What the Fuck Happened to my Google Traffic?

Once again, after generating thousands of hits through organic traffic, I’m left wondering what the fuck happened to my Google traffic?  From 10,000 unique hits per day, I’m now staring at my google analytics which is telling me that I’m down to less than 300 per day.

what the fuck has happened to my google traffic

This has now happened to me on four occasions over the passed 8 years.  I get a huge amount of growth and then BAM…it disappears over a period of 4-5 days.  I have approximately 1-2 months of genuine organic traffic that converts into sales, but suddenly it’s as though Google no longer indexes my new pages.

I have ran out of ideas as to how this bullshit happens.  I have tried everything to maintain the growth of unique hit to my porn blog.

  • I’ve followed all the rules that YOAST suggest to me after I have finished writing my post.
  • I’ve written 100% unique content, no copying and pasting scene descriptions from Brazzers, Reality Kings or Fake Taxi.
  • I’ve kept all my posts over 300 words.
  • I’ve updated my blog on a daily basis with at least 2 posts per day.

But still, after all that, I’m back to square one with my blog.  hardly any traffic to speak about.  I the passed when this has happened I have simply deleted the entire blog.  I figured that I must of done something wrong along the line that Google did not approve of.  This (after a few months) helps retrieve my traffic.  But after writing some many unique blog post, I am not willing to delete everything again.

So what have I done differently this time that MAY of contributed to my web site traffic taking another tumble?

  • I re-opened an old site of mine called The Pornstar List onto my server with the same I.P address.
  • I opened another web site on my server, which is not porn related (it’s about Doctor Who).
  • I added a lot of back links on The Pornstar List and gained a lot of link in return to THIS porn blog.

So maybe one of these actions has contributed to my traffic downfall??

Sometimes I also have other theories as to what the fuck happened to my Google traffic.  They do sound a little far-fetched and sound like conspiracy theories, but…

Has my site been banned from being indexed on Google?  I have had no notification on this on Google webmaster tools.

Has my site been cloned and the cloned site has a higher domain authority than mine and is grabbing all my traffic first? This has happened before.  A Russian hack group cloned my site using 4 other domain names and duplicating my post as soon as I published the post.

Have my posts been report to Google via DMCA because I am using Brazzers, Reality Kings, FakeHub images?  Again, no notification, and why would they report an affiliate who is sending sales to their site?

As you can imagine, this is very frustrating.  The sales that this porn blog generates is a great 2nd income…it’s not going to buy me a 2nd house, but it’s enough to be able to spend on a few treats for the family without breaking the bank.

So I’m now left thinking about deleting all my posts again and starting from scratch…again.  But this time I’m just wondering whether it’s actually worth it.  Maybe I should just keep doing what Im doing and maybe the traffic will comeback on it’s own accord for whatever reason…decisions…decisions.

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