sexy brunette with a banging body and a hot girlfriend to match. Her girl has just one problem; their roommate, Xander Corvus. He’s acting like a creep and getting in between their steamy make out sessions. Kait isn’t going to let some pervert fuck with her lady.

In Brazzers She Likes Her Cock In The Kitchen, She confronts Xander, startling him while drinking which means a wet shirt for her. That makes her mad enough to pants Xander, discovering his big juicy cock. Miss Kait makes Xander a deal, she’ll fuck him if he takes his weird level down from an eleven to a four. Xander is in. They fuck in front of the fridge when Kait’s girlfriend returns wanting to make a sandwich.

Xander and Kait have sneaky sex while she makes lunch. Good thing her girlfriend’s glasses are only for show! Kait takes all of Xander’s cock down her throat. She intends to fuck the weird out of Xander and does her best until he cums all over her face. Turns out they aren’t good at being low key and get caught naked in the fridge. So much for fucking to please her girlfriend!

Whether or not using the full Brazzers description will hinder my Google ranking remains a gamble for me.  I have had great success just copying and pasting in the past.  Fingers crossed that using nearly 200 words from Brazzers doesn’t hurt me too much.

Brazzers For Foxxx Sake starring Ana Foxxx

Brazzers For Foxxx Sake
Xander Corvus and Ana Foxxx

For Foxxx Sake

Well, as porn video storylines go, Brazzers For Foxxx Sake is one of the most straight forward and obvious.  Ana Foxxx goes to visit her gynaecologist to see if she can have the very tight pussy examined and stretched.  She is having problems taking her boyfriends big cock inside her.


In Brazzers For Foxxx Sake, when she arrives, she was pleasantly surprised to find that her old gynaecologist had retired and has been replaced by the much younger and better looking Dr Xander Corvus.  Ana was hoping that Xander was going to have a different diagnosis for her.  Miss Foxxx’s old gynaecologist just fobbed her off with lotions and sex education advice.

Ana Foxxx and her New Gynaecologist

As for Dr Corvus, he was also happy to see a young female in his examination room.  He was getting tired of looking at old ladies pussy.  Most of his recent patients had been much older and had pussies that looked like that had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.  He instructs Miss Foxxx to lay on the examination table and explain what to him the problems with her pussy.

In Brazzers For Foxxx Sake, Ana Foxx lays back and explains that her pussy is just too tight to take a big cock.  Her new boyfriend is very well endowed and is eager to fuck her.  But every time they try to fuck, her pussy does not stretch enough to accommodate his girth.   Xander listened and came up with an idea that he has used before on other tight pussy patient’s.

Dr Corvus explained that he too has a big cock, but her has medical training on how to use it properly and insert it into wet tight pussies.  Miss Foxxx was a little apprehensive at first, but she was willing to give anything a go to rectify her pussy problems.  Xander started off by easing a finger into her pussy.  Once he was satisfied that one finger was comfortable, he tried 2 then three fingers.

Ana Foxxx began to trust this method.  In Brazzers For Foxxx Sake, it was the first time that three fingers had been able to slide in and out of her vagina.  So when Dr Corvus suggested that he should now try to put his big cock inside her, she agreed and eagerly anticipated taking her first ever big cock in her pussy.

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A Quickie While She Cleans Lexi Luna

A Quickie While She Cleans
Xander Corvus and Lexi Luna

A Quickie While She Cleans

When it comes to making a list of my top rated MILF pornstars, Lexi Luna would feature very heavily!  I’m always so impressed by just how sexy Lexi Luna’s MILF body is.  In Brazzers A Quickie While She Cleans we once again get a great view of her outstanding figure.  I can only presume that she works out everyday to keep that fantastic body in such great shape.


In A Quickie While She Cleans sees Lexi playing the role of an obedient sexy house wife who enjoys spending her day pleasing her husband.  She cooks and cleans and does her best sexually to keep him happy.  But unfortunately for Lexi, her husband does not return the favours.  He is a lazy arse that just enjoys having a wife that jumps every time he calls.

Lexi Luna Gets Fucked as She Cleans the Kitchen

In bed all he likes to do is get Lexi on her back and fuck her missionary style until he cums inside her.  There is no excitement at all.  The only thing this guy has going for him, is that he has plenty of money that Miss Luna enjoys spending.

But in A Quickie While She Cleans,  what Lexi’s husband is not aware of is that to spice up her life, Lexi has been cheating on him for months.  She needed somebody to satisfy her craving for bigger cock.  She had reached a certain age when she realised that she was never going to be sexually satisfied with her husbands average sized cock.  So when her neighbour Xander Corvus started flirting with her, she took full advantage.

The sexual relationship between Lexi and Xander took a wild turn when Xander started visiting the house in secret just to fuck Lexi.  But n this one occasion, even Lexi though they took things too far.  Xander came in to the house while Lexi was doing the cleaning, but he still wanted to fuck her…even though her husband was in the other room.

In A Quickie While She Cleans, wearing the shortest red squirt, Lexi looks as sexy as fuck.  Every time slightly bends over, we all get a perfect glimpse of her perfect ass and pussy.  It’s far too much for Xander to ignore.  He doesn’t care that Lexi Luna’s husband is watching TV in the other room, he was still going to fuck her in the kitchen.

As soon as Xander sticks his fingers into her pussy, Lexi is ready to fuck. It’s not long before her pussy is wet and eager to be filled by Xander’s youthful and big cock.  Xander Corvus and Lexi Luna fuck each other hard and fast on the kitchen floor.  There are some fantastic shots of Lexi Luna’s ass bouncing up and down on Xander’s big cock.

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Cop’s Daughter Craves Cock Nicole Kitt

Cop’s Daughter Craves Cock starring Xander Corvus and Nicole Kitt

Cop's Daughter Craves Cock

Let’s welcome Nicole Kitt to the world of the Brazzers porn video.  This hot looking black pornstar makes her debut in a video called Cop’s Daughter Craves Cock.  As the you may detect from the video title, this porn video is about a policeman’s daughter who enjoys getting fucked by hardened criminals.


I was hoping that her appetite for bad boy cock was a way of trapping them into bed so her dad can arrest them a lot easier.  In her very first appearance in a Brazzers video Nicole Kitt is wearing denim shorts and a grubby looking t-shirt.  She climbs in through a window of her home with Xander Corvus after they had just robbed a bank or a shop.

In Cop’s Daughter Craves Cock, Nicole Kitt loves to smell the money that she has just robbed.  She rubs her pussy while rolling around in the cash on the bed.  Nicole Even takes some of the cash and puts it own her panties and stuffs it in her wet pussy.  Downstairs, her father, Detective Blackcock is desperate to find and arrest  Xander Corvus who has been robbing banks all across the city.

Detective BlackCock realises that his daughter is a bit of a slut and walks up the stairs to see if she knows Xander.  As he starts to walk up the stairs, a now naked Nicole Kitt is riding Xander’s cock when she hears he Dad coming up the stairs.  In Cop’s Daughter Craves Cock, she hides Xander under the covers as her dad enters her bedroom.  He asks if she knows Xander as Xander slips is big cock back into her pussy.  She does a great job in disguising the fact that she is getting fucked all the time she is denying even knowing Xander Corvus.

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Valentine Vixens Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden

Valentine Vixens starring Romi Rain, Kayla Kayden and Xander Corvus

Valentine Vixens

Well I’m glad that Brazzers have released a special video for all the Valentine’s out there.  February 14th see’s Xander Corvus get to fuck two of the hottest pornstars on the planet.  Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden are all dressed up in red latex and giving us a great lesbian show before deciding to let Xander join in to create a perfect Valentine’s threesome for us all to enjoy.


As soon as I saw the screenshot for this video I knew we were going to be in for a treat.  Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden are certainly near the top of a lot of top rated pornstar lists out there.  Kayla has been very active recently on her porn Twitter account, showing off her hot body and fantastic tits.

Valentines Lesbian Beauties that Love Cock

Valentine Vixens starts off with Kayla and Romi giving individual striptease dances that have been skill-fully edited together.  Those matching red latex short dressed really suit both of these gorgeous pornstars.  The dresses are so short that you can see puss as soon as they touch their toes.  My favourite apart of the intro to Valentine Vixens is when they get their tits out.  As a fan of big tits, I’m really happy to watch Romi Rain and Kayla Kayden showing off their big boobs in front of the camera.

During Valentine Vixens, once they have given a superb showing of their fantastic pornstar bodies, they join together to give us some hardcore lesbians action.  They both go down on each other and lick each others pussies and enjoy intense screaming orgasms.  A big rubber dildo is introduces to give us some hot pussy insertion close up shots.

It’s not long before Xander Corus arrives and watches these pornstars getting naked and performing some insane Valentine’s Day lesbian sex.  Noticing that Xander has a huge bulge in his pants, Romi and Kayla invite him to join them.  They throw away the dildo and use Mr Corvus as their own personal sex slave.

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The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap Part 1 and Part 2

The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap Part 1 and Part 2 starring September Reign and Paisley Porter

The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap Part 1

I quite like it when Brazzers release a two apart porn video a day after each other.  It means I can write about both of the scenes on one porn blog post.  There is little point in write two separate posts about a video with a very similar title.

The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap Part 1

Wearing a very bright green top and short denim hot pants, Paisley Porter does look like a bit of a slut.  Her blonde hair and make up finishes off her college teen whore very nicely.  September Reign and Paisley Porter are supposed to be lesbian lovers, but Paisley has been raving some man meat for a while now and she sees Xander Corvus as an easy lay.

In The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap, Xander is their roommate and both of these girls have vowed that they must not give in to temptation of going back on to solids.  They have agreed that if they are to become genuine lesbian girlfriends, then Xander’s big cock is strictly off limits.  However, just one afternoon alone watching TV was too much for Paisley to resist.  As soon as Xander planted his face between Miss Porters big tits, she was ready to taste cock once again.

The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap Part 2

September Reign catches her girlfriend riding a big cock and drags her off to the bedroom so she can remind Paisley that they are only supposed to be having lesbian sex from now on.   in The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap, these two sexy beauties get down to some sexy interracial lesbians fucking.  Xander records their girl on girl love making on his phone and then heads off for a wank.

The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap Part 2

He’s busy watching the footage on his phone with his cock in his hand in the kitchen.  He is so carried away the he doesn’t notice September Reign and Paisley Porter watching him.  They take him into the bedroom to give this horny roommate precisely what he wants, a threesome with this two hot babes.  In The Sloppy Roommate Cock Swap, The only catch is that they want him to guess whose pussy is riding his cock.  Xander Corvus is blindfolded for a game of ‘guess whose pussy this is’…that sounds like a great title for a porn video.

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Lickity Stick Blow Up Doll Trick

Lickity Stick Blow Up Doll Trick
Xander Corvus and Kenzie Reeves

Lickity Stick Blow Up Doll Trick

Wow, this is one of those Brazzers porn video that you know you will be seeing as a porn advert popping up all over the free porn tubes.  Lickity Stick Blow Up Doll Trick has all the incidents to catch someones eye.  There’s the hot blonde babe in outrageous looking clothing and the comedic action of Xander Corvus using a blow up sex doll.

In Lickity Stick Blow Up Doll Trick you’ll get to witness Kenzie Reeves getting her sexy little ass fucked by a big cock.  It’s not something we get to see often enough, so make the most of seeing her tight butthole stretched.


Kenzie Reeves is a cute petite lil horndog who wakes up like that. When she tries to wake her boyfriend Xander Corvus for some playtime, he’s not interested. Annoyed, Kenzie takes a walk to the loo and finds her trusty hidden suction dildo. While she’s away, Xander gets ol’ “Cassandra” the blow-up doll from his closet and screws her silly.

In Lickity Stick Blow Up Doll Trick, Kenzie mistakes his blow-up toy for another lady and chucks her dildo at his head. Since he’s a dickhead already, might as well make use of it. Kenzie rides Xander’s forehead cock like no one ever has. Kenzie wants all her holes filled and soon is shoving Xander’s massive cock in her ass and riding her suction dildo. They can forget Cassandra, and make sure to feed her all the cum Xander left in Kenzie’s asshole. It’s nice when bedroom freaks find each other.

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Brazzers The Set Up

Brazzers The Set Up
Rachel Starr, Xander Corvus, Azul Hermosa

Brazzers have brought together a fantastic line up in this brand new threesome video.  Brazzers The Set Up sees Rachel Starr, Xander Corvus and Azul Hermosa share a sex scene that will be one of the best porn videos of the month.  Porn royalty Rachel Starr leads the way in persuading a female escort played by the angelic Azul Hermosa to get naked and have first time lesbian sex with her before her husband gets home.


Of course, Xander arrives home early and watches his wife having lesbian sex with an escort.  He takes pleasure in recording them on his cell phone before being discovered.  Xander is asked to join in to make it a threesome that this husband and wife will never forget.

Brazzers The Set Up – SUMMARY

Rachel Starr plots to set up her cheating husband, Xander Corvus, with hired escort Azul Hermosa so she can catch them in the act and cash in on a big divorce settlement. There’s just one hitch though: Azul ends up seducing Rachel instead! Xander walks in on the two scissoring on the couch and pulls out his phone… and his dick, leading to a surprise threesome that Rachel passes off as an anniversary gift to avoid revealing her secret plan!

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