Who Blurs the Fake Taxi Drivers Face?

If you are trying to find out who blurs the Fake Taxi drivers face, then you have found him.  Well, one of the team anyway.  I have been blurring the Fake Taxi drivers face, full-time since 2017, but I was the video editor who edited the first 10 ever Fake Taxi episodes back in 2021.

Blurring the fake taxi drivers face

There are two full-time video editors who edit the Fake taxi videos.  Blurring the drivers face is just one of the main porn editing duties required to make a Fake Taxi video.  Not only do we need to blur his face, but we also need to blur any signs of brand names or faces of the public in the background.

Hopefully, you might not have noticed, that throughout most of the Fake Taxi videos, the windows are slightly blurred.  This is to make sure that we also blur any car number plates that might be readable during the scene.

To blur the Fake Taxi drivers face, I use Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud on a 24 inch iMac.  Using the gaussian blur effect within Premiere Pro I try and make sure the blurring effect is not to harsh.  I do this by giving each blur (whether its the face or a window) a heavy feather. Some where over the 30 point mark does the business.  I would go higher if the face is near to the camera.

Blurring the Fake Taxi videos can be time consuming depending on the shoot location of the video.  If the driver has decided to drive through a busy town centre, then I have to be very careful to make sure that I blur any brand names on shop windows or billboards.  Also, in a busy city centre there will be plenty people on the pavements that need to have their faces blurred too.

It’s not only Fake Taxi videos that I blur as part of my porn editing duties.  I also need to blur for Female Fake Taxi, Public Agent, and most recently Forgive Me Father.  So editing porn isn’t about sitting in my pants watching porn all day! There’s plenty more to it than that.

If you require a porn video editor, then please feel free to email me or DM me on Twitter.

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