Webcam Models

Over the years I have seen a lot of webcam models make the transition from webcaming to hardcore porn. I have also now seen the opposite happening.


If you look on twitter you will see plenty of models on there advertising when they are available on cam . Whether they are using Skype or a dedicated webcam site, some webcam models can earn hundreds of pounds per week.

They have to remain dedicated to the job though.  It’s not as simple and purchasing a webcam and waiting for punters.  For a full-time webcam babe to make money, they have to treat it as a real business.

Marketing and advertising in their primary focus throughout the day.  They must be getting their links and webcam schedule out to the masses at every given opportunity.

Even the most popular webcam hotties cannot rest.  The competition is really tough right now.  With high speed internet, anyone can have a go at earning cash by getting their tits out in front of a webcam.

The webcam business is multi-niche.  From hot teen babes to GMILF, the webcam industry has a lot of customers willing to pay their money to get private one on one shows from models just sitting in their bedrooms and getting their kit off.

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