Codi’s Errands Codi Vore

Codi’s Errands
Zac Wild, Codi Vore

Codi Vore is such a smoke show in her short skirt and low-cut top, that she can make an unsuspecting Zac Wild hard and horny- even when she’s hauling a trash bag down to the dumpster. Zac asks Codi if they could add each other on social media and Codi accepts.


In Codi’s Errands, she pulls up her profile and shows Zac all her favorite photos while pressing her luscious body against him. Zac can’t help himself – he grabs her juicy melon tits and squeezes them. Then they relocate to a place much more private than the building’s dumpster, where they can fuck as loudly as they want to.

In Depth Review of Codi’s Errands

The background is of a painted white wall, at the bottom of the wall there is a silver plug socket with an appliance plugged in. There is Zac Wild and Codi Vore in the photo. Codi Vore is standing by the wall, her hair is blonde with dark roots and the ends of her hair are slightly curled.

She has round glasses that have a small, thin frame and she has a small amount of makeup on with bronzed cheeks and pink lipstick. The Codi has a happy expression on her face, almost as if she is laughing. Her top is a light pink which has a scooped neck and short sleeves.  Miss Vore is showing off a lot of cleavage.  It’s difficult not to with those huge natural boobs.

She wears a skirt that has a black waistband and then a blue base colour with a pink floral pattern. The skirt is also layered with frills. The Zac has his back to the camera, his head is bald and he has no facial hair. He wears a grey top with short sleeves and it is fitted around the top of his arm.