Alura TNT Jenson The Master

Alura TNT Jenson The Master

Alura TNT Jenson The Master
With Zac Wild

It’s time for more Brazzers Games.  This time it’s Alura TNT Jenson The Master that you will be enjoying over a hard wank.  Alura has those fucking massive tits covered by a Karate outfit.  Did you know that she is a Brazzers blackbelt in martial arts?

Alura found Zac wild to be an easy match up.  Zac was too busy trying to catch a glimpse of Alura’ big tits and lost all concentration.  Maybe that’s why Alura has become a black belt so quickly.  Maybe all her opponents are distracted by her sexy tits poking through.


When Alura made mince meat out of Zac Wild, she noticed that his cock was semi hard and making a bulge in his Karate kit.  In xAlura TNT Jenson The Master, Alura also felt horny about a Karate bout so she was in the mood for a fuck.  As soon as the referee left the arena, ALura grabbed Zac’s cock and told him to get on the floor and lick her wet sweaty pussy.

Zac loves sweaty pussy.  He often fantasised about licking gym bunny pussy.  He loves to watch hot babes in the gym and wish that he could fuck them in the locker rooms after their workout.

ALura sat on Zacs face unitl she had her first orgasm.  She then whipped of her kit to leave herself totally naked and waiting for Zac’s big cock to slide into her pussy.  In Alura TNT Jenson The Master, Zac was mora than happy to lose his Brazzers Games bout, as he now had the ultimate prize…Alura TNT Jenson’s big tits all up in his face.

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WAM Bam Thank You Ma’am Casey Calvert

WAM Bam Thank You Ma'am

WAM Bam Thank You Ma’am
Casey Calvert and Zac Wild

This is a Reality Kings porn video where Casey Calvert and Zac Wild have hot rough sex on the kitchen floor.  They both get dirty after Casey Calvert spends all day cleaning.  She dresses up as a sexy maid who cleans and then gets everything messy again for guys with a fetish for hot babes in maids outfits.


When you see brunette Casey Calvert all buttoned up in her spick-and-span cleaning uniform, you’d never guess that this hot maid who spends all day making homes spotless is the messiest slut you’ve ever seen.

In WAM Bam Thank You Ma’am, watch Casey bend over to sweep the floor so clean you can eat off it… and watch her ride Zac Wild’s big cock on the floor, both of them covered head to toe with food! Casey squirts cleaner on a mirror as she cleans up, and squirts sweet syrup on her chest as she gets dirty.

This dedicated maid fluffs up the pillows as she makes the bed… and eases her pillowy booty down on a sweet chocolate cake! Watch Casey get her hands – and more – dirty now.


Ready Aim Anal Sarah Jessie Zac Wild

Ready Aim Anal

Ready Aim Anal
Sarah Jessie and Zac Wild

Well this is different.  I think this is the first time that I have seen archery porn.  Brazzers have brought together Sarah Jessie and Zac Wild for this Brazzers Games anal sex video.

This video is set up to be just like a proper Olympic games style video.  Complete with graphics, commentary and great action shots.  Sarah Jessie is competing for gold in the archery competition along with Zac Wild.  They are both hot favourites to take the gold medal.


But when the rivalry got too much to handle, Miss Jessie decided to play dirty.  She used all the tricks in the game to put Zac off his aim.  Showing her tits, and bowing in his ear was not going to distract Zac from hitting the bulls eye.

In Brazzers Ready Aim Anal, there was only one thing left for Sarah Jessie to try, and that was her arse.  She has never had to use her ass to distract an opponent before.  Her tits usually do their job, but Zac’s girlfriend has a fantastic pair of tits, so he was not interested in Sarah’s boobs.

From the corner of his eye, Zac could see Sarah Jessie wiggling her ass at him.  She was shaking her booty and twerking like a pro.  Zac fired and missed.  He was devastated.   He was put off by a fine piece of ass.  He had to get his revenge.

He followed Sarah Jessie back to the changing rooms and caught her unaware with her knickers down.  He thrusts his big cock towards her butthole and she is delight that finally somebody took some notice of her ass.

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Kira Noir Stone Cold Massage

kira noir stone cold massage

Kira Noir Stone Cold Massage with Zac Wild.

Ebony pornstar Kira Noir is visiting her favourite massage parlour.  She loves the sensation of having a man’s big hands all over her body.  But today a new masseur, Zac Wild, recommended a cold stone massage instead.

Having already been fucked numerous times by numerous masseur’s already, Kira decides to give the new cold stone technique a try.


Kira squirms in shock whenever a cold stone is put on her, but the accompanying deep tissue massage warms her right up. The flurry of sensations turns Kira on and at the end of the massage, she allows an eager Zac to fuck her.

In Kira Noir Stone Cold Massage, her body shine and looks in really good shape.  Zac has no problem in getting his fat cock into her wet pussy.  She is already creaming herself from the cold stone massage.

She is amazed at just how horny she is.  Her pussy need a big cock to give her as many orgasms as possible to keep it totally satisfied.  Luckily for her, Zac has plenty of stamina and is able to keep fucking her for as long as she needs.

When Kira’s pussy has had enough fucking, she wants her arse to be fucked as well.  Using her natural pussy juices, Zac lubes up her ebony asshole and fucks her tight butthole until she has multiple anal orgasms as well.

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Reality Kings Vying For Morgan Lee

Reality Kings Vying For Morgan

Reality Kings Vying For Morgan
Morgan Lee, Zac Wild

Black haired Morgan Lee is the VIP guest of Ricky Johnson’s new show, Vying For. Three male contestants are fighting to the sexy girl’s heart. After answering a few casual questions, the boys are asked where they’d like to have sex with Morgan. Hunk Zac Wild scores big by answering “right here, right now”.


In Reality Kings Vying For Morgan, he gets to eat Morgan’s clit live on the show. It doesn’t take too long before Morgan is naked and wiggling her bouncy butt against Zac’s hard dick. He oils up Morgan’s whole body and proceeds to fuck her pussy and her throat. The lucky gal takes it in with great pleasure.

She moans and her eyes roll back as she’s almost fucked out of her mind. Zac cums at Morgan’s face, happy beyond measure about the outcome of the show.