Wrestlefucking Kendra Spade and Molly Stewart

OMG Brazzers have released an awesome new female wrestling porn video called Wrestlefucking.  It stars Molly Stewart and Kendra Spade in a lesbian video.


I think that most guys (and some ladies) have fantasied about watching two female wrestlers ending up having lesbian sex together.  All the touching a holding must be a turn on for some lesbian wrestlers.


In Brazzers Wrestlefucking, Molly Stewart has just become the Braz All Girl wrestling champion.  She is getting dressed back stage when a masked Kendra Spade enters and steals Molly’s championship belt.

Molly is having none of it.  She challenges Kendra to a wrestling match right there and then in the locker room.  When Molly removes Kendra’s mask and see’s her pretty face, Molly’s attention turned to her pussy rather than her wrestling ability.

Of course with this being a porn video, the wrestling soon turned into girl on girl sex.  Molly and Kendra perform some stunning lesbian moves on each other.  From fingering, pussy licking and tribbing, this outstanding lesbian sex video had it all.

Kendra Spade’s body looks in tip top condition wearing a tight blue leotard, and Molly looks as sexy as ever in a pair of fishnet stockings and bright yellow hot pants.

This is the 9th time that Miss Spade has appeared in a Brazzers porn video.  As for Miss Stewart, this is her 11th time.  As far as I can tell, Molly Stewart only appears in lesbian Brazzers videos.  Maybe they will released her “firth ever’ boy girl scene in the near future!

If you like watching female wrestling on the TV and ever though about what it would be like to watch them getting naked and fucking, then Brazzers Wrestlefucking will help you see that sexual fantasy.

It will be released on 14th October, 2019.

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