The Garden Of Demi’s Delights

The Garden Of Demi’s Delights
Demi Sutra, Ricky Johnson

The Brazzers wardrobe department have really done a great job with The Garden Of Demi’s Delights.  Demi Sutra is now a Brazzers contract pornstar and looks every bit of the sexual goddess that this video suggests that she is.  Surrounded by two naked, naturally breasts babes, she looks like she is worshipped by all the come before her.  The set looks like it’s made up to look like Cleopatra’s throne room from Roman times, but in this fantasy porn video it cold be from any period that you want.

The Garden Of Demi's Delights

At the start of this The Garden Of Demi’s Delights Brazzers video, we can see Demi Sutra doing some stand up meditation.  She is wearing sheer yellow lingerie and a thin silky gown.  Miss Sutra stands on a single piece of decking surrounded by exotic plants, fruit and healing stones.  When she clicks her fingers, Ricky Johnson appears and starts feeding her grapes.  Two naked women appear at her feet, looking up at her with adoring eyes.


Ricky Johnson and the two unnamed naked women are there to satisfy queen Demi Sutra sexual desires.  She opens her legs wide so that her pussy can be licked by two tongues and she opens her mouth so she can suck Ricky’s big black cock at the same time.  After she cum’s into the two pussy worshipping babes faces, she ushers them away so that she can let Mr Johnson concentrate on fucking her gushing wet pussy.

Demi Sutra Brazzers Contract Girl
Brazzers Contract Girl

The Garden Of Demi’s Delights now becomes a one on one sex video.  Ricky Johnson gets his big cock as deep as he can into Demi’s ebony pussy.

For me, the best part of the sex is when she is getting fucked doggy style and just twerks on his cock.  She really knows how to wiggle that sexy black ass all over Ricky’s black cock.

The Garden Of Demi’s Delights is also used to introduce Demi Sutra as the new Brazzers contract girl.  At the end of this Brazzers video, there are some candid shots of Demi talking to the camera off set, but still dressed like a goddess.

So I can safely say that we will be seeing a lot more of this ebony porn queen.  I assume that as a Brazzers contract girl she will have to appear in a set number of Brazzers videos every month…that’s absolutely fine with me.

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