Tight Shirt Tight Ass AJ Applegate

Tight Shirt Tight Ass starring JMac and AJ Applegate


I’m delighted that AJ Applegate’s return to Brazzers was not a fleeting one.  We last saw Miss Applegate in a Brazzers video a few weeks ago after an absence of nearly two years.  So this new AJ video is like a London bus, you wait for ages for one and then two come along in quick succession.


In Tight Shirt Tight Ass we find her in the famous Brazzers laundry room where all sorts of mischief seems to happen.  I’ve lost count of how many pornstars have found themselves with cock in their pussy or ass whilst innocently doing the laundry.

AJ Applegate takes off her silky red robe to reveal her naked body.  She is going to put the robe in for a quick wash because she thinks she is all alone in the house for a good 3-4 hours.  We get a great view of her outstanding ass as she bends over to put the robe in the washing machine.

AJ Applegate Anal Sex Brazzers Video

But when she takes out yesterdays laundry from the dryer, she discovers that she has shrunk all of her clothes.  Her t-shirt barely covers her small breasts and all her panties are far too small and don’t cover her butt.  She puts on the panties to show her boyfriend JMac when he got home from work.  As much as he was gutted of AJ for shrinking her clothes, he did find seeing her in tiny panties and a tight t-shirt very sexy.

In Tight Shirt Tight Ass AJ Applegate looks so sexy in clothes that are far too small for her that JMac cannot resist pulling her onto the bad and start taking her sexy body.  He slides her panties to one side and lubs up her arse and gives her an afternoon of hardcore anal sex to make her feel better.

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