The Masseuse Gets Massaged Alexis Fawx

The Masseuse Gets Massaged
Alexis Fawx and Will Pounder

The Masseuse Gets Massaged

I’ll never get tired of seeing Alexis Fawx in a Brazzers video.  That’s a good thing since she does feature heavily in the Brazzers back catalogue of porn videos.  The Masseuse Gets Massaged is Miss Fawx’s 62nd appearance in a Brazzers video (including compilations and specials).  Recently she has appeared in some of the most popular Brazzers release too such as The Shower Voyeur which became one of my most popular porn posts of recent times.


In The Masseuse Gets Massaged we find Alexis playing the role of an experienced Masseuse.  She is training the new guy Will Pounder in how to reach the places other massage parlours can’t.  She was hoping that one of her good friends was going to be a guinea pig for the day and be Will Pounders test guest.  But she never showed up.  This left Alexis Fawx alone with Will with no way of teaching him the ropes.

Alexis Fawx is a Sexy Massage Teacher

Alexis then had a great idea.  She would pretend to be Will’s first massage customer.  She could show Mr Pounder how to do a proper massage and talk him through it as he goes along.  This was fine with Will.  He has no problem in getting his hands on one of the sexiest MILF’s on the planet.

In The Masseuse Gets Massaged, Alexis guides him through the basics of how to welcome the customer into the the massage parlour and get them ready for a slow and relaxing massage.  But Alexis had forgotten that she did not put any underwear on today.  She was not expecting to get undressed so she left her house commando style.

Alexis removed her clothing and stood in front of Will Pounder totally naked.  She had no problem with getting her kit of as she has a stunning body that was in need of a massage to be honest.  Will pretended to remain professional and treated the naked Alexis Fawx like his first naked customer.  Alexis laid herself down on the massage table and told Will to place a towel over her hot naked body.

In The Masseuse Gets Massaged it was not long before the towel was removed.  When Alexis became to horny to continue her massage lesson, she removed the towel herself and told Will Pounder to stop pussying around and fuck her.  After all, that is what most of his female massage customers would be expected when they book into Alexis Fawx’s massage parlour.

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