Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates

Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates
Xander Corvus, Codi Vore, Nolina Nyx

Here’s a Brazzers porn advert in the making if ever I saw one.  Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates starring Xander Corvus, Codi Vore and Brazzers debutant Nolina Nyx has the potential to become a click-through success across the porn tube networks.  The huge natural boobs of Codi Vore will draw anybody’s attention to a porn advert and the pretty looking face of Nolina Nyx, and I’m sure the Brazzers porn advert editors will be able to create something that you be seeing on the PornHub ad spaces in not time.

Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates

As I have mentioned above, Nolina Nyx is appearing in her very first Brazers video.  Nolina is a natural breasted starlet from Los Angeles.  She has a winning smile, awesome boobs and a prize winning ass.  With long brunette hair and a perfectly toned athletic body, I can see Miss Nyx returning to the Brazzers studios for many times to come.


In Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates we find Codi Vore and Nolina Nyx dressed in very tight workout gear.  They look like they are just about to go for a jog.  Both of them are not wearing appropriate boob support and watching them both jogging together would be an awesome sight coming towards you.  It transpires that it’s Xander Corvus’s birthday and his girlfriend has organised a short gift giving surprise moment in the kitchen.  Xander is not very impressed with the birthday gifts or having to wear a stupid party hat.

Xander’s hot roommates Codi Vore and Nolina Nyx take their turn to give him his birthday present.  He opens it up and to his surprise, it’s a Fleshlight!  He can’t believe it. He has always wanted one of those.  His girlfriend has no idea what it is.  She actually believes it is a pen holder for his office.  With the awkward birthday morning surprises over, Xander’s girlfriend heads off to work and Xander hits the shower.

Codi Vore Videos
Codi Vore Videos

In Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates, when Xander is in the shower, Codi and Nolina decide to give him one more present for his birthday.  They creep into the bathroom to watch Xander in the shower naked.

When he turns around and find them both topless, he realises that this is going to be the best birthday present ever.  He gets out of the show and let’s Codi and Nolina give him the best double blowjob ever.

The sex in Smashing My Hot Lesbian Roommates looks fucking awesome guys and girls.  As with all Codi Vore videos we get to see her bouncing those fucking huge natural tits when she rides Xander’s cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.  These two hot natural breasted babes take it in turns to get fucked by Xander Corvus in the bedroom.  It a fantastic threesome that I am sure will make a brilliant porn advert in the next few weeks or so.

The image of Codi Vore with two party hats hanging off her tits will certainly make a great eye catching sequence along with the moment when Xander’s girlfriend return home early to catch him fucking his big boobed roommates.

Brazzers Peaches And Cream Madison Morgan

Brazzers Peaches And Cream
Xander Corvus, Madison Morgan

Gather round everybody and feast your eyes on the wonderful body of Madison Morgan.  This absolute belter of a Brazzers debutant pornstar looks fucking fantastic in a video called Brazzers Peaches And Cream.  This 5′ 2″ redheaded babe from Los Angeles looks like a ginger goddess in her very first appearance in a Brazzers movie.  I truly believe that this will be the first of many appearances from Madison Morgan, I suspect she will be returning very often indeed!

Brazzers Peaches And Cream

Madison Morgan is all dressed up in a hot beige lingerie outfit, covered only by a very light sheer dressing gown.  We get to set her incredible body as she stretches herself out over a silk sheet cover king size bed.  Her measurements are 32D-24-40 and during Brazzers Peaches And Cream we certainly get to see those vital stats in all their glory!


Before the sex starts with Xander Corvus, we are treated to Madison showing off her body. She runs her hand all over her world class body to make sure that you appreciate every inch of her.  This redheaded wonder babe teases the camera by working her body and creating some awesome shapes.

Madison Morgan pornstar
Redhead Pornstar Madison Morgan

In my opinion this is the best redhead Brazzers debut that I have seen since seeing Lauren Phillips.  When Madison Morgan finishes parading her body in front of the camera, we are then give some great shots of her covering her tits with cream.  She rubs cream from a can all over those ample breasts and invites Xander Corvus in to lick it all off.

Xander accepts the invitation with pleasure.  There is some serious sexual chemistry between these two pornstars.  Miss Morgan has a beaming smile on her face throughout the foreplay.  This Brazzers Peaches And Cream sure looks like it was enjoyed by everybody involved.  Eventually, once the foreplay and cream licking has finished Xander and Madison get down to some quality hardcore sex!

If you enjoyed Madison Morgan teasing us at the start, then you are going to be in cloud nine watching her bending over and taking a big cock in her pussy.  The sex in Brazzers Peaches And Cream is fantastic.  It is one of those scenes that you are going to remember and add to your favourites list.  I’ll be watching this video more than once or twice, just to relive that amazing body on Madison Morgan!

At Home In A MILF’s Ass Isis Love

At Home In A MILF’s Ass
Xander Corvus, Isis Love

At Home In A MILF's Ass

I’m really glad to see another Isis Love Brazzers porn video.  We had to wait nearly 15 months between her last two appearances, but this time it’s just over a month before Miss Love has returned in At Home in a MILF’s Ass.  Yes, this is a rare opportunity to see this sexy ass MILF getting fucked in her MILF ass.  Xander Corvus is the lucky dude to get his big cock buried deep into Isis Love’s sexy tight ass.


Sexy MILF Isis Love doesn’t mess around with two things and that’s baking pies and anal sex. But when it comes to her daughter’s boyfriend, Xander Corvus, Isis gets the clear sense that he’d prefer the type of hospitality that’s entirely sexual.

In At Home In A MILF’s Ass, after teasing Xander with her zipper jeans and big tits, Isis is forced to improvise in order to get some alone time with Xander away from her rigid daughter and doofus son. Luckily, a well-timed finger up the ass from Xander, and Isis’ irresistible pies, creates the perfect sequence of events to give Isis and Xander the entire kitchen to themselves for some good, clean anal action.

This is a fantastic anal sex hardcore video.  Isis Love is one of those MILF porn actresses that we should cherish.  She has been performing in Brazzers sex videos since March, 2010.  I really hope that we continue to see many more Isis Love Brazzers videos gracing our screens more often!

Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap Blake Blossom

Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap
Xander Corvus, Blake Blossom, Olivia Jay

Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap

OK, it’s my wife’s birth today, so I haven’t got a lot of time to write a reviews of Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap.  I’m a little gutted because it features the hot blonde Blake Blossom, a pornstar that I have starred to really admire over the last few months.


Blake Blossom is a blonde bombshell who catches Xander Corvus jerking off in her nylons yet again. She’s had enough. But her badass babe of a roommate, Olivia Jay, digs it and yoinks Xander out of the room by his dick behind her back. During Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap, she takes him to her room, wraps his cock in the stocking and sucks it hard. Xander’s worried they might get caught but Olivia isn’t afraid of Blake.

Olivia squirts all over Xander’s cock and Blake walks in right before Xander’s about to bust his load. She takes over and shows Olivia how a real cum slut does it. In Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap, Blake makes Xander take a seat and watch her fuck Olivia. Blake scissors with Olivia until she decides she wants Xander’s cock involved, and he joins the threesome of his dreams.

I’ve got a feeling that we will be seeing this Brazzers threesome video showing up as a porn advert on the porn tube sites over the next few weeks or so.  It has all the ingredients that a square video advert needs to have.   It’s got shocked faces, a bit of running around, hot babes and a funny storyline.

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Dating Daisy a Brazzers Debut for Daisy Taylor Trans

Dating Daisy Trans
Xander Corvus, Daisy Taylor

Well this new Brazzers scene was a bit of a surprise. Billed as a Brazzers trans video, I think it must be the first trans pornstar to appear on Brazzers… It was a late addition to the upcoming videos that where scheduled for 13th April, 2021.  This scene has replaced the previously announced scene starring Abigail Mac called Banging the Boss on her Anniversary, so it will be interesting to see when that video is now rescheduled for.


Even porn’s hottest stars sometimes resort to online dating. This is the case for the sexy Daisy Taylor (making her glorious and long-awaited ZZ debut), who swipes through a dating app from her bedroom. Sparks fly when she finds Xander Corvus’ profile and the two start trading pics.

Daisy ups the ante by sending a steamy striptease video that showcases her hot body and sends Xander Corvus running across town to meet her. At Daisy’s place, the pair share some awkward but adorable small talk, until their lust takes over. Xander pulls out his cock for the eager Daisy and gives her mouth and ass a good fucking. The chemistry is clear and red hot. Welcome to Brazzers, Daisy!

It will be interesting to see how a trans video goes down on the brazzers porn site.  I’m pretty sure if the Brazzers members wanted to see trans porn, then they would have joined a trans porn site.  I’m going to say that the Brazzers membership base will not be happy about this video.  It’s just the wrong niche to be shown on the Brazzers site.  To me, Brazzers is a traditional porn site catering for your everyday porn fan.  I doubt they want to see trans porn here…I could be wrong.

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Letting A Stranger Come In Kendall Kayden

Letting A Stranger Come In
Xander Corvus, Kendall Kayden

Letting A Stranger Come In

This horny housewife really needs a big stiff cock in her pussy to keep her happy.  He lazy husband cannot keep up with her sexual appetite.  So when a good looking man appeared at her door, she seduced him into her bedroom for some wild sex.  In Letting A Stranger Come In starring Kendall Kayden gets her thong pulled to one side and fucked hard by Xander Corvus and his huge cock.  Kendall cannot believe how much cock she has stick down her throat and ride like a cowgirl.


Knockout housewife Kendall Kayden has been feeling horny and unappreciated ever since her husband started a new job. She’s spending another afternoon daydreaming and masturbating when, suddenly, a miracle occurs. Kendall gets a knock on the door from a hot guy (Xander Corvus) whose car broke down nearby.

In Letting A Stranger Come In, Kendall invites Xander in and lets him change into some clean clothes; she takes that time to change into some sexy lingerie. All Xander wanted was to make a quick phone call, but he’s certainly not about to turn down Kendall’s hospitality and it’s not long before Kendall’s getting the pounding she’s been hoping for.

This is the first time we have seen Kendall Kayden in a Brazzers porn video since January 2018.  It’s been over 3 years since we have seen her pretty face getting throat fucked.  I wonder why she has waited so long to re-appear in a Brazzers porno.  Let’s just hope that we don’t have to wait so long to see her again.

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  • Look At Her Now / Realitykings - Xander Corvus River Fox Nursing You Better

Nursing You Better River Fox

Nursing You Better
Xander Corvus, River Fox

Nursing You Better

We haven’t seen a sexy nurse porn video for quite a while from RealityKings, so it is my pleasure to see River Fox make her 4th appearance in a RK feature porn video.  Dressed as a hot blonde nurse, she fucks her patient to make him feel better.


River Fox has taken an oath to make sure her patients get everything and anything they need. No one knows quite how she does it but her patients always leave with a smile of their face!

River Fox stands in a hospital room. There are white walls with a blue poster and white writing hung up and a box of blue rubber gloves attached by screws. There are some x-rays by the River Fox’s head. Her hair is blonde, and in a middle parting, it is tied back into a sleek low ponytail.

She has a pale neck which contrasts against her orange toned foundation on her face. She has thin and low brown eyebrows above her light green eyes. On her face she wears purple reading glasses with a lilac lens frame and clear plastic arms over her ears.  River Fox has no additional makeup to her face, giving her a flat and dull look. Her lips have also been covered in the orange foundation and they are slightly parted as she seems to have a subtle surprised look on her face.

River Fox wears a dark pink scrub top with short sleeves and a v- neckline and a pink stethoscope around her neck. There is also a pink and black criss cross patterned lanyard hanging round her neck and comes low on her front.

Do You Like my Pussy? Tru Kait

Do You Like my Pussy?
Xander Corvus, Tru Kait

Do You Like My Pussy

Brown haired beauty Tru Kait simply wants to know what her boyfriend Xander Corvus thinks about her body. Xander, though, is not a man of many words. Instead of complimenting the flawless Tru, he decides to kiss every part of her that he likes.


Some parts of Tru’s perfect body reacts more to Xander’s kisses than other. Before he knows it, the devoted boyfriend is tongue deep in Tru’s pussy, proving her that actions do speak louder than words.

Tru Kait poses with her back to the camera, laying on a large bed. She props up her upper body with her arms and hands and her legs are tucked in. Her head turns round over her front shoulder to the camera.

The bed has a silk silver covering with two big pillows at the end of the bed against the white leather headboard. On the right of the room there is a grey chest of drawers with silver handles and vases of colourful flowers on top. There is a lamp with a gold bubble stand and white lampshade in the corner.

Above the chest of the drawer there is a large mirror. Tru Kait has chocolate brown hair in a middle parting. It has a curled look, curling away from her face like curtains. It comes over her shoulders and down the front of her body. She has a fair and slightly pale skin complexion.

On her nails there is a white nail polish. She has natural makeup, with natural dark and fluffed eyebrows and a little bit of pink blush on her cheeks for colour. Her eyes are brown and on her eyelashes there is a coating of black mascara making her lashes darker, with length and volume.

Her lips are pouted and there is a clear gloss on them. For her outfit, Tru Kait has a black bra on with the straps falling half way down her upper arm. On her bottom half she has a light pink thong that exposes much of her sexy firm ass.

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