While Husband’s Away Emma Hix

While Husband's Away

While Husband’s Away
Xander Corvus, Emma Hix

Well we are into December 2020 and there’s no sign of any Xmas porn from Brazzers just yet.  Emma Hix is starring in While the Husbands Away, so this can be an early Xmas present to all you Emma Hix porn fans out there.

This video does not hang about.  The opening shot is Miss Hix gagging on Xander Corvus’s big cock and he lays down recording in POV mode.  Her blonde hair is waving all over the place as she fucks Xander with her throat.


I think the porn editor for Brazzers must of really enjoyed editing the sex in this While Husband’s Away video.  They have included so much of the hardcore porn moments in the opening 30 seconds of the trailer.  It is really well done and gets the viewers attention very quickly.  If the porn editor was looking for immediate impact, then they have certainly done their job!

This is While Husband’s Away video shows Emma Hix getting fucked really hard on her bed.  As the title suggests, her husband is a way on business, but she needs her pussy fucked on a regular basis, so she has her neighbour Xander in the house to fuck her like her husband can’t.

So this is a cheating wife who prefers to have her pussy fucked by a big cock.  Her husband earns the money for her to buy whatever she wants, and she fucks whoever she wants.  But who is going to say no to Emma Hix?  She does look really sexy in While Husband’s Away.  She talks to the camera while Xander pounds away on her warm wet pussy.

Also released by Brazzers on 1st December is Lana’s Big Natural Titty Tease.  I am adding it to this porn blog post because I have decided not to write about the solo girl videos.  They do not produce any organic search engine traffic for me at all.

In Lana’s Big Natural Titty Tease, sexy Lana Wolf is filming a hot video for her long distance boyfriend. First, she shows off her skimpy outfit, with an almost transparent white crop top. Then she strips down, showing off her amazing natural tits and nice ass. Not satisfied to stop there, out comes the oil, a big dildo and vibrator. Lana gets herself all slippery and then makes herself cum with her favorite toys.


Home Office Freeuse Alexis Fawx

Home Office Freeuse

Home Office Freeuse
Xander Corvus, Alexis Fawx

Oh my word.  Here we have one of my favourite MILF’s getting fucked through a hole in her tights.  This sexy business women has her nylon pantyhose ripped open and fucked whilst she is talking on the phone.


Alexis Fawx gets her big boobs out for this Brazzers video called Home Office Freeuse.  Her fantastic body gets a pounding from Xander Corvus.  I love seeing Miss Fawx in action. She is one of the top rated MILF pornstars in the word and it is easy to see why.

In Home Office Freeuse, she is dressed as an office business woman who needs to use some office space during the COVID lockdown.  She finds that Xanders house has a office room to rent.  She is very grateful for the use of of it.

But when Alexis Fawx goes to pay for the freeuse of his office, she realises that in the rush to get out of her house, she has left all her cash and payment cards at home.  Xander is not bothered about cash.  He is willing to settle for a fuck instead.

Alexis is able to pay for the office by fucking and sucking on Xander’s big cock.  This is the best payment plan she has ever negotiated.  She loves getting fucked whilst she is supposed to be working on some very important business deals.

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Cheat And Swap Part 1 and Part 2

Cheat and Swap

Cheat And Swap Part 1 and Part 2
Scarlit Scandal, Lala Ivey and Xander Corvus

Two black women having fun with a life size sex doll and then given the chance to get fucked by a real cock in threesome with Xander Corvus.  Scarlit Scandal and Lala Ivey are two young ebony women who are butt naked and taking it in turns to rise their male torso sex toy that has a big rubber cock.


In Cheat And Swap Part 1 Scarlit walks into the bedroom for to find Lala Ivey riding the rubber cock in a cowgirl position.  Scarlit accuses Lala of cheating on her.  They are lesbian lovers but its obvious now that Lala Ivey misses having a cock inside her.  But Scarlit gets another surprise when she realises that this sex doll not only has a big cock, it also has a big pair of fake tits too.

In Cheat And Swap Part 1 these two natural black beauties take it in turns to use the sex toy to both make themselves has pussy shuddering orgasms.  They ride it big latex cock like they had never had a cock in their black lesbian pussies before.  Right a t the end of this black on black lesbian video, Xander Corvus wonders in the door catching Scarlit Scandal, Lala Ivey in the tribbing position.

Swapping Sex Doll for Real Cock

This leads us neatly into Cheat and Swap Part 2 which sees the two hot ebony lesbians swapping a fake cock for a real cock in the form of Xander Corvus’s erect penis.  Lala Ivey is not interested in getting fucked by a guy.  She leaves the room hoping that Scarlit will talk to their roommate Xander about not interrupting them when they are fucking.

But Miss Scandal gets talked into going back on solids as Xander uses his powers of seduction and finally gets to fuck his ebony roommate who he has been fantasising about for weeks.  I’m sure he would have liked to of fucked them both at the same time, but he mustn’t grumble.

Maybe there will be a Cheat and Swap Part 3 at some stage where Xander gets to fuck Lala Ivey as well.

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It’s My Fucking Wifi Luna Star in Pantyhose

It's My Fucking WiFi

It’s My Fucking Wifi
Xander Corvus and Luna Star

In my house the WiFi is king.  I think I have about 20 devices connected to the WiFi at times.  Mobile phones, Alexa devices, computers, and games consoles all eat up the WiFi bandwidth.  I’m lucky I can plug my work station straight into the home Ethernet port and get extreme download and upload speeds thanks to having a ‘fibre to the house’ internet connection.

So if a up and coming business woman is going to be doing a lot of video meetings due the the COVIS situation, then she will need a great WiFi connection.   Unfortunately, this is not the case for Luna Star. In It’s My Fucking Wifi her video calls keep cutting out due to her poor WiFi quality.  Luna is getting so pissed off with her Wifi dropping out every few minutes.


in a bid to try and get her connection sorted out, she calls a technician to come to the house and investigate her problem.  Xander Corvus is the lucky internet tech guy who visits this sexy babe and is immediately fantasising about fucking her as he tries to fix her problem.

In It’s My Fucking WiFi, we are greeted with a fantastic view of Luna Star in a suit jacket and not much else.  During her video calls, the cleavage is fully on show.  Whoever is on the other end of the conference call is getting a good eyeful of Luna’s great pair of tits.  She gets more and more frustrated every time the WiFi connection drops.

Luna Star Fucking in Ripped Pantyhose

As she waits for Xander to arrive, she sits at her desk with her arms folded and her skirt riding up her ass.  She doesn’t care that her pantyhose are on display and that her panty’s are visible.

As soon as Mr Corvus arrives, his eyes are diverted to her cleavage. Luna notices that he is not concentrating on his job.  She wants the WiFi sorted as soon as possible.  She decides that the best way to get the job done, would be to let the internet guy shoot his load over her and then he will be able to pay full attention to the job in hand.

Luna Star sticks Xander’s face straight into her pussy.  She demands that he licks her pussy to get her as wet as possible.  She wants to get this over and done with.  But when she finds out how big his cock is, Luna decides to make the most of having a huge cock to play with for the morning.

The star attraction of this Brazzers It’s My Fucking WiFi is not only Luna Stars cock fucking abilities, but it’s also that fucking amazing booty of hers!  It’s incredible how she manages to get that ass moving as she rides all over Xander Corvus’s rock hard cock.  There are some great close up views of Luna’s big ass thumbing down on Xander’s thighs as she straddles him cowgirl style on a chair.

It’s My Fucking Wifi has all the ingredients of a great porno, big tits, big ass and a plenty of sexual stamina!

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Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?
Xander Corvus and Kayla Kayden

Kayla Kayden and her stunning pornstar body star in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?.  Fuck knows how she would fit an exercise ball up her ass, they are fucking huge.

But this Brazzers anal sex video title is a slight play on words.  She really does have a portion of an exercise ball in her arse.  This exercise ball has a special feature.  It has a big dildo attached to it, so yes, you could say that Kayla Kayden really does have an exercise ball stuck in her butthole.


Kayla Kayden loves to exercise, and she’s decided to take her workout routine to the next level with a dildo exercise ball. The problem is that her husband, Xander Corvus, doesn’t know about it. Although Kayla is able to hide the dildo ball from Xander at first, when she rips her tights open and sticks it up her ass, it gets stuck.

Kayla, though, makes a wise choice in enlisting Xander’s help, because once he gets the ball unstuck, he fills Kayla’s tight ass with his massive cock, proving that intense anal sex is the ultimate workout.

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Big Tits Shower Surprise Summer Hart

Big Tits Shower Surprise

Big Tits Shower Surprise
Xander Corvus, Summer Hart

Here’s a novelty from Brazzers.  It’s a porn video where a sexy girlfriend with big tits just wants to be fucked by her boyfriend.  Yes, no cheating, no stepmoms or stepdads, no accidental threesome…just a good old fashioned couples sex video.

Summer Hart is feeling in the mood for some pussy pounding from her bearded boyfriend Xander Corvus.  I’m not sure whether his beard is one of those ‘lockdown beards’ or whether he is turning himself in a hipster…either way, I wish he would shave it off.


Miss Hart is looking forward to waking her boyfriend up with a sexual surprise.  She loves having her hairy ginger pussy fucked as much as possible by Xander’s big cock.  He has so much sexual stamina and Summer Hart makes the most of it.  She has been known to be fucked for four hours before with no break…it was pure heaven for her.  So whenever she gets the chance to get fucked like that, she takes it with both fucking hands.

In Big Tits Shower Surprise, Summer Hart is not quick enough to catch her boyfriend in bed.  He is already up and hitting the shower.  Perfect, she hasn’t been fucked in the shower for a while, now is the time to get wet with Xander and let him fuck the shit of her totally naked and wet in the shower…what a morning treat for both of them.

Summer Hart Fucked in the Shower

I truly love the shape of Summer Harts big natural tits.  We first saw them in a Brazzers video called My Trainer Loves Big Natural Tits where she has lesbian sex with Codi Vore.  It you haven’t seen that, you need to check it out now.

I’m not usually a fan of redheads, but I’m starting to warm to Sumer Hart.  I fucking love her all natural body, complete with a busy pussy, a rarity in porn these days, but I believe the bush is making a comeback.  I think I hear that rumour a few times a year, but it never materialises.

As a fan of big natural boobs, I’m so happy to watch Miss Hart getting her pussy fucked from behind and seeing her big tits wobbling around like crazy.  With the camera directly underneath her, we get a fantastic view of those juicy boobs bouncing around uncontrollably.

This is only the second time that Summer Hart has been in a Brazzers video, and I am already a fan of her marvellous real tits…now if only she wasn’t so ginger… ;-). You can see this busty and curvaceous redheaded pornstars getting fucked in the shower on November 5th, 2020.

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Cleaning Up His Cock Luna Star Anal Sex

Cleaning Up His Cock

Cleaning Up His Cock
Xander Corvus, Luna Star

The wonderful Luna Star is looking tin tip top form getting her arse fucked once again in a superb Brazzers anal sex porn video.  Her tight asshole is penetrated by a big cock while she is trying to clean up the house.

The opening shots to Cleaning Up his Cock shows Luna Star putting on some yellow marigolds and she is looking like she is ready to clean up the whole house like a perfect little housewife.  The look of determination on her face is there for all to see.

Luna is wearing the tiniest of tiny denim shorts that ride up her big booty.  They are so short that you are able to see that she has a pink butt plug inserted into her ass.  She wants to feel the pleasure of her ass being simulated whilst bending over and cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Of course, this would not be a Brazzers porn video if all we got to see was Luna Star doing some housework, no matter how fucking sexy she looks whilst doing it.  Luna gives us a great view of her pouring water over her see-through t-shirt which exposes her wonderful boobs and erect nipples.

Fucked in the Ass to Avoid the Housework

In Cleaning Up his Cock, when she tries to hoover the living room floor, her boyfriend Xander Corvus cannot resist having a grope of her booty as she glides passed.  Xander is just chilling out on the couch watching his sexy as fuck girlfriend doing all the housework.

Knowing that Xander loves her ass, Luna twerks in front of him.  She shakes that booty for all it’s worth.  She knows that as soon as she comes close with her ass, Xander is going to has a good feel and then demand that she stops what she is doing, takes off her clothes and gets down to business.

During Cleaning Up his Cock, it takes just one more piece of big booty shaking in Xander Corvus’s face to get him out of his laying position and standing up and grabbing Luna’s ass with both hands.  He fucking loves playing her famous pornstar ass.  What a way to spend the day…lazing around watching Luna Star and then being able to fuck her on demand.

That’s just what Luna wanted.  She is very good at teasing her boyfriend with her ass.  Every porn lover on the planet with give his left testicle to have a play with Luna Star’s ass.

Cleaning Up his Cock is another fine piece of anal penetration magic.  Luna Star bending over with a big cock in her arse is one of the many great shots in Luna’s latest ass fucking demonstration.

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Hallowanal Starring Phoenix Marie and Xander Corvus


Phoenix Marie and Xander Corvus

It’s that time of year again when Brazzers roll out some fantastic Halloween themed porn videos.  This year is no exception, we have the stunning and always on form Phoenix Marie getting fucked in the arse in Hallowanal.

It’s always a pleasure to see this famous pornstar getting her clothes off, talking dirty and having hardcore anal sex in front of the camera.  She always provides us with some fucking hard sex that she loves every minute of.


Her tight asshole is fucked hard on Halloween by Xander Corvus.  Hs big cock gets deep inside Miss Marie and makes her cum aver and over again.  Not only do we see Phonix being fucked in the butt, we also get to see her big blonde milf tits bouncing around and she rides a dick in her arse in reverse cowgirl.

The always stunning Phoenix Marie is hosting a Halloween party… but she’s only expecting one special guest. The scene starts with Phoenix doing some sexy posing and ass-shaking for the camera. Things heat up when Xander Corvus arrives and gives Pheonix’s ass the holiday treat it’s been waiting for.

This brand new Phoenix Marie anal sex video will be available to watch on October 31st, 2020…of course..on Halloween, or HallowANAL.

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