Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife Kimber Woods Desiree Dulce

Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife

Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife
Kimber Woods and Desiree Dulce

Gamer girl porn videos are still very popular on the internet.  all the nerds and geeks have that fantasy of having a sexy gamer girlfriend who love to play video games wearing hot pants with plenty of cleavage on show. [ FULL VIDEO HERE ]  It this Brazzers Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife porn video, we have two married lesbians Kimber Woods and Desiree Dulce.  Kimber is the gamer girl and Desiree is her hot business women wife.

Miss Dulce is fed up with the amount of time that Kimber spends on the game console, so she tries to ease her off it by selling the gaming chair.  But Kimber is too addictive and just finds another chair.  So Desiree has to change tactics.  She uses her sexual prowess tempt Kimber off the gaming in console and into bed.

I love the outfit that Brazzers have given Kimber Woods.  She really suits the gamer girl look.  Wearing thigh high socks, a white thong, red vest and pink gamer headphones, she certainly looks the part.  I’m not sure what the yellow game console controller is.

Desiree is wearing a smart, black business woman suit with a purple silky blouse underneath.  Her hair is very long and straight.  These two pornstars create a great blonde on brunette lesbian porn video.

Wrecking My Gamer Girl Wife – Summary

The sexy Kimber Woods loves gaming, but her snobby wife Desiree Dolce is always on her back about it. To dissuade Kimber from gaming, Desiree has their couch removed, but Kimber just grabs a chair and keeps on going.

Having enough, Desiree decides to show Kimber what her excessive gaming is making her miss out on… some pussy licking and mind-blowing lesbian sex! Desiree even breaks out a strap-on dildo to fully capture Kimber’s attention. It’s “game over” for Kimber’s gaming addiction.

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