The After After Party Julie Kay Nyna Stax

The After After Party

The After After Party
Julie Kay, Nyna Stax and Duncan Saint

I was a little worried this morning that I was going to fail to name one of the female pornstars involved in this threesome called The After After Party.  I could name Julie Kay and Duncan Saint but I was struggling to put a name to the ebony pornstar with big natural boobs and platinum blonde hair.

Luckily for me, the porn editors at Brazzers has put her name in the trailer graphics!  The pornstar name I was looking for was Nyna Stax.  I’m guessing the reason why she was not listed in the pornstar list is because she has no pornstar description written on the Brazers site yet, so there would be nothing to link her to.


Now that I have found her name, I have actually review the the latest Brazzers video called The After After Party.  As the name suggests, it takes place after some kind of college or fret party at Duncans house.  Duncan walks into the bathroom to find Julie Kay and Nyna Stax making out naked together in the shower.  Duncan does his very best to not to be seen so have can jerk off while he watched, but eventually Nyna realises that they are being spied on.

Find a man watching them kissing and playing with each others pussy has turned the two lovely ebony babes on.  They are both bi-sexual so they have no problem in inviting Duncan into the shower with them for a naught after party threesome.  Julie Kay pulls Duncans pants down to unleash he big erected cock.  The two girl look at each other and think they had won the jackpot and start giving him a super POV double mouthed blowjob.

Miss Kay is the first to get her wet shaven pussy fucked by Duncan’s impressively big cock.  Nyna enjoys watching as she rubs Julie tits.  But it’s not long before Nyna Stax gets her opportunity to ride cowgirl o that thick cock on he bathroom floor.  I had decided not to classify Nyna Stax as a BBW.  But I will say that she does have a might big ass. Her chunky ass is on full display when she gets on all fours and takes Duncan’s big cock from behind in a doggy-style fashion.

Duncan Saint makes the most of having these two sexy ebony pornstars in his bathroom.  He makes sure that he tries to fuck them both in as many different sexual positions as he can think of.  Julie Kay and Nyna Stax certainly appreciate having a big cock with a lot of staying power to share.  Most guys that they have tried a threesome with shoot their load within a few minutes, but is seems like Duncan can go as long as they want him to.

But eventually all good things must come to an end and Duncan Saint unleashes her spunk all over both of their faces at the same time.  Julie and Nyna get to do a little cum swapping between their mouths and let that warm man juice drip down each others chin.

I will also mention that there is also some great stripping a twerking action in this The After After Party video.  You can watch Julie Kay and Nyna Stax dancing around in their bra and panties.  Julie is wearing a bright pink bra and pantie set whilst big booted Nyna Stax is happily mincing around in a sexy electric blue set.

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