The Bed Bunk Fuck Fake Hostel Ariela Donovan

The Bed Bunk Fuck from Fake Hostel
Starring Ariela Donovan and Jack 23

The Bunk Bed Fuck

If I had edited this Ariela Donovan Fake Hostel porn video, I would have named it The Bunk Bed Fuck.  When I was growing up, we always called it a bunk bed, not bed bunk.  I presume it must be a regional language thing.  Any how, this is a great euro porn video with the stunning blonde Ariela Donovan getting her pussy hammered by Jack 23’s huge cock.  I have personally edited some previous Jack 23 porn videos and have been impressed with his sexual performances.


In The Bed Bunk Fuck, Ariela Donovan and Jack 23 find out they will be roommates in the Fake Hostel, and Ariela demands the bottom bunk. When Ariela leaves the room, Jack goes through her suitcase and finds a pair of her panties.

Turned on, Jack strips, then puts the panties on and gets into her bed. Ariela catches the sneaky little pervert, but she gets horny, so she gives him a blowjob. Ariela Ariela Donovan tells Jack to squeeze her tits, then she bounces her ass up and down taking his dick in her pussy. After Jack makes Ariela climax in the spoon position, he pulls out and covers her with a thick load of cum!

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