Yoga For Perverts starring Abella Danger

Yoga For Perverts
Abella Danger and Small Hands

Yoga For Perverts

I thought it wouldn’t be long before we see Abella Danger in another Brazzers anal sex video.  I was starting to wonder whether she had gone into semi-retirement.  I’m used to seeing an Abella Danger video at least once a fortnight.  So I am delighted to watch her butthole getting fucked once again in a Brazzers video called Yoga For Perverts.


Yes, it’s another yoga themed porn video.  But let’s not be too hasty to judge .  We do get a lot of these yoga themed videos from Brazzers, but I believe that there must be a valid reason…and there is…they are blooming awesome!  Come on guys, and girls, what’s not to like about watching some of the hottest pornstars in the world stretching out their incredible bodies for your enjoyment.   I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that have taken a view of a yoga class and wanted to fuck the women in their tight yoga pants.

Abella Danger can Yoga with the Best of them

This Abella Dander Yoga for Perverts video is first class.  Not only do we get to watch her sexy Brazzers contracted body perform some outstanding yoga stretches, but also get to see that legendary ass get fucked once again.  Small Hands is the lucky male pornstar that gets his cock treated to some Miss Danger ass.

Wearing fluorescent coloured clothing, Abella Danger gets down to her morning yoga routine.  Already glistening with sweat, Abella makes sure the camera gets a superb view of her outstanding body.  She is able to pull off the splits with ease.  As she looks up, seductively at the camera we get a great view down her top at her perfect tits.  The biggest surprise for me is when Abella Danger performs the head stand.  I’m sure there is a yoga term for that position.

It’s not long before Small Hands enters the scene and rips open Abella yoga pants from behind to expose that world class ass.  We have all seen her asshole before, but Brazzers do such a great job in pre-teasing, it’s still a joy when we finally get to see her chocolate starfish waiting to be fucked by a big stiff cock.

Brazzers Yoga For Perverts has just the right blend of sexy yoga teasing from Abella and hardcore anal sex to follow.  This is Miss Danger’s 92 Brazzers appearance (including compilations) and the yoga teasing is some of the best I’ve seen.

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