We Like Girls – SERENE & EMBER

We Like Girls
Serene Siren and Ember Snow


This might be an official first for We Like Girls today, and that is the fact that we have on this show a recently-awarded Lesbian Performer of the Year — the one and only Serene Siren!

‘I’m just so happy to be here today. This is a big deal! I have masturbated to We Like Girls multiple times,’ Serene Siren excitedly told us. ‘It’s one of my favourite series that I’ve ever seen and I’m just like, ‘I made it! I’m here!”

I was so thrilled to work with Serene, not only because she’s an incredible performer, but because she is one of the most generous and kindest souls I have ever met. It was also extra special to me because this was the first time that we’ve met face-to-face!

Serene, as you can probably guess, had quite a few potential scene partners to choose from for this project. But I was so glad that the woman she chose, and who we were able to connect her with, is someone who is equally as passionate, genuine, kind, and amazing — Ember Snow.

‘One thing I absolutely love about Ember is her sheer desire to make you feel good,’ Serene gushed. ‘She emanates this energy that makes you comfortable, that makes you trust her, that makes you feel not judged, that makes you feel… SEXY.’

I couldn’t WAIT to get these two wonderful ladies together but I HAD to draw it out as long as I could so that the moment they came together would be spectacular. Once they finally met on set, practically leaping into each other’s arms… Well, now you’ll see just how spectacular that moment truly was!