To-Tall Anal Domination Jane Wilde Rocky Emerson

To-Tall Anal Domination

To-Tall Anal Domination
Jane Wilde and Rocky Emerson

This lesbian anal strap-on porn video called To-Tall Anal Domination stars Jane Wilde and Rocky Emerson.  It is a girl on girl strap-on video that shows a lot of anal insertion from fingering to a big rubber dildo.

Rocky Emerson is not happy about her husbands new assistant being so pretty and flirtatious.  When she catches Jane Wilde trying to seduce her husband in his office, she decided to teach her a lesson.


When her husband was out of the office for his lunch break, Rocky invites Jane into the office for a little chat.  She locks the door behind them and gets to work on making sure that Jane thinks differently about seducing her husband again.

In Brazzers To-Tall Anal Domination, Rocky dominates Miss Wilde in the office.  She demands that she removes all her clothes and opens her legs.  She is not interested in her pussy, Rocky Emerson is only interested in playing with Jane Wilde’s tight butthole.

This Hot and Mean lesbian porn video shows, Jane Wilde getting her arse fisted, and then fucked by a big rubber pink dildo.  There is some great footage of gaping near the end of this Brazzers lesbian porn video too.

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