Thanks I Owe You One – Girlsway

Thanks I Owe You One – Girlsway – Starring Hazel Moore and Samantha Reigns

Thanks! I Owe You One

Two teens – Hazel Moore and Samantha Reigns – are writing a test side-by-side in an exam setting. The pressure’s on! Samantha doesn’t seem to be doing too well, and leans over to peek at Hazel’s answers. The teacher catches Samantha cheating, and threatens to flunk her immediately. But Hazel covers for her, lying and saying that Samantha was just handing her a pencil she dropped.


In Thanks I Owe You One, after the test is over and the teacher leaves, Hazel and Samantha are alone. Hazel prepares to leave as well, but Samantha stops her to talk, asking why Hazel covered for her. Hazel is shy at first, but after some discussion she reveals the answer: because she has a crush on her. Samantha is deeply grateful, and offers to thank Hazel with a kiss… then another kiss, and another!

During Thanks I Owe You One, the two teens go back into the empty classroom and remove their clothes. They begin pleasuring each other with their fingers and tongues, exploring each other’s bodies and making good use of the classroom furniture. Wow! After they finish, they make plans to study together for the NEXT test. They’re probably going to do a lot more than just study, though!

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