Vibing 2 Bella Rolland Brazzers Anal Video

Vibing 2 starring Bella Rolland and Kyle Mason.

Vibing 2

We are blessed with a great anal sex video from Brazzers today.  Vibing 2 starring Belle Rolland looks to be an absolute belter of a video.  Just be the look of the screenshot alone, I’m really looking forward to seeing Bella’s ass getting penetrated by Kyle’s big dick.


Using a Vibration platform, Bella makes her ass wobble.  I’m not sure how these vibration devices are supposed to help people get into shape, but they sure make and interesting way to turn her boyfriend on.

In Vibing 2, wearing a tiny pair of sky blue shorts, Bella walks around the house with some of her butt cheeks on show.  She is getting ready to do her daily workout routine in the living room.  She begins with some gentle stretches that include touching her toes!  We get to see a fantastic close up of her juice round bubble butt, before she step onto the vibration platform.

Bella Rolland and her Great Bubble Butt

Bella soon discovers that she really enjoys the vibrations running through her body.  She slowly slips out of her sky blue shorts and tries to get her clit onto the vibration platform.  Surely that will make her cum very quickly.  It’s at this point that Kyle Mason appears and offers his cock to help her achieve the orgasm she desires.

In Vibing 2, it’s not her clit that Kyle is going to stimulate.  Kyle is more interested in Bella big butt.  Watching it vibrate on the vibration machine has made him desire her ass.  He pours oil all over her big butt and slips his cock deep into her round ass for a Brazzers anal sex video.

I’m wondering whether this video will be suitable to be transformed into a porn advert for tube sites.  I think it offers something unique in terms of the vibration platform and there are some great close ups of her face as her ass gets fucked.

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