The Pillow Humper Gets Hers Lulu Chu Victoria Cakes

The Pillow Humper Gets Hers

The Pillow Humper Gets Hers
Lulu Chu, Victoria Cakes

Pillow humping is a niche that has bought in plenty of new visitors to my site.  I think it has something to do with a new Brazzers porn advert where you see Jimmy Michaels and Michelle Anderson in the Pillow Humpers square porn ad.

So Brazzers have brought us another pillow humping video but this time we have Lulu Chu and Victoria Cakes in a lesbian roommate, strap on fuck fest.  The tiny asian pornstar Lulu Chu gets her pussy slammed hard by Miss Cakes.  In The Pillow Humper Gets Hers,, The ebony BBW wears a big strap on dildo and takes pleasure in listening to Lulu moans and groans when she inserts it into her very tight asian slit.


The opening shot sees Lulu taking a peek at Victoria’s big ass as she bends over to look inside the fridge.  Seeing that big black ass turns her on.  She goes back to her room and fantasise about it.  To help her try and have an orgasm, Lulu rubs her pussy up and down her pillow.  BUT what we find out is that it’s not her own pillow she is using.  Lulu Chu is actually rubbing her wet pussy all over Victoria Cake’s own pillow in her bedroom

In The Pillow Humper Gets Hers, when Victoria finds out, she is really pissed off.  She confronts Lulu who begs for forgiveness.  Victoria Cakes takes little pity on her. Instead she decides to teach Lulu new ways of making herself cum.  She introduces Miss Chu to some sex toys.  Inside the fridge is a large light blue suction dildo.  Victoria sticks the dildo onto the fridge door and makes Lulu back onto it.  Victoria then pushed the fridge door back and forth to fuck Lulu’s little pussy.

This is fucking genius.  I’ve never seen anyone getting fucked by a refrigerator door before.  Whoever cam up with this idea deserves a pat on the back!  But Lulu still cannot get full sexual gratification.  So Victoria Cakes has to resort to using her long red rubber strap-on cock.

During The Pillow Humper Gets Hers, ebony pornstar Victoria Cakes really goes to town on Lulu Chu’s petit pussy.  Lulu is put on the kitchen table so Victoria can use all the power from her huge black as to really ram home that strap-on cock deep into that tight wet asian slut hole.  I’m really impressed by just how well the little asian pornstar in pigtails manages to handle getting fucked so hard.

There is more to this lesbian roommate porn video than just dildos and strap-ons.  There is also some great footage to scissoring too. Victoria and Lulu sit on the kitchen floor and rub each others wet pussies together.  I also enjoyed watching Victoria hitting Lulu around the face with her huge black boobs too.

I’m surprised Lulu did not suffocate when Victoria sat on her face.  Her entire face disappears into that enormous black booty which leave Lulu gasping for air, but she seems to really enjoy it.  After all, it was Victoria’s massive bum that got Lulu turned on in the first place.  Watching her bending over in the fridge was the reason why this interracial lesbian porn video started in the first place.

I think we have seen a few porn videos now that feature women either bending over to look into the fridge, or getting fucked from behind with their faces in the fridge.  It must be a real fan pleaser.  The analysts at Brazzers mush be realising that that they are getting web site traffic and click-throughs from people taking an interest after seeing the fridge fucking video ads on PornHub or YouPorn recently.

I don’t expect to see many more video featuring fridge fucking.  I’m confident that Brazzers know their audience and will not want o over saturate their market with the same type of video.  There is only so many porn video featuring a fridge door that porn fan can endure.

So if you are looking to see a tiny asian pornstar in pigtails, getting her tight pussy absolutely hammered by an ebony BBW wearing a long red  strap-on cock, then this The Pillow Humper Gets Hers, video is perfect for your needs.  I predict that this video will be converted into a PornHub porn advert and seen by millions of porn fans in the very near future.

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