Where Did All My Google Traffic Go?


I woke up one morning in June, opened up Google analytics, and thought “where did all my Google traffic go?  From 15,000 unique visitors per day down to barely 2,000.  It happened more or less over night.

I’m not going to pretend that I have been following every SEO golden rule, but I have not changed a single thing in my blog post routine.  I post 2-3 blog posts per day, with tags, categories, 350 words, external link and internal links.  This method has generated 15,000 daily visits per day.  Then suddenly, it all fades away.

So what is going on?

google-traffic-graphFuck knows…that’s all I can say.  I canned through my previous weeks posts to see if I have made any fundamental changes to my site, but no, I was very strict with myself to keep to a structured posting routine.

Most of the day I would have at least 4-50 people viewing my site at any one time.  During peak hours, I would be hitting 80-90, but as I write this SEO blog post, I just have 4 people browsing through the porn blog posts I have written over the passed 2 years.

I have taken a look through google webmaster tools to see if I have any DMCA’s against me, but there in nothing listed.  All I can see on my google console is that my web traffic graph takes a huge nose dive towards the end on June.

To be honest, this has happened to me before, but I thought that I had made rookie errors and ruined my SEO myself.  I remember last year that my site was being cloned by some Ukrainian hackers.  I tried to block their IP addresses but ended up blocking Google crawl bots and my site did not get indexed for a few months.

This time, however, I have no idea why Google is not ranking my posts as highly as they were 3-4 weeks ago.  The only thing I can think of right now is that some of my backlinks may of disappeared.  Web sites that have had links pointing to my site may of been deleted at some point.

So what do I do now?

I think I’m just going to continue to my porn post routine and see what happens.  I’ll give it 3-4 months and see if my google traffic returns.  I’ll also go and look for more blog post exchanges and see if that helps.

If you have any ideas as to where did all my google traffic go, send me a tweet @xxxvideoeditor