Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1

Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1
Tiffany Watson, Sybil Stallone, Scott Nails

Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1

I’m a little pushed for time today, so I’ll be making the most out of the Brazzers scene description for Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1 starring Tiffany Watson, Sybil Stallone and Scott Nails. It’s a shame because I would have loved to describe Sybil Stallone huge boobs and how she makes them bounce up and down on the screen.


This Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1 might be appearing as a porn advert in the near future.  I’m saying this because the scene has been brought forward in the Brazzers scene release schedule.  I believe this is because they want to use this video to promote Brazzers on porn tube sights as a soon as possible.

Recently Brazzers have been releasing 2 part porn videos on the same day.  So it feels a little odd that Trainer Wants To Fuck Part 1 has suddenly appeared in the schedule 3 days later and without part two.  I’m just guessing that there are some porn advert worthy moments in this video that Brazzers want to monetise as fast as possible.

The sexy Sybil is mid-blowjob on her boyfriend (Scott Nails) when her fitness trainer Tiffany Watson shows up for an at-home workout session.The session begins and it seems anything but innocent,with trainer Tiffany fondling and staring at Sybil at every opportunity.

Tiffany’s intensions become even more clear once Scott leaves the room; she takes Sybil’s top off and unzips her tights mid-workout, then reveals a strap-on, intending to fuck Sybil in the ass. Sybil turns the tables though, taking the strap-on away from Tiffany and putting it on herself.

Now it’s the trainer who’s about to get some anal training. The “workout” continues, with Tiffany squirting all over the place and both women exhausted by the end. Good news for Scott; once Tiffany leaves, Sybil’s still plenty horny.

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