Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me

Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me
Steve Holmes and Alexis Tae

Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me

If you work at a sex toy factory you are not only the butt of all jokes but you’re probably turned on for most of the day.  In Teasing Work Husband Until He Fucks Me Alexis Tae is a up and coming sexy business woman.  Her expertise in dildo’s has seen her rocket through the company, faster than any man has ever done.


She now finds herself alone in her office with a few of her new sex toy products.   Thinking she is in the building alone, Alexis Tae decides she would use this alone time to do some quality control on her dildos.  But in true porno style, she is not alone.  Steve Holmes catches her with a pussy full of dildo and cannot help but to stop and stare.

Super babe Alexis Tae and Steve Holmes work together at a sex toy company. Alexis takes advantage of her environment, playing with her pussy and using dildos, when Steve’s not looking. Steve does eventually catch her though, which leads to a horny Alexis letting Steve finger and fuck her. Nothing brings the workplace together like an intimate team building event!

I’m not sure where the husband is.  I think he is at home waiting for his wife to come home.  Alexis Tae forgets that she has left the zoom call on and her husband has to watch her getting fucked by creepy old Steve Holmes on his laptop.

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