Brazzers Snack Packin Zac Wild and Bella Rolland

Brazzers Snack Packin
Zac Wild and Bella Rolland

brazzers snack packin

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I presume delivery companies have been one of the few businesses that have been thriving.  With a lot of retain shops closed and closing down, business that offer a great, reliable delivery service have been able to survive.  So in Brazzers Snack Packin, Brazzers have developed their very own delivery service.

In true Brazzers style, the delivery person is a hot naked pornstar!  The first delivery pornstar is Bella Rolland.  She is making her first drop off to Zac Wild.  As soon as Zac answers the knock at the door, he is greeted by the hot naked brunette pornstar with his order.

Brazzers Snack Packin her Ass on a Plate

He had orders the ZZ Snack service delivery.  Bella is delighted to be in Zac’s house.  Zac had no choice but to let her in. She insisted on a very personal satisfactory service.  She was only supposed to be delivering Zac’s ZZ Snacks that he ordered, but Bella also included some goodies of her own.

In Brazzers Snack Packin, Bella pulls out a big purple dildo from the ZZ bag and lays back and spreads her legs wide open.  She want Mr Wild to insert the dildo straight into her.  No pissing around, she just wants the dildo in her trimmed pussy. Zac has other ideas.  If he is going to have a hot naked pornstar in his house, he is going to make sure he makes the most of it.

In Brazzers Snack Packin, Zac pulls out his cock and tells Bella Rolland that he can do a better job with his cock than any dildo can.  That is music to Bella’s ears.  She drops to he knees and gives Zac a frantic double handed pepper grinder style blowjob.   Zac really enjoys his perfect pornstar blowjob.  Bella gags as she delivers Zac a sloppy blowjob on his living room floor.

Not only does Bella offer a great delivery service and blowjob, but she also offers her ass to Zac too.  Zac can’t believe he is going to be fucking Bella Rolland straight in the ass.   This is a fun, frantic porn video and a great idea that I’m presuming could easily be turned into a series of Brazzers delivery service scenes.

Brazzers Big Titty Lesbian Skye Blue

Brazzers Big Titty Lesbian
Zac Wild and Skye Blue

Big Titty Lesbian

Short haired blonde babe Skye Blue is back and getting er tight pussy slammed by Zac Wild in this Brazzers video called Big Titty Lesbian.  At the start of Skye Blue’s 5th Brazzers video, Zac Wild explains that he has not had sex lately.  He has no problem confiding in Skys as he believes that she is a lesbian.  He is confident that she will not think he is coming on to her.


In Brazzers Big Titty Lesbian, Zac explains that he wants to jerk off but he hates doing tat.  Skye brightens up his day when she tells him that she will let him fuck her.  Zac is confused.  He ells her that he though she was gay.  She says that she is a lesbian but she does like to take a big cock from time to time.

Skye Blue gets her big natural tits out and tells Zac to start playing with them.  Zac cannot believe his luck. He has always wanted to fuck his lesbian friend.  He has presumed that she is off limits considering she was a lesbian.  Zac Wild was certainly not going to waste this opportunity to get his big cock deep into her pussy.

In Brazzers Big Titty Lesbian, you will love the way that Miss Blue gets her tits out and shakes them around.  Her natural breasts are a stunning example of boobs.  They are very soft and perfectly formed.  She is very proud of them and loves to have her nipples sucked at any given opportunity.

For Zac, he uses Skye’s body like a sex doll.  He knows that he is not going to get this chance again.  He would love to be able to fuck her amazing body everyday, but e knows that this is a once in a lifetime offer that he certainly does not want to waste.

During Brazzers Big Titty Lesbian, Skye Blue and Zac Wild fuck each other every way they can think of.  The only drawback is the boring location that they find themselves in. It looks like a boring bedsit bedroom.

Strip Slip And Fuck Ivy Lebelle

Strip Slip And Fuck starring Zac Wild and Ivy Lebelle

Strip Slip And Fuck

This blonde heavily tattooed pornstar returns to Brazzers for 23rd porn video (including compilations).  Ivy Lebelle made her Brazzers debut back in February 2017 in a video with Kyle Mason called Secret Sauna Sex.  In Strip, Slip And Fuck she is paired with Zac Wild for some oiled up hardcore sex.


In Strip Slip And Fuck, we find Ivy giving a sex dance for the camera.  She teases us with her big boobs and slips a finger into her lubed up ass hole.  Miss Lebelle puts a couple of fingers deep into her anal passage to lead us to believe that this will be another great Brazzers anal sex video.

Ivy Lebelle Loves it in her Ass

Zac Wild arrives to help Ivy make sure she gets a good fucking that she has been craving for.  There is no time wasted with a long drawn out storyline, Ivy just gets her clothes off and gets to work on Zac’s cock.  She wants it hard and fast as soon as possible.

In Strip Slip And Fuck, As soon as Ivy has got Zac fully erect, she hammers it down her throat.  She gets Zac’s cock down the back of her throat with ease.  Gagging and spitting all over his cock like a woman possessed.  Zac pours oil all over Ivy’s big ass and gives it a few hard slaps to make it wobble for the camera.

Zac doesn’t hold back.  he’s not here for a romantic Sunday afternoon love making session.  No, he’s just there to satisfy Ivy Lebelle’s craving for cock in her ass.  Sliding into Ivy’s butthole was a pleasure that Zac was not going to waste.  In Strip Slip And Fuck, he gets her in plenty of positions and fucks the shit out of her ass.

Looking at Ivy Lebelle’s previous Brazzers videos, it is easy to see that she is a pornstar that love to star in anal sex videos.  I think nearly every thumbnail of her Brazzers videos show her with a big cock in her arse.

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Oil-Soaked In Her Socks Amari Anne

Oil-Soaked In Her Socks
Zac Wild and Amari Anne

Oil-Soaked In Her Socks

Amari Anne returns to Brazzers for the first time since May 2018.  So after nearly a three year wait, we finally get to see her shaven pussy getting slammed hard and fast again.  In Oil-Soaked In Her Socks Amari she gets her body soaked in oil and her bald pussy fucked by Zac Wild.


As the title of this interracial porn video suggests, Amari keep her angle length white socks on throughout this porn video.  My wife goes ape-shit if I keep my socks on in bed, a bit of useless information for you there.

So if you like to see hot ebony babes covered in oil and then getting pounded really hard, Brazzers Oil-Soaked In Her Socks should be net on your watchlist.  Amari Anne may have tiny tits, but she certainly has a great boot and plenty of sexual energy to keep you entertained.

Zac Wild completely drenches Amari Anne’s sexy body with oil, rubbing it all over her ass and pussy, her skin glistening and wet before he dives in, licking and fucking her cute little socks off!

This is only Amari Anne’s 2nd Brazzers porn video so far.

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Post Party Cumdown Tru Kait and Zac Wild

Post Party Cumdown
Zac Wild and Tru Kait

Post Party Cumdown

Zac Wild must be fucking knackered.  He’s popping up all over the place starring in so many great porn video recently.  I last saw him…yesterday, fucking the shit out of Luna Star.  Today, he’s balls deep into Tru Kait in Post Party Cumdown for Brazzers.


Post Party Cumdown is the 6th Brazzers video that Tru Kait has been seen in.  She is already making a name for herself as a stunningly beautiful pornstar who gives amazing blowjobs.  She has stunning looking tis and ass, and she is topped off with strikingly long shiny brunette hair.

Tru Kait’s meditating roommate Zac Wild is critical of her partying lifestyle, but she’s not buying his self-righteous wellness freak facade. Still horny after blowing a dude on the way home (and with his cum still on her face to prove it!), Tru quickly proves that Zac, the alleged self-helper, is just as horny as she is when she sticks her ass and tits in his face, helping them both get off with some wildly intense sex!

I’m hoping that we will bet to see Tru Kait in an anal sex video in the near future.  that would be a real treat!

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How to Make Lexi Cum with Zac wild

how to make lexi cum

How to Make Lexi Cum
Lexi Luna and Zac Wild

Brazzers How to Make Lexi Cum features Lexi Luna in her 16th Brazzers video.  She is wearing glasses through most of this video and her MILF pussy is getting fucked by Zac Wild.


I’m not sure whether Brazzers are now releasing upcoming videos at different times of the day now.  The usual process is that all upcoming Brazzers porn videos appear in the upcoming section at a round 5am BST.  But recently I ave found that when I double check my blog posts in the afternoon, I have discovered new upcoming videos.

This is what has happened again today.  This How to Make Lexi Cum porn video was not showing this morning, but this afternoon somebody at Brazzers has added this to the web site.  It would be much better for me if they released all the upcoming videos in the afternoons.  that would save me having to get up really early in the morning to get my porn blog post out there as soon as possible.

Smoking hot therapist Lexi Luna is hired by college dude Zac Wild’s parents to help him get over a nasty breakup. When Zac reveals the breakup was caused by his inability to make his girlfriend cum, Lexi gives him a hands-on lesson on how to please a woman.

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In The Doghouse Alina Lopez and Zac Wild

In the doghouse

In The Doghouse
Alina Lopez and Zac Wild

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who uses in the doghouse as an expression.  I’ve been using this to explain to my friends if I’m in trouble with the wife.  It’s usually after a night out on the town and coming home late and waking the wife up.  Being in the doghouse is and expression that I’ve not had to use very often during the COVID lockdowns.

So when Zac Wild has messed up, he’s had to spend a few nights sleeping on the sofa and his girlfriends apartment.  His girlfriend won’t let him in her bed after they had had a fight.  When his girlfriends roommate finds him have naked on the sofa, she decides that it would be a good time to tease him with her own sexy body.


Zac watches her go through her yoga stretching routine right in front of his face.  He is fascinated by her amazing ass.  Alina Lopez knows that he is watching her.  She makes sure he gets a good look at her ass and cleavage, to get his cock nice and hard for some morning sex with her roommates boyfriend.

Brazzers In The Doghouse – Summary

One morning, when Alina Lopez comes downstairs in tiny pajamas, she notices her roommate’s boyfriend, Zac Wild, asleep on the couch. Looks like they had another fight. Alina never wastes an opportunity, especially when the opportunity is hunky Zac.

She starts to stretch in the living room, giving Zac a perfect view of her ass, eventually catching him watching her while rubbing his hard cock, and confirming her suspicions that he wasn’t asleep at all. She works his cock so well that he quickly agrees to cheat on his girlfriend, if only for a taste of the beautiful Alina.

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Codi’s Errands Codi Vore

Codi’s Errands
Zac Wild, Codi Vore

Codi Vore is such a smoke show in her short skirt and low-cut top, that she can make an unsuspecting Zac Wild hard and horny- even when she’s hauling a trash bag down to the dumpster. Zac asks Codi if they could add each other on social media and Codi accepts.


In Codi’s Errands, she pulls up her profile and shows Zac all her favorite photos while pressing her luscious body against him. Zac can’t help himself – he grabs her juicy melon tits and squeezes them. Then they relocate to a place much more private than the building’s dumpster, where they can fuck as loudly as they want to.

In Depth Review of Codi’s Errands

The background is of a painted white wall, at the bottom of the wall there is a silver plug socket with an appliance plugged in. There is Zac Wild and Codi Vore in the photo. Codi Vore is standing by the wall, her hair is blonde with dark roots and the ends of her hair are slightly curled.

She has round glasses that have a small, thin frame and she has a small amount of makeup on with bronzed cheeks and pink lipstick. The Codi has a happy expression on her face, almost as if she is laughing. Her top is a light pink which has a scooped neck and short sleeves.  Miss Vore is showing off a lot of cleavage.  It’s difficult not to with those huge natural boobs.

She wears a skirt that has a black waistband and then a blue base colour with a pink floral pattern. The skirt is also layered with frills. The Zac has his back to the camera, his head is bald and he has no facial hair. He wears a grey top with short sleeves and it is fitted around the top of his arm.