Unmasking The Mistress Abigail Mac Kendra Spade

Unmasking TheMistress Abigail Mac

Unmasking The Mistress
Abigail Mac and Kendra Spade

Imagine cheating on a hot wife like Abigail Mac.  Would you have time to cheat on her?  Wouldn’t you spend too much time fucking the shit of out her everyday?  Where would you find the time for another woman?

Unfortunately, Ramon just can’t help fucking other women.  He loves the thrill of chasing after other hot chicks to see how many babes he can fuck behind his wife’s back.  Kendra Spade continuously sends him sex videos of herself on a daily basis.


Kendra had promised him some hot steamy sex in a hotel room just around the block and he is eager to get there.  But Abigail has just reminded hm that it’s their date night.  She is pissed off when he blows her out and lies about having to do to work late.

Ramon leaves his phone laying on the couch.  Abigail picks it up when she here’s another message coming though.  She watches another raunchy video from Kendra. Now she nows that her husband is cheating on her.  To get even, Abigail Mac finds Kendra in the hotel room and demands to have lesbian sex with her.

Once they have finished, kissing, tribbing, scissoring and cumming, Abigail sends a video of them together totally naked with fingers inside each other.  Ramon is shocked at first to receive the video, but then watches it again and realises that he has married a bisexual woman….winning!