Training her Throat MacKenzie Mace and Jimmy Michaels

Training her Throat

Training her Throat
MacKenzie Mace, Jimmy Michaels

When Jimmy Michaels tweeted that he was off on his travels to shoot more porn, I cheekily tweeted a reply to say that “I hope you have fun fucking your stepmom’s”.  I wrote that because I presumed he would be shooting a lot of step mom niche porn.  However, in this new Jimmy Michaels video, he is actually not playing a step son, but he’s actually playing the role of a TV repair guy.

Training Her Throat Summary

Do not disturb the naughty MacKenzie Mace when she’s doing her sexercises! You might put yourself in trouble like TV repair guy Jimmy Michael. In Training her Throat poor Jimmy simply wants to fix the TV set while MacKenzie is determined to “train her throat”, whatever that means.

In Training her Throat, eyes fixated on the cables behind the TV, Jimmy starts hearing what he can only describe as “deep throat sounds” behind him. Shocked Jimmy surprises the horny MacKenzie shoving down ginormous dildos in her mouth. As at trained repairman true to his code of conduct, handy Jimmy can certainly help MacKenzie train her eager throat!

I still have trouble believing that this guy is older than 16.   His baby face is going to win him a lot of porn roles for the foreseeable future!

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