Yoga Freaks Episode Fourteen Azul Hermosa

Yoga Freaks Episode

Yoga Freaks Episode Fourteen
Isiah Maxwell and Azul Hermosa

Wow, has the Yoga Freaks really been going for fourteen episodes?  Or, do the Brazzers editors just use this title whenever they struggle to find a new original title 😉 It doesn’t really matter. Who cares about the originality of a porn video title?

This is an interracial episode of the Yoga Freaks series.  It stars Azul Hermosa and Isiah Maxwell having sex after Isiah watches Azul doing all her sexy stretching exercises right in front of his face.

In Yoga Freaks Episode Fourteen, the stunning Azul Hermosa has taken up yoga to relieve some stiffness, with help from her trainer Isiah Maxwell. Before her session, Azul loosens herself up by masturbating on her couch.

When Isiah arrives, the two go through some poses together, but Azul is so turned on at this point that she’s more interested in getting fucked. She propositions her trainer, who’s more than happy to use his big dick to give Azul the personalized training she wants.

This yoga porn niche is well and truly established.  I think there will be plenty more to come.  Watching hot women doing yoga in those skin tight leggings is very popular right now.

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