Torn Tights Anal Shower Canela Skin

Torn Tights Anal Shower

Torn Tights Anal Shower
Jordi and Canela Skin

In life there is ass, great ass, and then there is Canela Skin!  If you are looking for a fine piece of ass then look no further than this wonderful Latin babe with the hottest booty in the adult industry right now.  Watch Torn Tight and Anal Shower and then decide whether you agree that Canela’s Ass is right at the top of the great ass list.

Her beautiful booty is one of that I have had the pleasure of editing.  I have edited her in a FakeTaxi video and more recently when creating great ass compilation videos for FAKEhub.


So, I’m delighted to be able to walk you through what to expect in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Torn Tights Anal Shower.  As the title suggests, we are going to see Jordi rip open Canela’s nylon tights and get his cock buried deep inside her wonderful rear end.

The scene opens up with Canela Skin getting her clothes off.  She takes off her top to reveal her tits and tattooed body.  Then we get a quick glimpse of her giving a sloppy blowjob, before watching her getting into the shower with her purple nylon tights on.  Quite why she is showering with nylon tights on, is not explained, but we can run with it.

We then find the ponytailed Miss Skin pulling down her soapy wet purple nylon tights over her big ass.  This is wen you can truly see what a fantastic ass she has.  It’s a the perfect example of Latina bubble butt!  The action heats up with a close up of Canela Skin rubbing her soapy pussy.

We don’t actually get to see Jordi enter the shower, but Canela is complimenting him on the size of his cock.  It looks so big compared to his skinny Spanish body.  What Jordi lacks in weight, her can certainly make up in stamina.  He rips apart Canela Skins purple tights and gets to work by rimming her ass.

Jordi helps himself to a good ass fucking. He is anal heaven during this scene.  Getting his big Spanish cock in her Latina asshole must be one of the best experiences of his porn career.  Jordi finishes the scene off by cumming in her arse and watching Canela Skin pushing Jordi’s cum out of her arse.

I’m still not convinced by the use of of vocals on the background music.  This is something new that Brazzers have done over the last few weeks… it doesn’t work for me to be honest.