Wet Workout Savannah Bond, Mazee

Wet Workout
Savannah Bond, Mazee

Savannah Bond Wet Workout

As soon as I saw this screenshot, I knew I was going to enjoy writing this porn review of Wet Workout starring Savannah Bond and Mazee.  Just take a look at those fine looking titties pressed up against the window of a shower room.

I have always enjoyed swatch Savannah Bond porn videos.  I guess I am just a sucker for blondes with big tits, or brunettes and redheads with big tits!  But the first impression of Wet Workout was, ‘OMG, I need to get this review done now’.

AnalThe opening moments of this new Savannah Bond video called Wet Workout show us that she is in tip top shape.  She shows off that perfect pornstar body in a white vest and thong outfit.  It looks comfortable on the top half but trying to do a workout in a thong must be slightly off putting in my opinion.  But as I’ve never worked out in a thong, I can’t really say for sure.


Watching the busty blonde pornstar go through her workout routine is a real pleasure.  She sticks her big tits and ass in front of the camera to really put you in the mood to start fapping off to her.

When she finishes her workout and stretches, Miss Bond heads off to the shower.  She doesn’t bother taking off her white verst and thong.  She enjoys letting the water run over her body and rubs her big ass against the glass.

She continues to move her body in an erotic fashion.  She knows that her roommate Mazee has entered in the intentionally unlock shower room.  Catching him in the reflection of the shower pipe work, Savannah teases Mazee until he finally joins her in the shower.

Mazee’s big black cock is almost fully erect as soon as he steps inside and presses himself against Savannah Bond’s big boobs.  Savannah reaches down and grips his big black cock in her hand and slowly strokes it while he sucks on her erect nipples.

Mazee decides that he needs more room to really appreciate Savannah’s fantastic body.  He leds her out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor.  Positioning her onto all fours, Mazee bends down behind her and gives her a good ass licking.  Savannah enjoys receiving a rimjob from Mazee and almost cums.

This scene featuring the blonde bombshell Savannah Bond gets even bettter.  With her asshole wet and lubed from Mazee’s tongue, she lay’s him down and lover her chocolate starfish over his cock and delivers some fantastic anal sex action.

I was not expecting this to be an anal sex video.  But, I can assure you that I was so glad it was.  Watch the angelic looking Savannah Bond having her ass fuck by a big black cock was certainly one of the highlights of the new porn scenes on offer this week.