Tidying The MILF’s Pussy Misty Stone

Tidying The MILF’s Pussy
Misty Stone, Zac Wild

Tidying The MILF's Pussy

Appearing in her 13th Brazzers porn video, Misty Stone looks like every MILF lovers wet dream.  She is parading around her house in a pair of really tight leopard print panties and invites Zac Wild into her house so he can wait for her son to arrive back home.  She continues to do her housework wearing very skimpy clothing.  Zac’s cock becomes very erect.  Every time she bends over he just wants to grab her MILF ass.


The always sexy Misty Stone gets a knock on her door and finds her son’s college friend (Zac Wild). Her son’s not home, but Misty refuses to turn Zac away and brings the pervy young man inside. Misty asks Zac how college is going as she starts cleaning her messy living room.

In Tidying The MILF’s Pussy, Zac can barely concentrate on the questions because Misty just looks fantastic in her loungewear. When he gets a moment alone, Zac can’t resist jerking off. Misty catches Zac and decides that being a good host requires more than just letting him sit on the couch.

Tidying The MILF’s Pussy is the typical MILF set up.  A college guy who fantasises about fucking MILF pussy gets the chance to fuck his buddies hot mom.  It’s a set up that we have all come to love and enjoy.

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Stay On The Line Abella Danger

Stay On The Line
Abella Danger and Zac Wild

Stay on the line

Check out Abella Danger wearing a pair of bright shiny pink yoga pants.  They really show off her fabulous ass.  She is on the phone to one of her friends in Brazzers Stay On The Line.  She is giving her all the juice details about her sex life with Zac Wild.  Her friend wants to know all the details, so Abella tells her to ‘stay on the line’ while she gets fucked.  Her friend can hear everything on the other end of the phone line.


Abella isn’t named Danger just because it sounds cool. All her loyal fans know it’s because she’s got that adventurous personality. In Brazzers Stay On The Line, when Abella comes home after a long day and is chatting on the phone, she perks up a little at her friend egging her on and asking naughty questions about the latest boy toy.

Did Zac make her beg and plead for his hard cock in her throat, or was it more of the hard-line bouncing her thick ass up and down until she’s squirting everywhere? Well, prove it, Abella! Give this friend and us all the details. Maybe even a show…

Well, this is Abella Danger’s 95th Brazzers porn video appearance (including compilations).  I’m sure that we will be witnessing her 100th in the next few months.  Whether or not Brazzers will celebrate her 100th appearance or wait until she has 100 featured scenes under her belt, I can’t say.

Abella Dander Stay on the Line has plenty of squirting moments.  But the most astonishing fact about this new Abella video is that there is no anal sex involved.  As we all know by now, Abella Danger is almost always seen with a big cock in her ass!  I could be wrong, but there is definitely no anal sex in this trailer.  Whether or not they have kept it back for the main scene that is released on March 27th, 2021, remains to be seen.

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Diamond Dolls Luna Star and Payton Preslee

Diamond Dolls
Luna Star, Zac Wild and Payton Preslee

Diamond Dolls

This is a threesome porn video with two absolute stunning female pornstars.  Luna Star and Payton Preslee star with Zac Wild in Brazzers Diamond Dolls.  Just looking at the screenshot above, you know this is going to be an awesome group sex porn video.  Payton Preslee is making only her 5th appearance in a Brazzers movie, but for porn veteran Luna Star, this is the 76th Brazzers production that she has got butt naked and fucked in.


The always sexy Luna Star and Payton Preslee look exquisite, decked out in diamonds and skimpy lingerie. In Diamond Dolls, after Luna and Payton share some sexy alone time together, Zac Wild shows up and the ladies are hungry for his big dick, sucking and fucking it until they’re all worn out. The ladies may have the diamonds, but Zac is treated to a wealth of pussy.

I love seeing hot brunettes in high ponytails, so you can imagine my delight seeing the busty brown haired hotty Luna Star with her hair up.  She looks stunning as she sucks on Zac’s big cock with Payton Preslee by her side.  Having these to hot pornstars starring together in this porn video call Diamond Dolls is a stroke of genius.  They really perform well together and give off some great sexual chemistry.

So if you want to settle down to watch some great threesome porn action, you have found the right video.  Released on March 26th, 2021, I think Diamond Dolls is going to go down a storm with the Brazzers members as they get to see the full un-cut video.

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MILF Auditions A Big Dick Joanna Angel

Milf Auditions A Big Dick
Zac Wild and Joanna Angel

Milf Auditions A Big Dick

It’s a welcome return to Brazzers for the tattooed MILF superstar Joanna Angel.  I’m sure her 500,000 Twitter followers will be delighted to see her getting fucked hard and fast by Zac Wild in MILF Auditions A Big Dick.  Miss Angel gets her ass oiled up and her wet wet for Zac’s big cock.  They fuck each other on the casting couch so Joanna can find out if Zac is good enough to be part of her male escorting agency.


Girl boss Joanna Angel runs a male escorting business that services horny MILFS who love big cock. To cater to her customers’ connoisseur taste, Joanna only hires the best of the best. In MILF Auditions A Big Dick, ambitious Zac Wild hopes the picky madam will hire him, but first he has to prove that he has a big dick, can last through the best handjob and blowjob he’s ever had, and give tasteful Joanna the dick good and proper.

This is a pure hardcore fuckfest called MILF Auditions A Big Dick.  Joanna Angel is a real pro and knows precisely how to work the camera giving us the best angels of penetration.  She is no newbie when it comes to shooting hardcore pornography.  Miss Joanna Angel is a tattooed MILF that has appeared in nine Brazzers video going back to May 2018.

I’m surprised that we don’t see more casting couch style videos from Brazzers.  It’s one of the most popular (or was) niches for a while.  Maybe they thought that the casting niche was saturated and left it to the European porn producers.  Sites such as Fake Agent developed the casting niche and made it their own.

Joanna Angel is the MILF pornstar with the tattoo of a red bow on the back of her left leg.  she also has plenty of other tattoos on her arms and back too.

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Fuck My Wife While I Watch Tru Kait

Fuck My Wife While I Watch
Zac Wild and Tru Kait

Fuck My Wife While I Watch

I’ve ran out of superlatives trying to describe just how sexy Tru Kait is.  She is one of the big hits from Brazzers since she made her debut in May 2020.  Fuck My Wife While I Watch is her 9th Brazzers video.  That’s quite a large amount is such a short amount of time.  Brazzers must know that they have a world class hottie on their hands and they are making the most out of her.


Tru Kait is a feast for the eyes in this scene, changing wardrobe a few times to show off her big tits to her husband who is watching through the camera. See, he learned about her cheating and now he is obsessed with the idea of watching her fuck a hot, younger man so she invited Zac Wild to fulfill his fantasy. They settle on a little black dress for the date. Watch as Zac pounds Tru Kait’s tight, wet pussy until she begs him to cum on her perfect tits. Let the voyeur party begin!

What else can I say about this one in a million brunette.  She is the comoplete package.  Wit ha stunning body, great tits and a beautiful ass, Tru Kait will be one of the most successful pornstars for the next ten years at least.  Unless someone sweeps her off her feet and can drag her away from the porn scene, I predict she will be remembered as much as pornstars such as Lisa Ann, Tera Patrick and Shyla Stylez.

Fucking Between Friends Vanna Bardot

Fucking Between Friends
Zac Wild, Vanna Bardot and Codey Steele

Fucking Between Friends

The beautiful Vanna Bardot returns for her fourth outing in a Brazzers porn video.  In Fucking Between Friends she is happily cheating riding her boyfriends best friends cock, when his bestie walks in.  To her surprise, they did not fight, but instead they were happy to see each other.  In fact this Vanna is so shocked she suggests that she just fucks them both. This is music to the two guys ears and they enjoy fucking her holes in tandum.


Petite princess Vanna Bardot usually knows how to juggle with her hook ups, but this time, she fucked it up. She double booked two dick appointments and now both Codey Steele and his best friend Zac Wild came over to chill and fuck. Clever Vanna sneakily swaps between the two guys.

Fucking Between Friends Miss Bardot sucks Zac’s cock in her bedroom, and the minute after, she’s back in her living room, legs spread, Codey’s tongue up her pussy. It makes no doubt that the mischievous woman WILL get caught, one way or another. Luckily, the two dudes are thrilled to see each other. As we all know, strong friendship is the perfect foundation for an unforgettable threesome.

This is the second great threesome to be released by Brazzers on the same day.  I have already posted the Massage with a Strap on Ending 2 video, which was a great example of threesome fucking, but Fucking Between Friends is just as good and just as enjoyable to watch.  Vanna Bardot is a truly beautiful pornstar with all the right curves and all the right moves!

Stealthy Seduction Isis Azelea Love Azul Hermosa

Stealthy Seduction
Isis Azelea Love, Zac Wild and Azul Hermosa

Stealthy Seduction

Oh my days! What a great surprise this morning. We see a return to Brazzers for Isis Azelea Love.  We haven’t seen her for over a year, so seeing this hot brunette MILF in Stealthy Seduction was a genuine pleasant surprise!  Miss Love is joined by the stunning Azul Hermosa and Zac Wild in this awesome looking threesome!


Playing a sexy James Bond inspired spy game, exotic hotties Azul Hermosa and Isis Love infiltrate the home of Zac Wild. The mission? Seduce their target, and make him watch them fuck with a big strap-on. The hotties get so turned on that they end up inviting Zac to take his cock out and join them. Zac may have started as the target, but in the end, he gets to fuck these two absolute world class babes. Welcome back, this is Isis Love’s first Brazzers scene with a guy in quite some time. Enjoy it, Isis fans!

It’s really great to see Isis Azelea Love again.  She has always been one of my favourite pornstars ever since she retweet one of my tweets a few years ago.  I’m hoping that we will be seeing more and more of this great performing MILF.  She is the perfect looking woman for al those step mom porn videos that are so very popular these days.

I would love to see her in her own series of MILF videos.  Something along the lines of We Love Miss Love as a title.  This porn series could be where college guys visit her to get taught all the best sex techniques so they can impress their college girlfriends in bed.

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Brazzers Snack Packin Zac Wild and Bella Rolland

Brazzers Snack Packin
Zac Wild and Bella Rolland

brazzers snack packin

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I presume delivery companies have been one of the few businesses that have been thriving.  With a lot of retain shops closed and closing down, business that offer a great, reliable delivery service have been able to survive.  So in Brazzers Snack Packin, Brazzers have developed their very own delivery service.

In true Brazzers style, the delivery person is a hot naked pornstar!  The first delivery pornstar is Bella Rolland.  She is making her first drop off to Zac Wild.  As soon as Zac answers the knock at the door, he is greeted by the hot naked brunette pornstar with his order.

Brazzers Snack Packin her Ass on a Plate

He had orders the ZZ Snack service delivery.  Bella is delighted to be in Zac’s house.  Zac had no choice but to let her in. She insisted on a very personal satisfactory service.  She was only supposed to be delivering Zac’s ZZ Snacks that he ordered, but Bella also included some goodies of her own.

In Brazzers Snack Packin, Bella pulls out a big purple dildo from the ZZ bag and lays back and spreads her legs wide open.  She want Mr Wild to insert the dildo straight into her.  No pissing around, she just wants the dildo in her trimmed pussy. Zac has other ideas.  If he is going to have a hot naked pornstar in his house, he is going to make sure he makes the most of it.

In Brazzers Snack Packin, Zac pulls out his cock and tells Bella Rolland that he can do a better job with his cock than any dildo can.  That is music to Bella’s ears.  She drops to he knees and gives Zac a frantic double handed pepper grinder style blowjob.   Zac really enjoys his perfect pornstar blowjob.  Bella gags as she delivers Zac a sloppy blowjob on his living room floor.

Not only does Bella offer a great delivery service and blowjob, but she also offers her ass to Zac too.  Zac can’t believe he is going to be fucking Bella Rolland straight in the ass.   This is a fun, frantic porn video and a great idea that I’m presuming could easily be turned into a series of Brazzers delivery service scenes.

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