Which Ex Is Best Part 1 and Part 2

Which Ex Is Best Part 1 and Part 2
Lauren Phillips, Cecilia Lion and Steve Holmes

Which Ex Is Best

It’s a two part porno called Which Ex Is Best.  The redheaded MILF Lauren Phillips is looking her usual busty self and Cecilia Lion is looking very much like a hot college babe.

Which Ex Is Best Part 1

Sexy ebony and fun time college student Cecilia Lion recently started fucking an older woman, curvy redhead MILF with big boobs, Lauren Phillips. After a passionate make out session in the bedroom, Cecilia goes to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water and runs into Steve Holmes, Lauren’s “loser ex-husband” who’s crashing on her couch after a rough breakup with another woman.


After flirting with Cecilia, Steve decides to try his luck at seducing her and succeeds, if only for one quick blowjob. Lauren enters and catches them, then runs out of the room, really angry. Cecilia goes to make it up to Lauren Phillips and proves that she really does like girls better than men… at least she thinks she does!

Which Ex Is Best Part 2

After waking up with her girlfriend, Cecilia goes to shower only to be interrupted by Steve, who joins her like it’s no big deal. Lucky for Steve, Cecilia is craving another taste of his big, hard cock and the two sneakily fuck in the bathroom before Cecilia crawls back into bed with her girlfriend, Steve’s ex-wife.


I’m hoping that they turn one of these Which Ex Is Best episodes into a porn advert.  I think any video with Steve Holmes makes a great porn ad.  Lauren Phillips amazing tits always impress me when they bounce all over the screen too!

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