True Lesbian – Bad Reputation

In Girlsway True Lesbian – Bad Reputation, Sarah (April Olsen) exits her home and bids farewell to her family inside. Wearing a non-public school uniform with glasses and a rucksack, Sarah is going to graduate at the highest point of her group.

She might look guiltless outwardly, yet Sarah covertly yearns for energy … what’s more, different ladies. She sneaks through her earphones and puts on a troublemaker tune as she strolls not too far off to class.

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In the mean time, Andy (Jane Wilde) sits at the foundation of a tree, legs spread as she dumps the substance of her school pack on the ground before her. Andy has bombed senior year twice. She scavenges through her things, opening a journal loaded with lesbian doodles.

She sees Sarah accidentally cruise by. Andy has been standing by the entire morning for Sarah. Something about Sarah has consistently intrigued Andy. She snatches her things and hustles to get up to speed. Strolling gradually behind Sarah so she can look at her briefly, Andy takes in the lovely understudy before slowly making up for lost time and eliminating her earphones. She acquaints herself with Sarah, referencing that they have homeroom together.

During True Lesbian – Bad Reputation, the understudies stroll along the street together, as Andy gripes harshly about their homeroom, how she’s continually getting suspended, how exhausting it is, and how their educator ought to resign. Before long, they fall into quietness, as the two ladies look for what to say straightaway.

At long last, Sarah ends the quietness, inquiring as to whether she is prepared for finals. Andy stops and studies the street ahead. Andy then, at that point, excitedly recommends that they pursue a faster route and veers off the way. Sarah pauses and can’t resist the urge to be entertained at the immediacy of her new companion. She’s really adorable, when she isn’t making a decent attempt. She chooses to follow.

Sarah follows Andy down a way. She’s almost certain they are heading the other way of her school at this point. Yet, she couldn’t care less. She truly enjoys Andy and wishes they could go through the entire day together. Sarah and Andy talk about their lives, their sexual strain building.


In the long run, Sarah inquires as to whether she has a beau. Andy reacts with a laugh, saying that folks aren’t actually her sort. Sarah chuckles back and gestures her head ungracefully. She can truly feel the pressure between them now. They visit somewhat more, drawing nearer and nearer to one another. At last, the strain bubbles over and they incline toward a tree and kiss, their hands moving over their school garbs.

Andy might have an awful standing, however Sarah will discover how GOOD that can feel in some cases…