ZZ Nuit Rouge Azul Hermosa Fourth Appearance

ZZ Nuit Rouge
Manuel Ferrara and Azul Hermosa


Latina stunner Azul Hermosa makes her fourth appearance in a Brazzers porn video.  In ZZ Nuit Rouge she is dressed as an erotic belly dancer with all the right moves.

This erotic Brazzers porn video is released on 26th June, 2020.  It looks like it’s going to be a good one!

Azul Hermosa has been trapped at home alone for far too long. When her workaholic husband finds a strange envelope inviting the couple to a mysterious party, Azul’s curiosity is peaked.

ZZ Nuit Rouge

In ZZ Nuit Rouge, She gets her man to break out his finest duds, drapes her big gorgeous tits in crystals, and off they go! Upon arrival they are masked and lead in separate directions. Azul forgets her husband completely when she meets Manuel Ferrara. Azul isn’t shy and immediately gets with the luxurious sex party vibe and gives Manuel a deep blow job.

Manuel uses his big cock to satisfy Azul. Azul rides Manuel like its 1999 as sex enthusiasts linger and enjoy the show. Azul finds her husband in the end and leaves with a gratified smile upon her face. Now, that’s my kind of party.


Latina stunner Azul Hermosa’s got a banging body that looks like it has inspired pages and pages of poetry and love letters. A dark-haired hottie from Oregon of Hispanic descent.

Azul loves dancing and pole work, and when she isn’t expressing herself artistically with her 34DDD big boobs or toned booty, she does so through putting the pen to page.

A writer who likes to please her partners, Azul can identify and impress your deepest desires, whether physical, emotional, or a little combination of both! When she isn’t performing, Azul loves to try new restaurants, go out with friends, and especially travel.

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